Looking to add a Twitter interaction circle to your account? Here’s how to do so.

What you learn from this post:

  • What an interaction circle is.
  • Free tools to create it.
  • Simple methods to create a DUY interaction circle.
  • Security concerns and how to deal with them.

What is a Twitter Interaction Circle?

Twitter interaction circle or Twitter orbit circle is the visualization of the Twitter accounts that you interact with them most. The name ‘Interaction Circle’ comes from the fact that it shows three to five circles of users around you. The closer the circle is, the more interaction you have with the persons.

Note that it’s not an official Twitter feature. You need to use third-party tools to create your circle. Below you can find four of the top websites to do so.

twitter interaction circle

4 Trustworthy Tools to check Twitter interaction circle

Getting the image is as easy as googling “Twitter interaction circle.” But there’re tones of websites that offer the same service. Some even ask for your credentials, username, password, and permission to access your account. So, it’s not that easy to pick the best option.

Here’re our editors’ top picks after testing all the online tools.

#1. Chirpty.com

The website makes it so easy to get your interaction circle. It does NOT require your password. And you can get the results upon entering your username.

Benefits of Chirpty:

  • Doesn’t need access to your account.
  • It has free high-quality image download.


  • No customization. You can only change the background color.
  • Can’t change the number of circles.
twitter interaction circle chirpty

#2. Orbit.livasch.com

Orbit is the second-best tool for the Twitter interaction circle. It’s completely free, although it gives you dozens of customization options. A single person runs the whole website. And you can donate to thank her. But the overall performance of the tool is better than most comparable websites.

Upsides of using Orbit:

  • No need to enter your password.
  • No need to grant access to your account.
  • Most detailed customization options. (You can change everything in the image).
  • Offers control over the number of circles and users.
  • Has free, instant high-quality image download.


  • Doesn’t work on private accounts.
  • Doesn’t offer additional stats.
how to use orbit twitter interaction circle

#3. Realtoptweep.com

Real Top Tweep is another popular tool to create Twitter interaction circles. But it’s a subdomain of ‘Twopcharts.com.’ The tool works without asking for any permissions. And it offers several additional pieces of information, such as your top verified follower.


  • Doesn’t require password entry.
  • Doesn’t require permission to access the account.
  • Offers additional stats/info. (e.g., first follower and first following circle).
  • Has free image download.
  • Gives you a link to share the list of people in the circle.


  • No customization at all.
  • Low image quality.
  • Doesn’t work for private accounts.

#4. Twopcharts.com

Twop Charts was the first website to offer Twitter interaction circles. And it’s still one of the best options you have. However, you need to enter your password and grant access to their tool to get the results. Although it sounds risky, the tool has proven to be safe. Users love it due to the detailed information it offers about your account stats—whether it’s private or public. (liked by me, who blocked me on Twitter, relationship check, and monthly charts, just to name a few).


  • Additional, detailed info about your account.


  • It asks for your password.
  • Offers no customization.
  • Includes payments.

Note: The tool is free. But you can pay to get your results faster.

Why Can’t I Create a Twitter Interaction Circle?

You may notice that some online tools can’t generate your interaction circle. That’s probably because your account is private. Most websites use public Twitter information to create circles. So, they cannot reach your account unless you permit them.

You have two options to fix the issue:

  1. Make your account public for a few minutes, get your interaction circle, and make it private again.
  2. Use Twopcharts.com and permit it to access your account. The tool works for private accounts as well.

How to Revoke Permission to Interaction Circle Tools

  1. Open the Twitter app.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select ‘Security and account access.’
  4. Tap ‘Apps and sessions.’
  5. Chose ‘Connected apps.’
  6. Remove any online interaction circle tool you see.

Note: You’re good to go if it says, “You don’t have any connected apps.”

Why do you need to revoke your permission? While most online tools are trustworthy, such permissions grant them access to your personal information. So, having them in the connected app section is a safety and security risk.

DIY Interaction Circle Using Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is a free tool that anyone can use to get detailed stats. You can use the data to create your interaction circle and customize it as desired. However, note that it includes lots of manual work and research.

Here’s how to DIY:

  1. Go to Analytics.twitter.com and set up your account.
  2. Select up to 20 random tweets that you posted this month.
  3. Check their interaction info and pick the top users. (The tool shows you top mentions/followers).
  4. Create a list of five users that appear on your analytics the most.
  5. You can continue the same process to add up to 50 top accounts.
  6. The higher their rank is, the closer they are to you.
  7. You can then use a free app like Canva to create your own Twitter interaction circle you’re your extracted names.

Quick Recap of What You Read

  • Twitter interaction circle is an image that shows the accounts that you’re engaged with the most.
  • You can use online tools such as Chirpty to create your circle.
  • Some tools like Twopcharts.com ask for permission to access your account.
  • You can revoke your permission by going to the Twitter app > Settings > Security and account access.
  • Using Twitter Analytics, you can create a unique DIY interaction circle.


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