Being one of the most influential and frequently used social media platforms, Instagram has implemented some restrictions for using its services. You are mandated to verify your email and phone number every time you attempt to create a new account.

You would also have to occasionally go through the same phone verification procedure for your existing account just to prevent unwanted access to your profile. This periodic need for verification has given rise to some annoying problems, so it would be pleasant to find a way to Instagram security code not sending.

If you are on this page, chances are you have also been trying to log into your Instagram account but have failed to do so. One cause of this problem is not receiving the verification code. Not being able to log into your account while a multitude of activities are waiting for you can get extremely frustrating. But you need not worry at all. We have put together an article to mention all the possible solutions to your issue.

instagram confirmation code

First, we are going to take a look at the problem with not receiving the verification code through email. Then we will cover the problem with not receiving the code via phone.

Why Instagram confirmation code not received?

The main reason you are not receiving Instagram SMS confirmation code to your phone is your simcard provider’s server. You may also entered the wrong number in your Instagram profile, or your IP or device is blocked by Instagram.

The reasons for not receiving a security code through your phone are mostly similar to those regarding email. If you don’t receive Instagram code, below, is a quick look at the possible reasons and solutions.

1- Your phone number is blocked by Instagram

Just like the situation with emails, it is possible for your phone number to get blocked for violating Instagram’s regulations. If that’s the case, chances are your account with this number has been disabled. The ban on the phone number carries over to any new attempt to create an account.

2- Your IP Address is Banned

As we mentioned before, using a banned IP address is going to render the code verification process unsuccessful. Using a VPN download would help you to change this address. You can use it for all devices: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and other devices.

3- You have entered the number multiple times

If you have used the same phone number for receiving the verification code consecutively, you might not receive the security code anymore.

4- Server is overloaded

You will not receive the verification code when the sim-card provider’s servers are busy. So, the best way is to wait for couple of hours, or even days, until the status is normal.

5- You are using a banned VPN

You will encounter problems with receiving the verification code if you are using VPN services that Instagram has banned.

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending Security Code to Phone

How to fix when Instagram not sending security code to your phone

Here are some solutions that could help with not receiving the security code via your phone. Take into account the fact that some might be similar to the ones for email.

Please Do NOT Tap forgotten passwords too many times in a raw

The first thing you should keep in mind is not to send a code too many times, this will make the situation worse, and you need to wait more time to get a new code.

1-Make sure the number in Instagram account is entered correctly

You need to check if the number is typed in correctly. So, you should solve the Instagram login issue first. Then, change the number. The best way is to use a device you have used most of the time to login. Or if you have logged in using PC, it’s better to login via computer, to check if the number is correct.

Make sure you entered the country code using + , for example for the states, you should use +1 before your number.

First and foremost, make sure you have entered your phone number correctly in the Instagram settings. Considering the chances of your phone number getting blocked or reaching the verification limit, it might be of help to try a different number. To do that, head over to your Profile>Edit Profile>Your Information> Phone Number.

2- Change your IP address

Using a different IP address could possibly solve your problem since there is a possibility that it is blocked by Instagram.

3-Use another device

If your device is blocked, using another device might solve the problem.

4-Give incognito mode a try

Once you enable incognito mode, you access the websites without the cookies and data. That might take care of the problem with receiving verification codes. Don’t forget to change your IP address before using this mode.

5-Restart your device

Restarting your device is a good option to get rid of any problems with receiving SMS messages.

6-Wait a couple of hours and contact Instagram support

Due to server overload, you might have to wait for some hours to receive the code. In the case of not receiving the code after 24 hours, contact their support and brief them about your problem.

Why Instagram Not Sending Security Code to Email?

Here are the main reasons why Instagram not sending code to email.

1. Mistyping your email

One of the most obvious reasons for this problem could actually be the one most people usually ignore! Make sure to check whether you have accidentally mistyped any part of your email. It is evident that in the case of an incorrect email address, Instagram will attempt to send you the mail containing the verification code, but it would not go through.

2. Using an Unsupported Email Provider

There are always users who choose to capitalize on disposable emails to create multiple accounts easily. These emails are created temporarily by providers of which Instagram doesn’t approve. As a result, you might encounter problems in receiving codes in these emails since Instagram blocks them from being used for verification. To solve this problem, try to use another email provider, preferably a permanent one from valid email providers.

