To receive the PayPal verification code, you must enter a phone number so that the verification code link will be sent to it and you can confirm your identity. If you add your phone number and request for sending a verification code but you don’t receive any text messages from PayPal, it is annoying. We are here to help you why you didn’t receive an SMS from PayPal and how to fix this problem.

Check your phone number

If the verification code is not sent to you, make sure that the number you entered is correct. If the entered number was correct but still the code was not sent to you, you can add a new number to your PayPal so that the verification code will be sent to it. If you have added several numbers to your PayPal account, you can change the number to which the code is sent so that the problem of receiving the code may be solved for you.

Check your internet connection

If you are connected to a poor internet network, your request to send the code will not reach the PayPal servers and as a result, the code will not be sent to you.

Check network coverage

If your network signal is not good, the SMS will not be delivered to you. To check your phone’s signal level, go to the following path:

Settings > About phone > Status > SIM status > Signal Strength

If the signal strength is weak, you should change your location to a place with a stronger signal. Or restart your phone to fix the problem.

Wait a bit longer

Sometimes receiving the message may be delayed. Wait a while and try again if you don’t receive the code.

Check your phone’s settings

You may have already filtered receiving messages from unknown numbers. Do the steps below based on your phone type to check your device settings:


Follow the steps below to make sure that unknown numbers are not blocked.

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and find messages.
  2. In the message filtering section, select Unknown & Spam.
  3. The toggle beside “filter unknown senders” should be off.

If this filter is on, spam messages or messages sent by unknown numbers will be placed in the Filters section of the Messages App.

Also, check that notifications from unknown numbers are not silenced.

  1. Go to Messages in Settings.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, tap Customize notifications.
  4. Turn on the unknown senders toggle.

If this option is disabled, the notification of receiving messages from unknown numbers is turned off.


Android phones can block spam messages.

  1. Go to messages.
  2. Tap the three dots or three parallel lines icon and select the spam & blocked option.

The code sent by Paypal may be on this page.

Contact PayPal support

Notify them about your problem of not receiving the Paypal code. They can guide you to solve your problem. To do this, go to the PayPal website, and through the contact link, you will be redirected to a page where you can chat or call PayPal Assistants.


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  1. I have failed to receive code from PayPal much as I have changed numbers

  2. Kingsley Milton BenjaminReply

    Am signing up for a Paypal account but they are not sending the confirmation code to my line… I have tried so many times

  3. I need a verification code to login to my PayPal and I’m not receiving sms from PayPal

  4. I enter my phone number so that the verification code link will be sent to it and you can confirm my identity but I don’t receive any text messages from PayPal, it is annoying.

    • My problem is at the very start, am trying to create a personal account but after I input my phone number it doesn’t go beyond that because I never get/receive the code so I can create my account. How can I open an account when I can’t even go beyond the first page?

    • I have done everything but still no code and it’s now a more than a year of trying.
      It’s annoying and you guys should find a way to fix this problem because the number of pet not getting helped is a lot that means PayPal it’s self has a technical problem unattended to.

  5. Are some countries restricted from access to PayPal? If so what are these countries.

  6. I can login to email using a 2factor app, but I can not add a new user to send money too, for some reason that wants to verify by SMS. At&t says its a PayPal problem, PalPal says it is an At&t problem. I tried several solutions over months, can not get anything to work, including a new phone. I have given up.

    I really don’t know why I cant just use the 2factor app to verify adding a new user, and not the useless SMS thing.

  7. PayPal SMS verification doesn’t work well for about 2 months already. And nothing is changing yet, unfortunately. Shame for such a company – I already switched to another payments collecting service.

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