Boost Instagram followers

Instagram bot lets you to have whatever you need to get real followers on Instagram.

On the Promotion tab, you can create new promotion to engage with your targeted audiences automatically and turn them into real followers, you can also see all of your promotions and their setting in a simple dashboard.

Here are some actions that Promotion does on behalf of you with your targeted audience:
- auto like
- auto comment
- auto follow
- auto view story

How To Set Up a New Promotion

1- Go to the "Promotion” Tab.

2- Click “+ New Promo”.

3- Select the type of promotions and fill that:

a. Followers : Enter intended Instagram usernames to attract their followers
b. Location : Enter intended Location and start automatic engagement with relevant users
c. Hashtag : Enter popular Instagram hashtag to attract their owner or audience
d. Targets : Upload a file containing accounts IDs which you want to follow, like and comment on their posts.

4- Input the rest of your promotion settings. You can learn more about all promotion settings here :


5- You can set promotion action any time for better result.

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