Instagram automation


The big question which had lead you to this article is probably “why your Instagram page is not successful?”.

Searching for the best ways to increase the number of followers, you probably have encountered with the phrase “automate Instagram presence”.

Instagram automation are in fact applications which help you to gain lots of real followers in a short time. They are the best tools as well as the cheapest ones to increase the number of followers.

instagram automation

But what exactly is this automation and how does it work?

Before talking about Instagram automation, Let’s first talk about a common approach to increase the number of followers.

One of the best ways to gain more and more followers is to interact with other Instagram users. This means you should follow people who might be interested in your page, like their posts and comment on them.

You probably have used this approach before and know how efficient it is in increasing the number of your followers. When you like other users’ post or follow their page, they would get curious who you are, visit your page and if finds it interesting, would follow you. In psychology, it is called reciprocity act.

Now we can talk about Instagram automation. Instamber Instagram bot would automate all your activities on Instagram and work like an Instagram assistant 24/7. You should just set it up once and it would exactly do your commands. But it is not the end; Instamber is a robot doing all Instagram actions which help you to manage all your Instagram presence and add as many accounts as you want to it. Using this service you can:

Automate your interactions including like, comment and follow

As we said before, one of the best ways to gain new followers is interaction and engaging with other users. Instamber’s researches show that interacting with 100 Instagram users, almost 20 people would react and like your posts or comment on them and 6 to 10 person would also follow your page. However, don’t forget that all these happen when you have a high-quality page and interact with the right people.


Note: if you don’t know the approaches through which you can increase the number of your followers using automation tools, we recommend having a paper and pen when you are reading this article.

Automatically unfollow people you don’t like

If you have followed a lot of people and want to manage your account, what should you do? Do you scroll down your followings and unfollow unwanted contacts one by one?

This might be good for pages with just 200 followings, but when you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you would have an extended following list, there are even pages following hundreds of pages.


Unfollowing other users manually is not a good option for this pages. They need a better and more comprehensive solution. If you have such accounts with lots of followings and you want to unfollow unwanted accounts or if you want to unfollow all your people to sell your account, you can use Instamber to automatically unfollow them.

Post automatically in scheduled times

Many Instagram accounts have more than one Instagram account or they need to publish many posts for each of their accounts considering their marketing plan.

It is sometimes hard or even painful to manage all these accounts and stick to the schedule. Using Instamber, you can manage all your accounts and schedule many points at the same time in a user-friendly environment.


After running Instamber, you should add you Instagram accounts to its dashboard. Then you can upload as many photos and video as you want, write their captions and schedule them to be published in the future. You can share your contents in your desired time using Instamber which can be set hourly, daily and weekly.

Send auto direct messages

Most business’s first step is to promote themselves. One of the best marketing approaches which was popular, past and present, was e-mail marketing. At its best, only 10 percent of receivers would open the marketing emails they receive however it is still one of the cheapest marketing approaches.


A platform sending direct messages in Instagram would be even more useful. As people would open their direct messages for sure and the possibility is almost 99 percent.

You can design a welcome message or a promotion message encouraging users to take action and purchase a product and even inform them about periodic discounts. Then send these message automatically to lots of followers using Instamber.

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