Almost 80% of business-to-business social leads that comes from social media come from LinkedIn. So LinkedIn is without a doubt a platform that you should consider. LinkedIn’s ads impact its members 3times better than other social platforms such as Facebook. Its members also have more buying power compared with other social platforms. So it is a platform to reckon with.

In short LinkedIn,ads help you with the following matters

  • It makes it easy for you to promote your product or services to a sector clearly defined as your target market
  • It helps to direct quality traffic toward your website or blog
  • It’s the best place for the promotion of courses, seminars, conferences, etc.

What are LinkedIn carousel Ads?

Put simply it is a type of sponsored content that pops up in the LinkedIn feed. You can use it to promote your product or service and make effective ads with this feature on LinkedIn.

Some advantages of LinkedIn carousel ads are as follows:

  • It helps advertisers to show various images in a single ad. This is something that is not available in regular ads. Advertisers can tell a story about their brand via images through carousel ads and entice audiences.
  • It promotes more content in one ad. You can include up to 10 various images or cards in carousel ads. Through each image, there can be a different CTA (call to action) meaning there is a better chance of influencing your audiences.
  • It allows you to provide a complete overview of a product or service. Obviously, this is not possible through regular ads.
  • With each card through carousel ads, you can tell an influencing story, and make your target audiences familiar with your product, service, or whatever that is.
  • It has higher CTRs or click-through rates. In 2018 LinkedIn posted a blog showing that 300 advertisers had beta-tested carousel ads. Approximately 75% of them said that they used carousel ads in their campaigns. Because there was a meaningful increase in engagement and click-through rates through carousel ads. If you are wondering why there is such a meaningful rise in CTR, this is because carousel ads proffer more opportunities and features to advertisers. As a result, they can include more content and make their target audiences more excited so they will click through carousel ads a lot more.

How Carousel ads spec works?

There is some necessary information you need to know about the carousel ads specification and they are as follows:

Overall suggestion

  • You need to include at least 2 images/cards or at most 10 cards
  • As for the ad, the maximum limit is 255 characters for the introductory text
  • In some devices, specifically mobile phones, the maximum limit for the introductory text is 150 characters
  •  As for the headline text, or card headline the limit is 45 characters

Card suggestion

  • The maximum size for each card is 10 MB
  • Only JPJ, PNG, and GIF (non-animated) format is supported
  • The recommended image resolution is 1080×1080 pixels with 1:1 aspect ratio

URL suggestions

  • A landing page URL is needed
  • The URL prefix must be https:// or http://

How to create the carousel ads?

Creating carousel ads is so easy, and here I’ll show you how to do it.

  1. Log into LinkedIn’s campaign manager
  2. Click on create campaign
  3. Select an objective for your advertisement from the available list.
  4. After that, choose the profile language, the location you want to target your ad with, and finally your target audiences
  5. From the ad format select “carousel image ad”
  6. Choose a schedule, budget, bid amount and type
  7. You can either add conversion tracking or not, however it is recommended to add one
  8. Click on save and then click on next
  9. Choose the option “create a new ad” to create one
  10. Then type in your name, the introductory text, the destination URL and after that you can make your card
  11. Finally, click create and voila!

How to get the maximum results from LinkedIn carousel ads?

There are a few simple strategies you can follow to get the maximum result.

  • Your call to action must be crystal clear so that your audiences get enticed and click on them.
  • The headline you used must be perfect. This will make your target audiences want to know more about your ads, consequently, your LinkedIn carousel ad will probably receive an immediate response from your audiences.
  • Know whom you are targeting. In other words, you should be specific while targeting your audiences. Of course not to the point that you narrow your target audiences significantly.
  • It’s better not to include 10 images or cards right off the bat. First start with 4 to 6 cards, then add more cards to your LinkedIn carousel ads.
  • In cases you want to tell a story, make sure to dedicate the final card for the call-to-action
  • Look for any impressions. In other words, see which card has received more clicks. This will give you an overall idea of what images work and what do not and next time you know what you need to include on your LinkedIn carousel ads.
  • Let your target audience know that your product or service can make their life better. Also, get feedback from them. This will help you to provide better service or product.
  • You should never use an inappropriate landing page. Make sure to use a dedicated page to the destination URL

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