If you’ve noticed little blue checks next to the names of some of your favourite Instagrammers on the photo-sharing social network, you might be wondering who they are. The answer is simple: these are accounts that have gone through Instagram’s new Verified Badges programme, in which account holders can demonstrate that their Instagram profile is a genuine representation of themselves. The users who have more followers are getting the badge easily. Many influencers buy Instagram followers to earn verified badge on their account.

This blue checkmark gives users the confidence that they are interacting with a real, authentic account and not a fake account. Verification badge also helps to gain more Instagram followers due to the credibility factor.

These verified accounts are used for celebrities, public figures, influencers, and large corporations. Almost anyone with an Instagram account can now apply to verify their accounts (including personal accounts).

You’re probably wondering if there’s a quick way to verify your Instagram account.

How do I become an Instagram verified user?

Let’s face it: a blue checkmark indicates popularity or status next to your account name. For a long time, that little icon has sat next to the name of celebrities and high organizations, and now you can join this verified club by going through a quick and easy process.

Once your Instagram identity is verified, you will be the only authentic source for everything related to your brand. People will be aware that they are dealing with a genuine product. This will helps them to interact with your profile even more. It can be a great way to convert followers into customers if you’re in the online sales business. You must visit the best site to buy Instagram followers Canada to increase your followers.

Always adhere to Instagram’s Terms of Service and the Instagram Community Guidelines. To be considered for verification, your account must also meet the following requirements:

Your account should be unique

Instagram’s one account per user verification policy is strict. Fan accounts for celebrities or musicians are not permitted to have a blue tick, nor are content pages that do not display original content. Meme accounts, in general, are not considered for Instagram verification. Make it a habit to post when your followers are online.

Your account must be 100% genuine and authentic

You will have to prove your identity which means you have to show your real identity. Also, show that you are a registered business or other public entity. To buy Canadian Instagram followers from the top siteyou should follow this aspect also.

Before requesting verification, double-check that your full name on your ID matches your Instagram bio. If you are trying to verify a business account, you may be required to submit the necessary business documents during the application procedure.

The public must be able to view your account

To verify your Instagram account, ensure your profile is open to the public. Some owners have even tried private business accounts, but they rarely work because any closed page will not qualify for an Instagram Verified badge.

Make sure your account information is correct

You should have completed a few things, like a complete biography on your page, a profile picture, and a few original posts. You don’t want to overshare anything you didn’t create, so try to keep everything original. Show Instagram that you’re an active user by posting Instagram stories regularly and keeping your profile photo updated.

Make sure your page is noteworthy and shows public interest

Instagram has made it clear that accounts wishing to be verified must be associated with a well-known person, brand or company, organization, or public entity. Increase the engagement and exposure of your account. Initially, try to get featured in notable news outlets, use effective hashtags, and avoid excessive promotional content. Having an engaged audience that continues to like your posts would also be beneficial.

How to Verify Your Instagram Account: Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Go to the top right corner and click the Menu button on your profile.

2. Select ‘Settings’ at the top of the list.

3. Scroll down and then next click on ‘Account.’

4. To start the process, finally, click ‘Request verification’.

5. Enter your full name, company name, and category.

6. Include a high-resolution photo of your ID and business documents.

7. Press the ‘Send’ button and wait 24-72 hours for the decision.

Final Thoughts

What could be better than letting people know they’re speaking with the real deal? You’ve got this! If you believe your page meets Instagram’s verification requirements, you should verify your account TODAY.


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