An essay is a short prose composition with a free structure, which expresses the personal thoughts and impressions of the author on a particular issue or occasion. The essay does not seek to give an exhaustive interpretation of the subject, it expresses the personal opinion of the author and requires a good level of writing skill, as well as the high level of erudition. However, you can refer to a paper writing service, if you find it difficult to cope with.

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The outline and structure of the essay

The structure of the essay is determined by the requirements for its writing:

  • The author’s thoughts on the issue presented are formulated in the form of small theses.
  • Each thought should be supported by evidence in the form of arguments following the thesis.

The role of arguments is phenomena of social life, facts and events, one’s own life experience, references to the opinion of scientists and authorities, and scientific evidence. In order not to “overload” the statement, which is focused on brevity, the optimal number of arguments in favor of each thesis is two.

To write an essay according to all the rules, you must also consider the following important points:

  • The introductory and concluding parts of the essay should focus on the problem.
  • In order to achieve the integrity of the work, it highlights paragraphs, new lines, establishes a logical connection between paragraphs.
  • The essay can express the emotionality of the author, his expressive evaluation, and artistry. Such an effect is achieved through the use of simple, short and varied intonation sentences, as well as the skillful use of dashes.

Rules for writing essays

  • Formal rules include only one – the writing of the title.
  • The essay can have an arbitrary internal structure, the final conclusions can be included in the title or the main text.
  • Arguments can be placed before the formulation of the question or problem. The wording itself may coincide with the final conclusion.
  • The essay is a kind of rejoinder, addressed to an already prepared listener, who has a general idea of what will be discussed. Thanks to this author can concentrate on the disclosure of new facts, not burdening the statement service details.

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Top 5 mistakes when writing an essay

There is no time limit for writing an essay, you can do the work several times, redoing it if you don’t like something. For the final result to come out as best as possible, try not to make common mistakes:

  1. Inattentive checking of your work. It is not enough to check only spelling and punctuation. Reread your own essay and make sure there are no unfortunate turns, ambiguous expressions.
  2. Insufficient details. An inherently interesting essay can lose out on the fact that it lists statements that are not supported by examples.
  3. Excessive word count. An essay is limited to a specific number of words, so the available space should be managed wisely. In some cases, it is possible to omit the details of a fact, especially if they are not directly relevant. It is not necessary to distract the reader from the main topic of the essay.
  4. Substitution of the concepts of an essay. The essay provides an analysis of the read literature, summarizes the facts stated in the source, in writing it is not allowed to distort the available information. In the essay, the author should express his/her own point of view, and no one limits him/her in presenting facts and arguments.
  5. Excessively long phrases, “overloading” the essay with terms and definitions. Long sentences with many turns of phrase are not proof of the correctness of the author’s view, in most cases they distract the reader from the problem, lead away.

How to avoid mistakes

  • Thoughtfully check the text. Pay attention to the wording of sentences, try saying the text aloud at different tempos. If somewhere it is difficult to speak or perceive by ear, the wording should be changed.
  • After the essay is ready, reread it and think about whether you answered the questions you had in front of you. Have you expressed your opinion, how clear is your position?
  • Another important point is the expression of your own individuality. Beautiful and coherent text, through which you cannot see the personality of the author, is not as well appreciated. At the same time, you can express the individual approach in different ways – emphasize your view of the problem, refer to your own experience, use your style of speech and familiar phrases. If you find it difficult to write in this way at once, you can sketch out a sample text first, and then rewrite it with the necessary details in your own style.


The best essay is like a literary work. Dilute the boring polite text with interesting points. Shuffle, if the beauty of the narrative requires it, the pieces among themselves. Unexpected conclusions at the end, if they are reasonable enough, will add pluses to the finished work. And if your work was interesting to read, then some mistakes in writing an essay (for example, a large volume or a blurred introduction) will simply turn a blind eye.

So go ahead! Don’t be afraid to be too original, tell more about yourself and your impressions. And, of course, do not forget to double-check the work for grammatical and spelling errors, otherwise all the effort will go in vain. Before writing an essay, think of several important questions to avoid unnecessary information in your essay. Qualitatively written work that does not contain all above-mentioned errors. It is a guarantee of achieving your goal. And we wish you to always achieve yours.


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