The first thing you need to set your mind to is “Conversions.” All social media platforms are black holes of priority and attention. Well-meaning marketers start out aiming for conversions, and within a week they are checking their phones for how many likes their videos received. Your only concern is conversions. Forget getting more likes, more views and even more followers (unless you are on YouTube or Rumble). Instead, focus on conversions and never lose focus.

Only Worry About Followers if Your Business Requires Them

If you are selling mattresses, then you do not need followers. You need people to see your videos about mattresses, your reviews, your tests, your demonstrations, your interesting videos about mattresses, etc. But, you do not need followers. The people who have bought your mattress are not going to want or require your videos for a long time. 

There is a gray area when it comes to this sort of thing. For example, certain brands of cars can have followers. For example, the people following the Nissan GTR 2021 model are still following the Nissan GTR videos because they want to know what is coming out next and where they may still buy a Nissan GTR.

Pay to Promote Your Videos

They ask if you want to promote for likes or followers. Most novice marketers pick “Followers,” but it all links back to the previous section about if you need followers or likes. The promotions where you aim for likes are going to create more conversions. You may want followers for your home-made soap designs, but if you are having a sale, you should be promoting for “Likes.”

The TikTok promotion service is the best of all social media advertising services. You pay in advance, and you always get views, likes and even followers. Even awful videos will pick up some likes and followers. It is far cheaper than the trickle of traffic you get from YouTube promote, or the dollar-for-dollar viewers you get on Rumble. And, it blows the Instagram and Twitter promotional tools out of the water. Even Facebook’s boost features don’t offer as good value as TikTok’s pre-pay “Promote” tool.

Experiment with a four-day promotional period for just a few dollars per day and get your promotional coins through the desktop website so you avoid the 24% fees that Android and Apple devices charge. You will not be sorry. 

Bad Advice…Just Sucks

The people who have been marketing on TikTok for a long time can understand how damaging some of the more modern TikTok marketing advice really is. It is worthy of mention here because there is an easy to way avoid being tricked.

If the advice suggests an “Easier” or “Quicker” way to achieve success, it is a lie. For example, there is somebody running around saying you should cut up YouTube videos and post them as TikTok videos 14 times per day because over the weeks, at least one will go viral and you will be successful. This is completely untrue unless you already have a lot of sway on TikTok. If it sounds too good to be true, then it really is.

Put Your Content in Front of More Eyes

As mentioned earlier in this article, how many views, likes and comments you receive doesn’t matter. It is all about how well you convert. Hone your skills at turning viewers into buyers. If you have that nailed down, then run a campaign on your TikTok profile. Then, mirror your successful (highly converting) campaigns on other TikTok accounts. You will get copyright notices on your primary account, but don’t action them (because they are you). 

You get “Other” TikTok accounts by buying them. Go to a social media marketplace where people buy and sell social media accounts and find TikTok profiles that suit your business. They will already have a crowd of people following them. You simply run your successful campaigns again on those profiles. 

You are going to lose followers over time on your purchased TikTok accounts, but after a few sales it won’t really matter. If your purchased TikTok account starts to flounder, just go buy another with its own set of ready-to-buy followers. Remember, it is all about getting conversions, so it doesn’t matter how many other people’s TikTok accounts you burn through so long as you are making good money off of each of them. 


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