3. Servers Being Overloaded

There are times in the year during which Instagram’s servers get overloaded. That happens due to a great number of requests flooding their servers all at once. In such cases receiving the verification code could take from a few minutes to some hours, for you will be in a queue with the rest of the people experiencing the same problem. Keep an eye out for Instagram’s possible server maintenance, during which you might not be able to receive the verification code.

4. Your IP Address Getting Banned

If you are trying to create an account with a banned IP, you will not be able to receive the security code. Another sign that might hint at your account getting blocked is not receiving notifications from Instagram.

5. Using VPNs or Proxies

Instagram has mechanisms for detecting the use of proxies. Therefore, if it recognizes your use of a blocked proxy, you will not receive the verification code.

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending Security Code to Email

Fix email issue for instagram when not sending security code

If you have not found the reason for your problem among the ones we have discussed so far, read on for more solutions down below.

1- Check your email spam folder

It is possible that Instagram has sent you the verification code, but it has not arrived in your Inbox folder. Head over to the spam folder and look for the code there.

2- Try changing your IP address

You should keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of accounts you can create from a certain IP. Consequently, consider the possibility of having reached the maximum number of accounts created from your IP. In such a case, you could either ask for an IP change from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or opt for a reputable VPN service.

3- Use the browser instead of the app

It might be beneficial to stop trying through Instagram’s app and give the browser a try. Your device might have been blocked by Instagram for whatever reason, causing problems with receiving the verification code.

If using the browser solves your problem but you still love using the app, make sure to uninstall the app and delete all the app data. Then reinstall the Instagram app. Furthermore, you would have to switch your IP to a different one to be able to access your account from the app.

4- Use another verification mode

There is usually the option to Log in with Facebook. Give that a try if you are having problems signing into your account with verification codes.

5-Wait for some hours

It might be really difficult not to have access to all your beloved Instagram content for some hours, but you will have to give it a try. As we mentioned above, the sudden flow of requests could lead to the servers getting overloaded. In these cases, there is a good chance the mail with the verification code is going to arrive sometime later.

If it takes more than a day or two, however, you should try the procedure again. This time around, it is recommended that you use a different email and a different ISP.

6-Contact Support

After trying all the solutions above, you might want to get in contact with Instagram support as the final resort.

in the end, we mentioned different reasons to teach you how to solve your problem when you not receiving the security code from Instagram. If you like to know more about Instagram tips, you can read other Instamber blogs such as Instagram limitations. And if you happen to have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section.


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  1. My account is nor working and then agai and again Instagram account was delete in the app. Conformation code is not received in the mobile I am very angry very worst app for Instagram.

      • Hi my Instagram was suspended and I am not receiving a number confirmation how do I get my account back?

        • Nova GutsalReply

          Instagram is facing issues these days, please wait a couple of days, and try again. Make sure you are using the same device you mostly used to login.

          • heyy i have not been able to get into my instagram account as i am not getting a confirmation code at all i have been trying since a day like its like a confirmation thing which is popping up and when i put my phone number which is there and it goes to the part where you have to put the code but i have not been able to get the code i have tried literally everything that i know but i still cant access my account.

        • My profile actually got hacked yesterday…atleast my profile could be found till last night if I put the profile name, now even the profile name is changed from zk_hria to _zk_hria.

          Its maki g me even more mad when Im receiving mails saying I am verified as the right person but then they are sending any and all verification for the false profile.

          Can anyone please tell me what I can do. I will be very grateful. As it is…I know very little about the tech stuff. So please help me if anyone can.

      • I’ve clicked the send code multiple types.
        Told me to wait for 24 hours. However it’s still not working and still telling me to wait. For how long should I wait for my instagram to stop acting a like a bitch

        • It’s usually a few days. Though, tapping multiple times doesn’t solve it. It’s better you just tap once, and wait until the code come. If you haven’t received it, find the problem.

    • My account won’t load anything however they’re asking for a confirmation code from
      My number but the code is not being sent

      • The same thing keeps happening to me. I have contacted instagram, nobody seems to be taking this into consideration.

        • I can’t get any confirmation code on my device how to cam solve my problem…?
          I want my I’d is back please can you help me..?

        • My instagram is asking for a 6 digit verification code to confirm my number and access my account but I am not receiving any text. I have tried everything it’s so frustrating

      • its the same thing with me did ur problem get solved if yes can u tell me how

      • Navneet BrarReply

        The same thing is happening to me, the code won’t send to my phone. Theres no one that can be contacted either. I don’t know what to do!

