Instagram is undoubtedly the best platform for creators to showcase their talent and present their products and services to their audience. With the introduction of Reels, creators can garner massive reach and get millions of people to engage with their content. Every year, Instagram adds new features to enhance its marketing and promote engagement on its platform. Nowadays, video content is trending and is expected to boost the growth of your channel. Moreover, Instagram makes it easier for its creators to gain followers and build strong engagement. Many tools on Instagram will boost your content to your target audience, gain massive followers, and generate revenue. Check out these video marketing tips to scale your business in 2022.

Upload a Youtube Video To Instagram

If you are a creator on YouTube and want to use your videos on Instagram too, you must wonder how to upload a youtube video to Instagram. You can either share the link to your YouTube video on your Instagram story or save the video and upload it as an IGTV or a video post.

Short and Crisp

Long-form videos can be monotonous and boring for your audience, so it will be wise to keep your video within 30 seconds. It has been observed that most of the trending and viral videos are somewhere around 18 seconds unless you are posting a tutorial that will be uploaded on IGTV. You have to ensure that your audience should connect with your video. The secret to posting a viral video is to hook their attention in the first 5 seconds with a catchy caption or anything you are best at. Studies show that videos that are 26 seconds long garner the highest engagement.

Sharing Links on IGTV

Instagram has a limitation that you can’t add links to your descriptions. You can share clickable links that redirect your audience to your website or Linktree account. However, you should have 10,000 followers to do so. However, Instagram allows you to add clickable links in the description area. It will be a good idea to promote your website while uploading IGTV videos.


Many users prefer to watch videos on mute unless they watch some trending reels. Using subtitles in your videos will boost your post’s engagement and make it easy for them to follow along with the ongoing video in the background. Also, this will be a good option for you if you have a global audience, and the language barrier will be removed with the insertion of subtitles in your videos.


When you scroll through Instagram, the videos start to play automatically. However, many users choose to turn off autoplay to save data while using their mobile. The users will see the thumbnail before clicking on the video to play and watch them. Therefore, you need to create an impactful thumbnail for your videos. Instagram Reels allows users to choose photos from their gallery as thumbnails. Moreover, you can take a screenshot of your video and edit it to save it as a thumbnail. You can use a background remover to get rid of the clutter and upload it as a thumbnail.

Use Better Captions

Your caption should always compliment your videos. A viral video will garner you remarkable engagement, but to level up your engagement, you should put effort into writing beautiful and exciting captions that will catch your audience’s attention. It is observed that video posts with around 1000 to 2000 characters in the caption generate better engagement, and Instagram will show your videos to a much greater audience.

Keep in mind that your caption should be appropriate with the video. Refrain from writing anything that might be out of the content or derogatory and would hurt the sentiment of your audience. Writing witty and funny captions is the best way to attract people’s attention and generate more engagement.

Use hashtags

Nobody can emphasize enough the importance of using hashtags on Instagram. Hashtags are vital if you want to be discovered on Instagram by your target audience. Hashtags generate more reach, and there is always a chance for your video to land upon the Explore page, where you will attract many followers.

Instagram allows users to use a maximum of 30 hashtags in their posts. It would help if you kept your hashtags a mix of trending hashtags, with less than one million posts and hashtags related to your video content. This will garner massive engagement in your videos.


Tutorials are the best and easiest way to garner massive engagement in your video posts. Your audience must be following you for the reason that could be to learn from you. You can share your expertise in your field and make a tutorial out of it. Many artists upload tutorials on painting a sunset scene, drawing an eye, and more than garner colossal engagement.

Following these tricks will help you scale your business and enhance your engagement rate on Instagram. Ensure that you catch up with the ongoing trends and try something exclusive. Happy creating!


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