Two-factor authentication is a great feature on Instagram, and there is no doubt about it. It helps your account to be safe from hackers and you don’t need to worry too much about the safety of your account, once you’ve enabled this feature on Instagram.

However, sometimes this feature can cause you some problems. For example, when you don’t have access to the phone number you’ve registered your account with.

So what can we do if, on one hand, we have enabled two-factor authentication in our account, but on the other, we don’t have access to our phone number?  In this blog, I’m going to shed some light on this and show you some methods so that you can log into your account and remove two-factor authentication if you want.

Two Methods To Remove 2 Factor Authentication On Instagram

First, let’s be clear. It is not possible to remove two-factor authentication without logging into your account. However, the important thing we want to know is, are there any possible ways to log into our account when we don’t have access to our phone number.   

Also, know that sometimes you have access to your phone number, yet you don’t receive the verification code. In other words, Instagram does not send the verification code to you. 

So as you see not having access to your phone number is not the only problem.

Method 1. 

This method only works if you are lucky and have logged into your account through different devices. Let’s say you have logged into your account through a tablet or something in the past. Or you logged into your account through an internet browser on your computer and you are already logged in. So in this case you can simply go to your account and remove two-factor authentication.

So check if you have logged into your account through other devices.  Now that I’m writing this blog for you, I’m also logged into my Instagram account through a Google chrome web browser. 

So there is a chance that you may also be logged into your account on your web browser, but you don’t know it. 

Method 2. 

Whether you don’t have an access to your phone number, or Instagram does not send the code to you, you can follow the steps below and fix your problem. I wanted to add some screenshots as well, but unfortunately, Instagram didn’t allow me to do that. So just follow the steps below.

  1. After you try to log into your account the app will ask you to enter a six-digit code. Here tap Try another way.
  2. Tap Get support.
  3. Go on and write your email address down.
  4. Click on Personal account with photos of me.
  5. Report your problem. If you don’t have access to your phone number you can say that here. Or if you just don’t receive the code you can talk about it and then press Submit request.
  6. After you’ve done all of this, an email will be sent to you. So go over your email box and open it.
  7. In that email, they will send you a code and will ask you to write down that code along with your user name on a piece of paper. They will ask you to hold the paper in your hand and take a photo and send it to them. By reading the email they send you everything will be crystal clear to you and you’ll be able to follow the steps with ease.
  8. After you’ve done what they ask you to do, they will send you another email.
  9. In that email, you will receive a recovery or backup code. Copy the code and go to your Instagram.
  10. This time tap Use backup code and confirm.
  11. Then you can log into your account. After that, you can replace your phone number with a new one, or you can remove two-factor authentication.

This method is awesome and it works.


From what you have learned in this blog, you can simply log into your account, even if two-factor authentication is enabled and you don’t have access to your phone number. 

If you have not read this blog completely, make sure to read it because if you can’t fix your problem, especially by method 2, then there is no other way to log into your account, my friend.


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  1. And that if My instagram is hacked and the hacker turned on 2 factor authentication on while I was securing my account by changing password. I get into my account with username and password but it won’t let me in without 2 factor authentication code or backup code which I don’t have.
    Please help me how can i get my account back. I have sent several video selfie to Instagram but all they email is your request is received and is pending review except to hear from us in 3-4 business days and then nothing and its been 3 weeks I gave been sending the video selfie almost every day but nothing no confirmation or rejection email. Is there any way I can get my instagram account and why they are not responding??? Please help

  2. hello . I am able to login but I have only partial access to my Instagram account . I am not getting a confirmation code in my sim . its been 3/4 days but still it shows error or says a problem occurred . I have tried every sorts of method from uninstall install to restaring my device , using incognito mode or changing device . I have several memories , my pictures and videos . i can’t lose it . Please help me with this .

  3. hello my name is muskan i can’t access to my instagram account its been 3-4 days and i’m not receiving any security code on my number and i have not uploaded any of my photos also that’s why i can’t use the get support to access but in my friends chats there are my some photos and i’am also taged in some post. so pls can u tell me the other way to get back my account please help me please.

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