      • All you need to to is go to settings and go to phone and then block list, find the 5 digit number that is blocked and unblock it. Make it a contact then unblock from there. It will look like XXX-XX probably starting with a 3 and after that wait 24 hours to go back into insta for them to resend the code

        • Brody you have no idea how is your comment helpful… thank you so much… this support didn’t answer and it takes forever… i never thought that it could be in blocked… you saved me AminReply

          Brody you have no idea how is your comment helpful… thank you so much… the inst support didn’t answer and it takes forever… i never thought that it could be in blocked… you saved me Amin

        • Brody thanks a lot… you saved me !! The ins support are sucks… you are the best

    • Log into your Facebook account – go to settings and password and security then click multi factor authentication. Click Instagram and get the 8 digit backup code and when you go to log into Instagram you click “try other way” and select backup code as option, walk through the steps and that will work !!

      • That did not work for me. Threads is a nightmare I sent a code last night and still got nothing. Then I just tried this and says code is wrong ugh!

  2. My account will not let me in and has been restricted, even though I have done nothing wrong and haven’t posted anything months. I have never done anything wrong on instagram at all. Every time I try to log in, it asks me to verify my account by typing in my phone number. When I do this, it says to enter the SMS code I have received from instagram, but I NEVER receive an SMS code to enter. I am not able to access my account even if logged in, my page is blank and there is no action I can take on instagram without an error message. I have another account on the same device that works perfectly fine. I am able to log in and do everything as normal on this account for some reason. I cannot access any help through the instagram app because of this. I have gone through every possible option in the help center and have not been able to find an answer/reason for this.

    • Nova GutsalReply

      Having no activity is not a good thing. Instagram disable inactive accounts as well.
      From which country have you logged in? If you have connected Facebook to Instagram, it’s better login via Facebook.
      Use email instead of phone number, and if you don’t have email on instagram, get login link using forgotten password, or need more help. Dont use a new device.

      • I recently change my username and my email address and now I’m not receiving the confirmation code to reset my password my phone number or my email I don’t know what to do. Now they’re telling me the contact Instagram.

    • Hey did you find out how to fix this i have the same exact problem with my account

      • Yes Me too, the exact same problem as of today. I can’t access my account as I wont receive the sms…

      • It’s asking to send a code to my phone to confirm my number but I’m not getting the code?

    • Brandon RosarioReply

      I have the same problem right now , did you ever fix it?

  3. I don’t receive any sms code, and I can’t access to my account. I tried multiple times and nothing.
    Instagram answer me by email and I got codes and everything but in the end they still ask for code from sms. But still I don’t get anything. I really need a help, that account is very important to me and I don’t know what to do.


      It is a quite unlogical way to get your insta account back but I tried to log in and every time the 2FA authentification tried to send a SMS to my number but this didn’t work unfortunately. Incognito etc. didn’t work aswell. Randomly, It came to my mind to give it an quite unlogical try. I called my brother and told him to type in his number and send it after I logged into MY Account with MY Password. He got the 6 digit code and I typed it in and then it worked! Idk how this can be possible, due to the reason that I used this account only with my number, but my Instagram works and I can use it aa before! I’d recommend y’all to download an authentification app (like Authy) and try to log in, so you can authentificate yourself with the 6 digit code you everytime get from the app. Good luck!

      • This literally worked. Sent the code to a friend and it worked immediately. Just change the number when back in. Still can’t get a code to my phone but I’ll figure that out in the long run. Thanks so much for this idea.

  4. So i have done all the steps necessary to receive my instagram security code to my text message. I changed my password, as i do frequently with all my accounts. Instagram is not sending me the SMS, and i have no way of receiving. email authentication went through, but the code to my phone is not going through

  5. Hi! Ive the same problem as A.Okane. I even changed my password multiple times. When Im logged in, instagram sends me a code via SMS but i never received it. Is there something wrong with my number? Everything I did to fix failed! How do I get back my acc and how to instagram? This is frustrating

  6. Hi my account says we detected this suspicious activity on your Instagram account and have temporary locked it as security Precaution. ( I only have one account) It is likely that your account was compromised as a result of answering your password on a website designed to look like Instagram the attack is known as pushing. Over the next few Staz will ask you to verify your identity to help secure your account I’ll let you go back in. Verification code is not being sent to my phone or email. I turned my phone off and did a reset I asking
    Re-downloaded the Instagram app and got the same response. Please help.

