With Facebook’s new “phone number search” feature, many users are concerned about the privacy implications. Although the feature is opt-in, meaning that users must specifically allow their phone number to be searchable, it still raises concerns about how the information will be used and whether or not it will be kept secure.

Additionally, the feature does not seem to offer any way to limit who can see your phone number, meaning that even if you have your privacy settings set to restrict access to your information, your phone number could still be visible to anyone who searches for it. If you want to search for someone using their phone number on Facebook, there are a few different ways you can do it.

You can either use the Facebook search bar or you can use the Facebook People Search tool. If you use the Facebook search bar, all you need to do is type in the person’s phone number into the search bar and hit enter. Facebook will then show you any profiles that are associated with that phone number. If you want to use the Facebook People Search tool, you’ll need to go to the tool’s page and enter the person’s phone number into the search bar. Facebook will then show you any profiles that are associated with that phone number. We will explain the steps in detail after a short discussion on why this feature exists in the first place.

Can you find someone on Facebook with their phone number?

Yes, you can find someone on Facebook with their phone number if only they have added their phone number to their Facebook account. Facebook has provided an option to sync the contact to find friends on Facebook.

There are several reasons you might want to search for a phone number on Facebook. Maybe you’re trying to find a long-lost friend, or you need to get in touch with someone you’ve lost touch with. Perhaps you’re trying to find out more about someone you just met. Facebook can be a great resource for finding people and keeping in touch with them. The following two sections are tutorials on using the “phone number search” feature we are discussing.

There are a few benefits to searching for phone numbers on Facebook. First, you can find out if a person’s Facebook account is associated with that phone number. Second, you can see if that person has any mutual friends with you on Facebook. This can help determine whether or not you want to connect with that person on Facebook. Finally, you can see other publicly available information about that person on Facebook, such as their profile picture, cover photo, and basic information.

How to search by phone number?

Here are possible ways to find someone on Facebook using your phone number.

#1 Use Facebook search bar

If someone on Facebook allows others to find them by their phone number, you can simply search the phone number in the search bar and find them.

However, this might work for those who use their Facebook accounts for business, otherwise not all people allow Facebook to share their phone numbers with the public.

If you want to know how does this work:

  1. Open your Facebook app
  2. Tap three-lined on bottom right
  3. Tap privacy and settings
  4. Who can find me by phone number

#2 Sync your contacts to Facebook

Hopefully, there is an option on Facebook through which you can bring all your contact to your friends list. So, if you save the number on your phone, and sync the Facebook with phone contacts, you will see their Facebook accounts in the list.

However, there is one drawback to it: What is the person who has chosen a nickname? Or they haven’t used their own photos?

Facebook just shows you the list of people in your contacts who are having Facebook accounts. It does not reveal their names, or which phone number belongs to which accounts.

#3 Using Reverse number lookup tools online

There are a number offree people searchtools available on the market to tell you what a Facebook account is. This also works if you know the name only, whatever information you have, you can enter in the tool, and it will gather all other information including social profiles. This also works if you know the name only, whatever information you have, you can enter in the tool, and it will gather all other information including social profiles. However, not all of them are trustworthy.

Although you can find old friends, connect with new ones, and get the information you would not otherwise have access to with this new feature. There are also some potential harms associated with it. For example, you may inadvertently give away your phone number to someone you don’t know, or you may end up on a spam li. So Use caution when searching for people using their phone numbers on Facebook, and be aware of the potential risks involved.

The Cambridge Analytical incident, in which the business Cambridge Analytica obtained unauthorized access to the data of 87 million Facebook users, is referenced in the Facebook phone number search dispute. Facebook altered many of its privacy policies as a result. Facebook’s ability to search by phone number was left in place, though. Facebook, on the other hand, alleged that “malicious actors have misused the capabilities to scrape public profile information by entering phone numbers or email addresses they already know through search and account recovery.”

Users still cannot completely opt out of Facebook’s Search by Phone Number tool, which allows users to be found by their phone number or email address.

This includes all users who only initially added their phone numbers to set up 2-factor authentication and thus believed that this would only be used for security. This applies to all users who initially provided their phone numbers solely for the purpose of setting up 2-factor authentication, thinking that their information would only be used for security.


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