Introduction to Engage with Your Audience

Instamber provides lots of features for communicating more efficiently and creating more engagement with your audience. One of the most important ways in order to get loyal and valuable audience is to engage deeply and directly.

This tutorial will focus on How to use Instamber “comment tracker and management tools” for increasing your Instagram engagement.

In this tutorial, "engagement" refers to replying to your audience and managing their insights about your brand through your page.

Comment Tracker Inbox

This feature helps you bring all of your comments from your audiences across Instagram into your dashboard, find new ways to start conversations efficiently and reply to all of your comments from one place quickly. It has three main actions : replying, categorizing and deleting .

Before starting to respond to your comments, you’ll need to organize them for easier management. So we’ll tell you how to categorize all your comments within the related features.

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