Send Target Direct Message to The Right Audience

Send target direct message to the right audience

Sending Instagram direct message automatically with Instamber is easy. This tutorial will help you to create great direct messages and send them to the target audience.
To get started, click on “direct” tab and activate it.
After completing the Activation, click on “+ New message” button and customize your direct message for sending to your targets.

Direct Message Compose Tools

- Text Message PatterN

In order to prevent violating Instagram terms, you’ll need to randomize your text messages by using word lists inside curly brackets, like this pattern :


Inserting your intended attachment is as easy as to select a photo or post into “New message box”. you need just to click on “Attach Image" button and choose the “post” or “photo”. For photos you have an option to crop image.


In order to get the best results you can choose your desired audiences to send your messages.
for the first step select the destination, Instamber provides 3 choices :
1 - Each new follower
2 - All existing followers
3- Custom user list

by checking the Custom filter box, you can be more accurate to choose suitable segments.
Here are the description of filters existing in the dashboard:

# Options More Info
1 Gender To send messages to people their gender should match selected option
2 Max following Send message only if target account has no more than specified number of following accounts
3 Max followers Send message only if target account has no more than specified number of followers
4 Min post Send message only if target account has no less than specified number of posts
5 Last post age Send message only if account published his last post not earlier than specified time ago

Message Status

To check the status of each message, see Message Status bar:

# Status More Info
1 Active You do not have running messages yet. Create your first message by clicking the button above
2 Completed You have no completed messages. When we are done sending a message to your target accounts it will appear here
3 Message log Here we'll show the last messages we've sent to the users

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