Find Potential Customers

Instamber Instagram search tools enable you to find various accounts with various functions, tracking down accounts that can probably be your future customers is one of them, in the following we are going to show how you can limit them search them and send them messages.

Find based on hashtags and locations:

You can find and target your audience and clients by locations and hashtags. It means that setting a specific location that is near your business location and also the related hashtags help you get in touch with the people who may be interested to know and follow your account.

For example, if you are a make-up artist, it is recommended to track down and target the people who live or work near your place. Then you need to get in touch with them by sending direct messages and keep them informed about your event and other things on your business.

Set appropriate filters to target customers that matter for your business

The important point is that, to set filters such as number of likes, followers, comments and engagement rate you do not need to set a high rank because you need to trace the accounts of ordinary people.

Setting other filters like keywords and language is also helping you to restrict the options, because you find some accounts with special words in their captions and the common language.

Send direct messages effortlessly to identify your profile

The key factor on social platforms is to “connect”, in other words, the businesses who want to grow on platforms like Instagram, must enlarge their connections. And two benefits can be mentioned: 1. It grows your engagement rate 2. It helps you make your profile more identified.

One facility that helps you broaden your network is sending Direct Messages. You can find your audience by the Instagram search tool and prepare some messages and send to them. Instamber provides you with the possibility of writing direct messages with templates to make it easier to prepare and send.

Set and write a template message

To prepare a good message, after searching and selecting the account you just need to click on setting tab on your Instamber dashboard, then write your message on the Message template section.

After you prepared your message, click on the Feed tab, on each found account you can see the direct message icon so, press the icon and send your messages

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