From the beginning of August 2016, Instagram allowed a feature of stories where you can share memories for twenty-four hours. We all know that if you have a private account, only your followers will be able to see the stories. However, anyone with your profile name can see your stories if you own a public account.

When you click on someone’s story, the person can see that you offered them a visit. Now, if you want to avoid this situation and keep tabs on insta stories or reels of your partner, ex-boyfriend, work colleagues, or a family member, you want to do it anonymously.

It was a common belief that you could not view anonymously Instagram stories without an account or with the account. However, with the advancement of technology, people found solutions in the form of Instagram story viewer and downloader apps.  

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously Online

People can get really creative when they want something that seems impossible at first. For example, as Instagram does not let you see stories without not informing the person, people still found many ways to do so.

One of the many ways of seeing Instagram highlights or stories is to create an Instagram story viewer app for iOS, Android, or PC. However, some people are not fans of downloading many apps on their phones. As a result, we represent you with the following simple ways of watching other people’s stories without letting them know.

1.   Airplane Mode

Airplane mode allows you to switch off the internet and location, among other activities on the phone. As a result, if you watch other people’s stories in airplane mode, you are safe and will not get caught.

To do so, you first need to open the person whose story you want to see, then take a small pause. It is essential because you will let the story load on the internet. You should only turn on airplane mode on your phone or PC after a few seconds. You can see the story successfully, and the person will not know.

Pro tip: Make sure you turn on the airplane mode before clicking on the story

2.   Fake Account

Creating a fake account is the second thing that can let you view other people’s stories anonymously. A fake account is the easiest option for people with adequate knowledge of creating different profiles. Moreover, a fake account is best if you want to keep your stalking process going for a long time.

You will be able to keep tabs on your crush, kids, friends, and competitors, and they will never know it. The only thing you need to ensure before creating a fake profile is to see whether the person has a public profile or not. If the person you want to follow anonymously has a private account, this method will not work.

Pro tip: If the person you are stalking is close to you, be creative in setting the fake profile name and media.

What is an Instagram Viewer?

An Anonymous Instagram Viewer is an online platform or an application for Android and iOS that lets you see stories without telling the person. Such story viewers are helpful for people who want insight into their crush, kids, colleague, or ex-girlfriend’s life. The main advantage of such services is that they let you continue stalking anonymously for as long as you require.

How to choose a reliable Instagram Viewer?

Following is a brief list of suggestions for you to view and download Instagram stories, private and anonymous.

Instagram Viewer Instastories – Best Instagram Story Viewer and Downloader

Instastories offer one of the best anonymous Instagram story viewer services. It is a perfect platform for people who not only want to see but also download stories anonymously. You do not have to download any app to use Instastories. Moreover, you don’t even have to log in to your account to use the service. Another great feature of Instastories is that it lets you watch and download IGTV and live streaming of the person you are keeping tabs on.

How to use:

Using Instastories is quite simple and easy. All you need to do is add the profile username or URL to get access. You will be redirected to the profile, where you will have access to watch and download stories and posts anonymously. Click on posts or stories and tap on the download option at the bottom.

Anonymous Instagram Viewer Storiesig – Best Instagram Story Viewer that keeps you anonymous

The next suggestion, StoriesIG, lets you see and download Instagram highlights (archives), stories, publications, and reels without letting the profile know. The website will keep all your data anonymous. Moreover, you can access other people’s stories without logging into your account.

How to use:

All you need to do is access the profile link or username of the person you want to stalk. Add this information to the website’s search bar, which will take you to the profile page. Once you reach the profile page through StoriesIG, you will have access to anonymously see and download stories and media. – Best for People Who Do Not Have Instagram Account

BIGSTA.NET is one of few online instagram viewer platforms that are free. You can quickly and secretly view and download other people’s data with the help of this platform. You do not even need to have an active Instagram account. Moreover, by using Instastories services, you can rest assured of your personal data as well.

How to use:

Like other story viewer platforms mentioned on our list, using Instastories is also relatively easy. All you need is access to the profile username of the person you want to secretly keep tabs on. As Instastories support all advanced devices, you can download any post you like on your mobile, PC, laptop, or tablet.

How to Download Instagram Stories, Highlights, Reels, and IGTV Anonymously

Let’s say you liked a ring and want to keep the picture secure for future recommendations. Or there is a picture of an exquisite artwork you want to save but taking a screenshot ruins the quality. It is when you get angry at Instagram for not allowing the download image option.

In this situation, you can either take a bad quality screenshot or trust our best suggestion that lets you download pictures and videos from Instagram. If you are worried that your competitor will become aware of your action, then do not worry. The service we are about to discuss lets you stalk and download Instagram profiles anonymously.

InstaSaver.App – Best to Download Media in .JPEG, .PNG, and .MP4

Instasaver is an online web-based service that lets you be secretly aware of the stories of your ex, kids, friends, or colleagues. The platform does not charge you a single dime, and you can easily and secretly watch and download reels and live streamings.

Moreover, one of the most highlighted features of Instasaver is that you can download media in multiple options. You can save posts in .JPEG, .PNG, .MP4, etc. Instasaver also does not require any personal information or login details from you.

How to use:

You can easily use Instasaver service in four simple steps. The first step requires you to add the username of the profile you want to stalk, and the second step will simply take you to the web page containing all profile link media.

Now all you need to do is click on the picture you want to download, and you will find a download button at the top of the photograph or video. Click on the download button to receive the file on your PC or mobile.


When Instagram initially introduced the stories feature, people found it impossible to stalk someone anonymously. However, over time, we found solutions. Now you can easily view Instagram stories, highlights, reels, and IGTV anonymously without getting caught. The only drawback of this whole anonymous stalking

Many options may be available online, but the best among them are Instastories and StoriesIG. With the help of these two options, you can easily find the desired person by using their username or profile URL. Stories IG and Instastories let you stalk and download media from your desired profiles even without an Instagram account.

Tell us if you ever stalked a person and how was your experience? Did you get caught? Moreover, was this article of any use to you! 


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