Having an active business page on Instagram is essential especially for many small businesses and startups. Good Instagram caption is an integral part of being successful on Instagram. Instagram caption can make your posts go viral or on the other hand, your marketing campaigns fail altogether.
We would talk about important points, new ideas and also strategies to write a good Instagram caption. Using these tips, your captions would have a better effect on your followers. Also we will show you here how to write more interesting and effective captions for your posts through captions of successful Instagram pages.

What is Instagram caption and how long should it be?

Instagram caption are texts written under an Instagram post. A caption can have 2000 characters and there are no limits in using emoji in the captions. You can also use 30 different hashtags in a caption. But it doesn’t mean you should use as many emojis and hashtags as you can. Your caption should be attractive for your audience and also simple to read and encourage your followers to interact with your posts.
Your Instagram caption represent identity of your brand so it is important to pay enough attention in writing them. A good caption can amuse your followers and engage them more with your page.
Instagram captions

Why is it important to write good Instagram captions?

You may share many beautiful and high quality images in your Instagram page, but not having good captions, you will lose a golden opportunity for sure. By having good captions, your audience become more interested on your page and consequently they would like your posts more. Fascinating captions also lead to more engagement with followers commenting on your posts or saving them as well as liking your content.
It has been proven that Instagram shows your posts on the feed of most of your followers if finds them interesting for a sample of your followers, i.e. engagement rate. If you look at the posts which appear on top of your feed, you will notice that they have better captions and are more popular. So they have better rank on followers’ feed. In fact, people are more interested in the caption rather than the image itself.
Additionally, caption let you to add different hashtags to your post. As you may know, hashtags make it easier for Instagram users to find your content and as a result, it will increase your follower counts in long term.

12 tips to write good Instagram captions

Knowing the importance of Instagram captions, let’s see which criteria a good caption should have and in writing a good caption you should pay more attention to which components:

1. Know your audience

There are more than 700 million active users on Instagram so it is important to know your audience. The first step to write good captions is to know exactly who your audience is. Find the answer to questions like: What is the gender of majority of your followers? Where are their locations? What are their jobs? And what are they interested in?
After knowing the answer to these questions, you can provide suitable content for your audience based on their needs and preferences. With all these information, you can decide on the ways of communicating with your audience and also style of your writing.

 2. Know your message

After knowing your audience, you should know your message as well. You should know what you are trying to convey. This is important both for private pages as well as business pages.
Answering these questions may help: What are your beliefs? Is there anything you disagree with? What are your characteristics?
For example if you are a travel blogger, you are probably adventurous, curious and brave. These characteristic would form a good relationship between you and your audience. The message which you want to convey can be an invitation for a trip, or a suggestion to experience new things and have fun with their family and friends. But what you may disagree with? It is obvious that you disagree with laziness and being uninterested to experiencing new things. This example shows how knowing your message is important.
Instagram users are mostly interested in friendly atmosphere and do not expect formal messages. So it is better to be intimate in your captions, use irony and humor and show an interesting characteristic of yourself.

Instagram captions3. Consider the quantity

Most people check their Instagram in a rush. They are not interested to spend a lot of time reading a caption. It is better to write as brief as possible. However there are no rule which says your captions should be short or long. It is quite natural that you need to write longer captions for some of your posts to explain them or even make them more interesting for the reader.
We recommend to share your interesting stories about an image with your followers. It may even make it simpler for your followers to understand your point.

4. Put the most important words first

When Instagram users see the latest posts on their feed, they just see the first lines of a caption and if interested touch “more” to continue reading the rest. This means that if they don’t find the beginning of your caption interesting enough, they will not read the rest of it. So pay more attention to writing the first lines of your captions. Also write them in a way to make your audience curious to continue reading it.

