Instamber SoundCloud Promotion Guide

A. Introduction

If you are an artist in music field, it is so beneficial to have an account on SoundCloud. However a mediocre account does not have any benefits at all. So try to promote your account by different strategies.

One great strategy that helps you gain popularity is buying:

Having a lot of them show how famous and great you are as an artists, thus your account attracts the attention of talent hunters and fans.

B. How to increase SoundCloud plays, followers, likes and comments

SoundCloud has features such as plays, followers, likes and comments, and all of them are helping to establish a proper account. Luckily, we as the Instamber providing team do our best to present these features with the best quality and price. You just need to enroll and follow the procedure to gain as many as you desire.

1. Sign up, and create an Instamber account

The primary step is to sign up and establish your individual Instamber dashboard:


2. Click on SoundCloud

Choose SounCloud to proceed:


3. Choose your SoundCloud service:

On the left column, pick your desired service, then enter your SoundCloud link and the number to continue:


4. Click on the Add to cart button:

Click on the Add to cart button to go on:

5. Click on top up balance and pay

For the last step click on the Top up balance button and pay and finalize your order

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