Almost all online tasks we do now demand our full information or at least some personal data. Sometimes, we don’t want to share or tell our real phone numbers with those websites and apps since we don’t know about their safety. So, all of us finally need a fake number someday to get rid of many things that concern us.

Faked phone numbers are helpful tools to initiate voice calls and SMS and get them. Also, you can sometimes use apps without worrying about taking your data. On this page, we want to tell you why you might need a second phone number, how to use a fake phone number, and what the best tools are for getting your fave phony phone number.

Why Should You Pick a Fake Phone Number?

It’s much more feasible to have two separate landlines for each person rather than just one. Anyone who has had to chop and change their work and home life using just one phone number will admit to how tricky it can be.

Tools that offer a backup cell number make it easy to keep a distinct work and social profile while upholding quick access to both sets of contacts. Getting a phony phone number is a great way to keep your identity secret while making online moves. You can use these numbers as standard phone numbers, but you can also use them as call center numbers and add them to your biz apps.

Note: Using a fake generator of random numbers for criminal moves is ethically wrong and against the law. If security firms uncover you’ve been using a phony number for the wrong reason, you will face penalties.

What are the best apps for making a fake phone number?

First, it’s best to compare the features of different apps and then choose one that meets your needs. Usually, phony phone number apps offer standard parts like call forwarding, call blocking, voicemail, caller ID, call holding, number porting, and multiple calling. They should all be taken into account before picking on your fave. Check the app’s “terms of usage” before joining, and choose apps with round-the-clock support and cheaper subscriptions. Here are the best options you should think about:

  • Burner

Burner is one of the nicest and simplest fake number tools out there, and its name is perfect for North American audiences. Use for making and receiving calls, texting, and leaving a voicemail. To use the app’s features, you’ll just have to log in and then pick a plan that works for you based on how often you want to receive calls and how long you want to keep the number active.

The built-in junk blockers mean you won’t even think about unwanted contact from someone you haven’t permitted to get in touch with you. You may send regular text messages and multimedia message service (MMS) messages with Burner, and there are no ads in the app. You can even start over with random new numbers if you don’t like the ones you’ve made.

  • Hushed

Hushed is among the most reliable throwaway phone number apps. This service comes bundled with unique spoofed phone numbers for anonymous texting, multimedia messaging service (MMS), and voice messages. It does have digits for 40 countries and tends to work from plenty more. It’s a fantastic tool for so many burner numbers, and you can use it to handle various phone numbers and get rid of the hushed number once you no longer need it. 

After installing, you’ll need to input your login details (email address, password), so then launch the app and pick the country where you want your new number to be live.

  • Sideline

The biggest appeal of Sideline is that it is fully free and can give inaccurate phone numbers that can be combined with the user’s current provider’s allotted text and talk minutes. Though its free version includes ads, it does allow for the porting of lines to and from other carriers. It’s an excellent burner number for office teamwork and client service, and also, there’s a team number feature that lets you forward calls from one phone to another. 

The app has a pro plan that you can do much more than just launch promos, and text ad campaigns using the bulk texting stuff included. These are just the beginning of what you can do with these tools.

Enhance your business plan by using virtual numbers

No matter how big or small your business is, it’s good to make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you. Almost every biz has a digital presence, and customers want different ways to talk to businesses. In some areas, fake phone numbers allow both outgoing and incoming calls by letting you use text messaging for your marketing plan, payroll, or important messages. To improve brand awareness, you can give out various phony phone numbers. You can check the call logs in your caller id launch pad to find out how well each marketing campaign is working. 

  • You can’t do better than Nextiva if you’re looking for a fake business phone number. Using their app on a PC, smartphone, tablet, or desk phone, driving your phony phone number is a breeze. There are a ton of helpful features included with every subscription, such as VoIP transcription/voice unlimited calls and call monitoring.

You can use the app to take full control of a firm’s telephone system, including call forwarding, call recording, ringtones, vacation greetings, staff meetings, caller ID, and more.


Getting a landline before moving overseas, dating apps, buying/selling on classified sites, and online auctions are just some of the most common reasons to use a fake number service. We can hide our true identities by getting a new phone number with a phony number generator. It’s safest and most effective when used in this manner since it filters out irrelevant content like adverts and hyperlinks. The bulk of the options and stuff found in the fake number generator tool are given for no cost, can be quickly downloaded, and are safe just to use.


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