All internet-based businesses are searching for ways to generate more attention and potential customers. Luckily for you, many online courses are now teaching the dynamic updates and best practices of these media tools.

Apart from these online lectures, higher institutions now offer degrees in photography. And as a college student, you may need to answer specific questions on photography assignments in school. If you need essay samples, you can check out a piece of research paper about photography online. You’ll find awesome examples of essay content written by students skilled in writing professional papers for free.

To be realistic, no one wants to learn photography by going to university. So, online resources are the best option to learn the perfect skills to build a media account. In this review, you’ll be introduced to 4 courses teaching you how to boost your social media page.

These courses will cover everything from taking good Instagram photos, content planning and strategy, and the basics of graphic design. Let’s find out!

Instagram Photography by Master Instagram Photography (Udemy)

This is a very suitable course for complete beginners who wish to learn Instagram photography. The course contains one of the best photography classes online. With a drive and willingness to learn, you are eligible for this course. Its rating is 3.5/5 (out of 82 ratings). It costs $39.99 and has a completion time of 1hr 38 mins.

The course starts by covering different levels of the Instagram app. It also covers all the functions and technical know-how of the different sections of Instagram. As you learn further, you’ll start using stories, Instagram TV, Instagram Direct, and much more!

On finishing this course, you will have all the skills and knowledge to use every section of Instagram to the fullest. Especially the photography aspect of the social media app.

Graphic Design Basics by Canva

If you’ll be creating visual content on your social media page, this is the right course for you. It covers all the basic information and practices of graphic design both on Canva and other design software.

This course consists of twelve videos written and taught by graphic designing experts. Here, each lesson also features a pragmatic activity to help you perform all your learnings on a designing platform. It is a free course covering a time length of 23 minutes.

To access this course, you can visit YouTube and search for it.

Attract More Followers on Instagram by Facebook Blueprint

This course covers a vivid explanation of how to grow your Instagram followers through paid and organic services on Facebook. It is a free resource covering many topics taught by Facebook and spans a time length of 15 minutes.

Consequently, you’ll learn:

  • The basics of gaining more followers on Instagram
  • The importance of communication to build functional relationships on your social account.
  • How to increase your audience with Instagram ads.
  • Hashtags method for important research and discovery.

The course contains short, text lessons with no form of quiz or certificate provision. You can easily access what it has to offer via Facebook or YouTube.

Instagram For Business by Facebook Blueprint

If you need to promote your business through Instagram, this Facebook course is the right one for you. Here, you’ll learn the basics of maximizing your Instagram account for your business with each topic covering a detailed explanation of the app tools.

You’ll also learn how to set up an Instagram business account if you don’t have one. The materials offer you more, where you’ll have to learn how to use Instagram insights to attract more audience.

The course is short and easy to understand, beginner-friendly, and doesn’t offer certificates. Access this course and find ways to increase your customers through social media.


There are numerous courses online available to explain everything you may want to know about social media promotion. Some are free and others are expensive. We’ve tried our best by providing you with four of the best online courses. Make your choice and start learning. Congrats on your new mission to become a social media guru.


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