  7. My Instagram has locked, telling that enter conformation code to unlock, but Am not getting confirmation code in mail id
    Please resolve my issue as soon as possible

  8. Hi, so I signed into my insta on those apps that let you see the followers and who’s unfollowed. And it asked me if I was the one signing in. Obviously I did but I’ve been trying to get passed the two factor authenticator. But my code has not sent nor have I got any more. I got emails from the support email. But even the code they gave me has not worked and I just wang my account is there a number I can call to get it fixed asap I can’t lose another account

    • Im having same issue as everyone else (Temporarily locked for Phishing aka logging into an Unfollowers app & the Code wont send to my email no matter how many times i click on it, different IP’s i use to log in or different devices its the same outcome) & this is the only forum i can find with any information, ive reached to Instagram via Report a Problem 3 times on my 2nd account but Support hasnt responded, its been a week & idk what to do anymore ive tried everything….

  9. I was hacked yesterday no idea how but the same thing has happened to my account. I am now unknown user and have no content and can’t access anything or help desk as everything gives me the error message challenge_required. The hacker and I have both maxed out on the confirmation codes to my phone so it says I have to wait for 24hrs to get another code to try and access my account. It says I’ve been restricted but don’t post anything that could be restricted to I assume it’s from the hacker. Emailed Instagram which seems doubtful from other commenters. Hoping that I can gain access to my account again as I have a lot of memories that are special.

  10. Hi, thank you for this post. I’m having a problem where my account was blocked due to suspicion of phishing, and to get it back they send a verification code to the email. The problem is I’m not getting it and I’ve already tried doing everything in this post without succes. Can’t even get it sent to my mobile since there’s no option for that and Instagram Support is actually unsupportive.
    What should one do in this case?

    • Nova GutsalReply

      I personally had the same issue. I used a known device, my laptop, which I had logged in before with it. At first, it showed the same issue,error of “something went wrong” and once I went back to the login page, Instagram used the auto-fill and logged me in.
      Their algorithm is a bit complicated. For what reason they don’t show you the option to receive code is unclear. I highly recommend enter the info in a device you use most often for Instagram.

      • Hi my name is santosh
        Im trying to login to Instagram but I can’t get secret code because I lost my email address and I lost my phone number and I don’t understand how to get back my number and my email and I cannot get code on my new number my new email address so anybody is there to help me out of this

        • Nova GutsalReply

          Hi, a number of users have the same issues, that’s why we assume this is Instagram facing down time. So better try again in a few days.

    • Hey, I have the same problem, but in my case I can’t get a security code sent to my email (as there’s just no option for that, it cant be only sent to my phone number). But the thing is both my email and phone number are mentioned in personal account information.
      Did you manage to get the access to your account back?

  11. Anyone with the SMS Confirmation code get this issue fixed? If so how? 🙁

  12. I’d been asked to enter a confirmation code for my Instagram account
    When I got the code in SMS and entered it
    It’s says ‘error’
    I tried to enter it in various ways but still says it’s wrong
    What can I do to log in my account?? Would be happy to get help soon!

    • Nova GutsalReply

      Please read my reply to Renata.
      I had the same issue but it was fixed automatically.

  13. I am able to login to my account but it wants me to verify my phone number. I hit “send code” and it does not send the code. I have tried everything. I have no access to my account. I’ve restarted my phone. I’ve tried to do it on different devices but nothing is working. I am going on day two of this issue. I can’t even figure out how to contact Instagram directly. I can’t change the number or anything. I really don’t want to lose my account.

    • Nova GutsalReply

      I have replied to others as well that I had the same issue, and it was fixed automatically.
      It’s better use a device you have used before, not a new one. And wait for a couple of days, they may updating the app.
      I have read some news from them adding new features.

      • So you did not really do anything? You just suddenly got your account back?
        I have the same problem as Faith. I do not get a code to my phone number, and there are no other options to get my account back.
        Do you think Instagram will just fix it automatically in a few days?

        • Nova GutsalReply

          Yes, I got my account back, but I didn’t requested for the code. I just tried to log in with the same password I had. Instagram was down for last couple of days. Hope you get it back too.

      • Am Instagram won’t sending code mam please help me to take my account back

        • Nova GutsalReply

          Hi, Instagram is down these days. Could be because of that. You can try a few days later, and use a known device, not a new one.

