Refund Policy


Refund Policy

Instamber has made it very easy for customers to request for their money refund as always has promised. The process to get their money back is really simple and will be done in 72 hours.

However, there are some conditions for the client who demands his/her money back. So if the policies applies to the client, Instamber will return the money as soon as possible. In the following, we state the cases that the client can or can not demand for a refund:

- The user gets stuck at a problem over and over and the support team are not able to solve it.

- There is a bug on the system more than 72 hours.

- There is no refund for trial version.

- If the user contacts Instamber support team more than three times in one week and they do not reply.

- If the user pays more than once by mistake, he/she can ask for a refund

- Users who use the system let say for 15 days out of 30 days can not refund for all the 30 days; the used days will be deducted and the remained money will be back

- The users who deploy the system and their subscription finished and proceed to refund after one or two month late

- The users who do not set their accounts for the whole duration of their subscription, and the subscription finishes, can not demand their money.

Refund Requisition Procedure

1. Contact support team and state the problem

2. Present screenshots about the dashboard problem

3. Request for a refund

4. Get accepted by The technical team

5. Finalize the request for the refund

6. Receive the refund in 72 hours

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