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Manage and schedule Instagram marketing efforts by intelligence tools to automate all Instagram activities to grow your business faster.

Instamber provides the most intelligent Instagram marketing tools that matters to your business

How to get more real followers on Instagram with Instamber Instagram bot?

One of the best ways to get new Instagram followers is interacting with them. Instamber is a marketing assistant which engage with the target audience on behalf of your page to increase the number of your real followers.

Fantastic Growth

Reach hundreds of your target audience around the world by demographic attributes.

Cloud Base

No need to be online or download any file. Your bot will do all tasks when you are away.

Full Control

You have full command of your Instagram bot and get detailed reports of its performance.

You need active followers who are interested in your page and engage with its content. Instamber gives you a powerful targeting system to find them and grab their attention. Just set up its initial settings based on your desire to start your growth. Target your followers based on :

Competitor pages

Engage with the followers of competitor pages; these are people who are interested in your business.


Find your target followers based in specific locations whether it is a neighborhood or a country.


Determine powerful hashtags in your niche and reach and attract new followers automatically.

Leverage your growth and gain lots of followers and likes on Instagram by engaging automatically 24/7 with Instamber.

Auto Follow

Effortlessly announce your presence to your favorite audiences and attract them.

Auto Like

Create a consistent communication by automated liking system.

Auto Comment

Increase the ability to communicate with potential audiences for more efficient.

Auto View Story

View other Instagram stories automatically to gain Instagram followers smarter and faster.

Audiences are 400% more likely to convert to your followers if you engage with them using Instamber auto engagement features.

grow your followers by Instamber Instagram bot

Engage with target Instagram users through artificial intelligence for massive boost.

Use A/B tests to amplify promotion performance for maximum Instagram growth.

Get instant insights anytime, anywhere to improve Instagram presence strategy

Keep informed of your audience’s insights effortlessly

Bring all of your received comments into a single stream. Find opportunities to engage with your audience, manage and respond to them.

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Make a deep Relation with your audience by Instagram auto dm

Send targeted direct message with Instagram auto direct message

Instamber is a quick, easy and genuine way for sending Instagram direct message to engage with your targeted audiences automatically.

Start sending direct messages to your audience

Energize your Instagram marketing

But instagram likes and view to Boost the popularity of your post on instgram

Make your brand more popular by buying likes and views for Instagram on a daily basis.

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