  14. Hi, so I installed this app called ‘ Followers Track for Instagram’ which requires me to login to my Instagram account. When I went back to check the Instagram app, it shows that I have been logged out of my account. Then, I tried logging in to my account. I made sure that i keyed in the right username and password. After awhile, they prompted me verify my phone number. Additionally, I also made sure I keyed in the right phone number. I was waiting for the SMS on my security code to send in order to verify my phone number, but i didn’t recieve it. Yes, i tried resending the security code multiple times and I even uninstalled and installed Instagram multiple my time. Unfortunately, it still didn’t work. I was hoping you can try to help me. Please reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

    • I have the same problem. No other options and not possible to contact Instagram…

  15. Why instagram send the code verifiation to then number phoen thats not even mine? Please help me

  16. Hi, so I installed this app called ‘ Followers Track for Instagram’ which requires me to login to my Instagram account. When I went back to check the Instagram app, it shows that I have been logged out of my account. Then, I tried logging in to my account. I made sure that i keyed in the right username and password. After awhile, they prompted me verify my phone number. Additionally, I also made sure I keyed in the right phone number. I was waiting for the SMS on my security code to send in order to verify my phone number, but i didn’t recieve it. Yes, i tried resending the security code multiple times and I even uninstalled and installed Instagram multiple my time. Unfortunately, it still didn’t work. I was hoping you can try to help me. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

    • Did u ever find a solution??? I have the same problem right now

        • Im had this same issue with that Instagram track app. It logged me out and now I can receive confirmation code to get back in. Did you find out how to get back in.

  17. Hi, I cannot login to my IG at all for the last 2 days. It keeps saying they will send me a confirmation code and they haven’t. I have changed my password, turned my device off and on, tried to login on different devices (laptop, iPad) and nothing will work! I contacted instagram support and nothing has happened yet. I am so confused why this is happening and what I can do to fix this issue. Somebody please help me! =( =( = (

  18. sasha warnakulasooriyaReply

    i cant log in to my instagram account .. I even changed my password last night and now i cant log in.. When Im logged in, instagram sends me a code via SMS but i never received it. Is there something wrong with my number? Everything I did to fix failed! How do I get back my acc and how to instagram? This is frustrating!
    please help me to figure it out . this is my official instagram account and i can not wait so long .

  19. Hi

    Has any had a successful outcome with not receiving confirmation code to email to log back in to there Instagram account. I’m having this issue now.

  20. Hi. I am also unable to get an SMS text message. I have tried and tried, and it won’t send. I have been able to change my password etc, even got a code via email to change my password. But, when I went through the steps it took me back to the “add a phone number” and STILL can’t get an SMS message. Like everyone else, can’t figure this out. Please help. I don’t have FB connected, etc.

    • SAME THING JUST HAPPENED TO ME!!! anyone know how to get your account back?!?!? do you ever get it back?!?!? 🙁

      • Hi, did you ever get sms code, and are u able to use your profile now?
        Is there any solution?

  21. RESOLUTION!!! The same thing happened to me as everyone else (as in A. Okane’s description) and I followed the below instructions and I got the six-digit code sent to me immediately! I did not have to wait 24-hours.

    Apple phone:
    Go to Settings, Messages, Blocked Contacts, Edit, Unblock everyone.
    (At one point, you must have blocked Instagram that’s why you are not receiving the Code in Messages). 🙂

    If you have an Android phone, do something similar.

    • Nova GutsalReply

      Thanks for sharing. I may add this in this blog too.

      • Does anyone get access to their profile? I also can’t receive the sms code. Is there any solution?

  22. One of the Solution – Tried on 31st Oct,22

    Similar happened to me where I was suddenly asked to verify my mobile number, but no SMS code was received on the mobile. I tried this for a day, but no luck with it.

    I tried to Login on my brothers phone browser to Instagram via incognito mode. Also, I made sure I don’t use the same home WiFi.

    And from there I did the same thing I was doing on my phone, and Bingo. I immediately got OTP to my phone. And then was able to login via the link recieved on my email post OTP verification.

    I think here Instagram had blocked listed all the devices from where I had logged in. I’m saying this because when I tried to login my brother’s account through my phone, I was not able to login as all the requests from my device were denied.

    • Heyy i am facing the same problem but i did the same that u did but i am still not receiving any code can u pls help me

    • You logged into your Instagram account from your brother’s phone while in Incognito mode? I’ve been trying to figure out how to receive my code to get back into my Instagram for the past 2 days. I’ve used my phone, iPad, and laptop.