5. Use Instagram hashtags appropriately

Instagram stats shows using at least one hashtag on your Instagram caption will increase the possibility of your post being seen up to 12.6%. So hashtag is an important feature in increasing the possibility of your posts being seen by more users. But do not use them aimlessly.
The first point in using hashtags is that reading them is more complicated than reading a text. So when you use several hashtags consecutively in a text, users will find it confusing and will definitely read it hastily without paying enough attention.
The other important point is to use just related hashtags. When the hashtags you use in your posts are not related to your content, you are harassing users because they will see your posts in the wrong place. It is not pleasant for anyone for sure.
The last point in writing hashtags is the popularity of that hashtag. When you are selecting hashtags, choose the ones which are more popular. Why? Because when a user write a hashtag in his post, Instagram will recognize his behavior and show posts relevant to those hashtags more to the user. So if you use popular hashtags, you will be seen by more users.
Considering all the points mentioned above, sometimes you should use as many hashtags as you can. In these times, there are two ways to make your captions look better:
  • Separate hashtags from the main body of your text. It is also better to use space between them.
  • Don’t use all the hashtags in the caption. Put some of them in the first comment of your post. It has the same effect as using them in the caption and will show your posts in the related searches and at the same time, your caption would not seem messy with a lot of hashtags.

Instagram hashtags6. Use questions or requests in your  Instagram caption

One of the simplest ways to receive more comments on your posts is asking question. For example, you can ask a yes/no question from your followers or ask them to leave their insight about a particular subject. Asking them questions will increase the possibility of improving your engagement rate.

7. Mention other Instagram users in your captions

One of most interesting features of Instagram is the possibility of mentioning others in your posts or comments. It has also positive effect on engagement rate of your posts.
So if you want to introduce or mention another Instagram user, use @ sign and then write his Instagram handle. He/she will be notified as soon as you share your post, comment or story. Using this feature, you can be sure that the person will see your post. They may even reply it. Mentioning a person, his followers may also see your post and leave comment on it.
You can also ask your followers to tag their friends on your posts so it get more engagement.

8. Use emoji in your captions

Is it good to use emoji in your posts? This might be your question too. The answer highly depends on your page and your style of writing. However using emoji would get your audiences’ attention and is a perfect way for transferring emotions and creating brand identity in an Instagram caption. They would also make your captions more interesting and the users will interact more willingly with your post.

Instagram emojis9. Use quotations

Some users share a unique content like quotes from well-known persons.

10. Use an intimate tone in your captions

Instagram has a friendly atmosphere, so being too much formal is not only ineffective, it can have a negative effect on your Instagram page as well. So we would recommend to have an intimate voice in your captions and try to get closer to your audience.

11. Ask your followers to engage with your posts

Continuous engagement is the most important feature which your page should have. Interacting with your followers would make them feel better about your page and be more loyal. Write captions which encourage your followers to interact with your posts. There are different ways to encourage followers to engage with your content; one of the most important of which is contest.
In making followers to engage with your posts, your question and request should be so interesting that make them to react to the post. 


Revision will lead to great captions. Always revise your posts before publishing them. Revising them, you can correct grammatical mistakes and also make them easier to read.
You can also read the caption for someone else and ask them to comment on them, so you will have a comment from someone who is not involved in your page so no bigotry. They can even give you better and more interesting ideas for your caption.

Some ideas to write good captions

Here we will share some recommendations about the content you can share in your caption:
  • You can share facts about nature, science and even innovations which help your followers to learn new things.
  • Education captions which show the process of doing a task step by step.
  • Polls, contests and games: using contest, pools and different games are good ways to engage followers with your posts.
  • Captions which advertise your other pages, invite your followers to follow your other pages in other platforms.
  • Captions in which you narrate a story.
  • Caption describing backstage of an event or your brand
  • Captions encouraging your followers to click a link; some brands use Instagram to share part of their articles and then ask their followers to click on the link in their bio to read the rest of it.
  • When you have a special offer, you can share it in your caption.
  • Short captions: if you want your audience to pay more attention to your images and videos, write short captions for your posts or even write no caption.
Reading this article, you can now share great captions. Let us know your insight about this article bellow.

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