While surfing social media, you have probably seen successful marketing that sells very well. But how can these marketers succeed in competing with others ?! What principles do these businesses follow? They seem to know the customer management methods on LinkedIn totally well!

Customer management or customer relationship management is one of the most important skills that has a huge impact on the efficiency of digital marketing. In fact, anyone who wants to have a successful business on LinkedIn should be familiar with the customer management tricks on LinkedIn.

But what does customer management mean on LinkedIn? How can potential customers and sales leads be managed to increase their relevance to the company products? In this article, we want to answer all these questions; So be with us…

The concept of customer management on LinkedIn

By doing ads on LinkedIn, we can attract a large audience to our company account; These audiences are the resources of internet marketing! So you have to always be by their side and communicate with them in such a way that they turn from an audience into a real customer!

A simple audience will first become a sales lead or lead and then a potential customer or prospect, and finally, we will have a real customer. In all these stages, the audience must follow in their footsteps and all their questions and ambiguities must be removed; This is where the importance of interacting with potential customers on LinkedIn comes into play!
How do you think you can communicate with your customers on LinkedIn better and manage their behaviors? It is interesting to know that customer relationship management is a science called CRM. If you want to know more about this science, do not miss the rest of the article:

Customer Relationship Management or CRM

CRM or customer relationship management is a skill that helps us analyze your customers’ behavior. This creates a more intimate relationship between the employer and the customer; As a result, the customer will feel better about their purchases.
By following CRM principles, we can attract more sales leads or leads and keep real customers satisfied; Because the customer management system on LinkedIn tells us that the audience is more interested in things and how to convince them to make more purchases.

Now we want to introduce you to some practical tricks for customer management on LinkedIn; Stay with us.

Customer management tricks on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn social network is designed to be easy to market and sell! This issue can be easily understood from its countless and attractive possibilities in different parts. One point that LinkedIn can do well is how to manage a customer! Using these features, you can better communicate with potential customers and audiences; Now, if you agree, let’s get acquainted with some important tricks for customer management on LinkedIn. These tricks include:

Using ProFinder for customer management

The first trick to managing a lot of customer support on LinkedIn is to use ProFinder properly; Of course, this feature is more useful for those who do a lot of activities through cyberspace; These people are called freelancers.

Freelancers can use ProFinder to show their abilities to different managers and receive job orders. But you may ask, “What is ProFinder?” Do not worry, we will answer this question as well:
In short, ProFinder is a service! A service that is on LinkedIn and you do not need to install a special program to use it. With the help of this service, you can identify people who do certain work and entrust your project to them. Or if you have a specialty such as design, writing, editing, accounting, marketing, web developer, etc., take different projects and manage the customer.

How to use ProFinder?

As we said, ProFinder is a service based on LinkedIn; However, it is interesting that many people do not know what this service is used for and what it does!
To access this service, you must look for the Interests option in the top bar of LinkedIn; Clicking on it opens a menu with a ProFinder icon. By selecting it, you will enter the ProFinder space. But what is happening in this space ?!

After logging in to ProFinder, if you have a business and are looking for someone to hire, you need to answer a few questions. These questions are often asked about project type, duration, and budget. Once you have entered all the requested information, LinkedIn will start your search; It will then provide you with a list of the best people and related professionals who can do your projects the best they can.
Now, if you are a freelancer yourself, after logging in to ProFinder, you must register and fully specify what your skills and expertise are. To do this, log in to the Sign Up ProFinder page and complete the registration process.

The most important point to consider when managing a customer through ProFinder is your LinkedIn account! In fact, the employer can make decisions by looking at a summary of the details and the number of recommendations other people have written to you and the type of projects you have. So do not forget to update your LinkedIn profile!

2. Using software for CRM

Okay! So far we are familiar with ProFinder, which was a LinkedIn feature. But there are also separate software that can be used to manage customers on LinkedIn.
The software will have an amazing impact on CRM or customer relationship management. They also control your sales and allow you to plan carefully for your marketing. In addition, using the software, it will be easier to choose a sales strategy.
Now that you know the importance of software for customer management, we want to introduce you to some of them:

a. Dux-Soup

You can use this program to take notes and save your contacts and communications on LinkedIn. Also, following LinkedIn profiles by this program will be easy!
Of course, note that this program has both free and paid versions. So, if you want to use all its features, you have to pay for it!

b. Nimble

Nimble software is the best item for managing customer on LinkedIn! Basically, this software is designed to increase interaction with potential customers and audiences of the company account and showcase account.
A principal feature of Nimble is that it easily integrates with the social network LinkedIn and is easy to work with; It even has Chrome and Firefox browser extensions that you can easily download. In addition, the use of this software is free for 14 days and is possible after paying a monthly fee of one dollar.

Having friendly relations with customers

Experience has shown that the more friendly the relationship with the customer, the greater his/her trust will be. In this case, the customer will feel better about your business.
In addition, heshe becomes more aware of the type of work you do because he/she is more comfortable asking questions and talking about hisher problems. How do you think a more friendly relationship can be established with the customer?

A) One thing that increases customer engagement is sending congratulatory messages. LinkedIn has the ability to alert you to specific dates of your audience. You, too, should use a sincere message of congratulations for your customers.

B) If you have a special LinkedIn account, you can communicate with your audience better. In this case, on the chat page with the contact, there is a lamp icon, which by clicking on it, you will be offered interesting ideas to start the conversation; Make the most of this interesting feature!

C) To manage the customers, you must know their problems! In this case, a strong trust will be established between them and your business. In fact, to succeed in this way, you must anticipate the future problems of the audience and work to solve them.

Many people who work in the field of digital marketing are expanding their business simultaneously on various social networks such as Instagram, Telegram, Facebook and LinkedIn. But you can also use customer information on LinkedIn for other social networks!
Imagine being on LinkedIn for several years and having a whole clients and audience; There are many people who know you and your business! Now, if we can use these connections on Instagram and Facebook, what effect will it have on our marketing? Definitely things will go faster! So save your data on LinkedIn and use it in different places. We have designed several steps to do this, including:

– 1- Log in to your LinkedIn account.
– 2- Click on the profile picture in the upper right corner.
– 3-In the menu that opens, select the Privacy & Settings option.
– 4- Click on Getting an archive of your data.
– 5-In the page that opens, select the Request archive option.
– 6- After selecting the download link, click on the Download option.
1. You now have a CSV file.

Last word

Customer management on LinkedIn is one of the most crucial topics in digital marketing and sales marketing. Thus, in this article, we try to introduce you to customer management and how to increase communication and interaction with your audience.
In the article, we get acquainted with some useful and practical software for customer management on LinkedIn, the use of which will definitely have a positive impact on your business.
Now if we can communicate more friendly with our customers, they will be easier to manage; What do you think? Have you had a customer management experience on social media? What do you think is the best way to engage with your audience? We are waiting for you in the comments section.


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