      • Hey so i am unable to access my ig account. First i got a message that my account will be suspended. And then when i tried to login it diverted into a link which we required to provide oir mail id and a 6 digit code came by. Then again we needed to give our number and i did the same but i couldn’t generate the text otp? Now its been two days

  23. Same thing is happening to me, any solutions? I am not able to receive an SMS and I tried private browsing. Please let me know!

  24. FIXED!

    Our instagram was temporarily blocked due to a suspicious inlog attempt. A security code was necessary to login, but the email with the security code never arrived in our coupled emailadres. Not even in spam or promotions folder, not even in the log of the email. We asked to to change our coupled emailadres or to add our telephone number. They can’t help…3 weeks of writing, calling, proving identity, and explaining the situation over and over again to different persons. What fixed the problem?

    Well, we got the e-mail address upon buying a domain for our website. The hosting of the e-mail address is the same host as our website. Because I like more the google interface, I changed the e-mail hosting to Google Workspace. But…apparently, google workspace blocks these security code emails from Instagram. Upon removing Google Workspace and hosting the e-mail back in the original place (the hosting of the website), the problem was solved, and the email with the security code came through. Remark: it did not work from the first day! It only worked after 2 weeks…when suddenly an e-mail from Instagram came through (about something else). Suddenly, the security code also came through.

    Now we have our instagram account back! And we immediatly added a cellphone number.

    Good luck!

  25. I think the only way to fix this is to wait for 24 hrs until you can resend the conformation code, but change the phone number to another. And my guess is after they send 4 codes to the current email and number, that number will no longer get any more codes under that email adress. Maybe because they think it’s a fake nr or something. But the funny thing is i have 2 accounts both were restricted for the same reason one got instanly unbanned after i explained my case. But my main account wasn’t.. cause i didnt get any codes after the 4 codes they sent all at the same time… which came 4 hours later than requested… which meant all of them wont work then i had to wait 24hrs again and wait for the codes which werent sent to my number..why i dont know but fix this please. But being accusued for child ….. isn’t cool at all! All because i sent in a pm to friend which they thought violated the terms which isnt true. Cause my second account got reopened after i explained myself. I tried to explain it per Email but no sucess.. Soo yeaa im waiting another 24hrs and trying my theory. I will keep ur guys posted if it works.

  26. I have the same issue, I can’t receive SMS verification 6 code, so I can’t log in to my account, it’s been 10 days, I tried to wait for 24 hours, sending e-mail, sending self video, call to instagram company in US(I’m from Taiwan), my friends post story to tag meta and instagram, change devices, iPad, laptop, girlfriends iPhone, anything I can try, but still failed, the funny thing is I can use my Facebook to change my instagram’s avatar, I use my IG account to work and contact my client, it’s so sad and helpless, if there have any way to fix that problem, please let me know, thank you.

  27. Hello, I’d like to say Thank You.

    IG was not sending me a verification code to my phone, my IG account is on my PC, so I read your information and tried “incognito” mode in Chrome on my PC, and it worked, got it.

  28. Hi, I’m having the same problem, tried everything… waiting, changing phone number, ip address, incognito mode, device, nothing seems to work, I just don’t get the sms and cannot login. There doesn’t seem to be a place where you can ask to talk to someone.
    Any ideas?

    • I tried unblocking numbers in Settings as suggested above and that didn’t work for me but putting in someone else’s mobile did work. They received the code and gave me it and I then managed to get back into my account.
      Their number isn’t saved in my account anyway so I didn’t need to update my mobile number afterwards. Am still not sure why I can’t receive the code though but in any case problem solved on this occasion. Hope this helps someone!

  29. I just don’ receive the sms code on my phone… I see many people struggled w the same, is it recovered for them?
    – or is my account lost forever?

  30. My Instagram account has been stopped at the page is not opening. I tried to open a new account but again after sometimes it stops and doesn’t work. It say my account has been suspended. I am logging again and again but they say to provide the email ID. When I do the same it doesn’t send any code to my mail. I don’t know what to do anymore. Everytime I open a new account it stops again. Pls help me.

  31. hey i think i have entered my phone number multiple times until i didn’t receive any security code. Is there any way to receive them or i permanently could never get the security code again from my phone number sms?

    • Hi, Instagram is down these days, you can try it next week, if you’re sure everything is right.

  32. Please if someone can help me some hacker hacked my account and changed my email address of Instagram with a fake one. Now I am unable to reset and replace my email back to my original one as I am not getting SMS for email change on my Cell Phone as well.. Please is there any way I can recover my instagram account and replace fake email address with my actual one..please help me

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