An Instagram post is one of the most important parts that users use to share their pictures and videos; The posts section on Instagram was the first section that users used! To simplify, Instagram was a network for sharing photos and videos through posts, which over time added other tools such as publishing stories. Users are looking to create the best and most attractive Instagram posts;

Because they want to get more likes and comments. One way to make your Instagram posts more catching is to use an Instagram grid layout for it! But what is an Instagram grid layout? You must have seen beautiful examples of it in different accounts, but you may not know its name!
In this article, we will introduce the Grid style and how to use this style in an Instagram post. Are you ready to decorate your Instagram posts and attract the attention of your followers? So join us with this tutorial.

What is the Instagram grid layout?

Before we get into creating a Grid-style Instagram post, let’s take a look at the style first! What exactly is the Grid style and what does it do? This style helps you to display your posts online; It is interesting to know that this style is not only related to Instagram posts. And you can also use it to display posts on your website. Go to your profile on Instagram and look at the layout of your posts; All posts are arranged in a perfectly regular and square manner, which is called Grid style. On some accounts, instead of displaying the desired photo in one post, users display it in several posts! If you do not understand what we mean, look at the image below:

This style shows your profile and Instagram post to users in a very attractive way.

Note: You should notice that as layouts come respectively, you should arrange your other posts in a way that do not harm your neat feed. Try to keep your feed in shape!

9 posts as Instagram grid layout

Why should we use the Grid style to display Instagram posts?

Maybe the reason for using this style is beyond decorating your profile! Instagram has always been a visual platform for sharing pictures and videos, and the more beautifully you can display your posts to users, the more followers and engagement your Instagram account will have. Unlike Facebook, Instagram users will refer to your profile account if they see your posts and something attracts their attention! There is a sense of curiosity in Instagram users, but Facebook users are looking for ready-made content; When users see a Grid post on your account, they will not understand what you mean! But because there are such posts on Instagram, they know that they will see the full post when they see your account. In fact, this style helps you to display a complete image in several posts (for example, 9 Instagram posts). In order for users to know that a Grid post has been uploaded to your account, all you have to do is using the Instagram story to tell users about your profile and the part where the photo is. If a network image can attract users, they will follow you to see previous posts and posts you upload in the future.

Posts including coffee as Instagram grid layout

If you have several unrelated images and you want to connect them, using Grid is a good solution! Just select a specific theme and put some unrelated images together with this theme; In other words, you can put your images in a theme and turn it into a beautiful Grid post.
The second and third-row images of this image are not related to each other, but the main theme of all these images is the same; The administrator of this page was able to upload some very attractive and professional posts to his account with a little creativity in using Grid. Do you have such pictures? Follow the rest of the article so that you can publish an awesome Instagram post for your users. Now that you decide to publish your posts online, what do you think about reviewing some professional tools that will help you create an Instagram Grid post? If you have a positive opinion, follow the next section!

Four tools for creating an Instagram grid layout

You need tools to create network posts on Instagram; In this section, we will review 4 of the best tools for creating network posts on Instagram so that you can use one of them according to your requirements:

Planoly App

Planoly app is one of the powerful tools for creating network posts on Instagram, which is available to users in iOS, Android, and desktop versions. Of course, this tool is not just for creating Grid posts, and you can use it to experience other capabilities for managing your Instagram. The simple user interface and design of this application will help you to easily use its features. This tool gives you many features such as hashtag management, Instagram analysis, Instagram story and post scheduling, and more.

Of course, the free version of this application has some limitations, but its capabilities are still very useful. For example, in the free version, you can not schedule more than 30 photos per month or have access to the analysis of different parts of your account! However, you have the ability to network your Instagram post and you can create attractive posts for your Instagram account. In the desktop version of this tool, an access calendar exists available to users who can schedule the publication of your posts.

planoly the app for Instagram grid layout

Steps of making a grid layout for your Instagram posts:

To convert your images to grid images, log in to the app, and tap the + sign and select the image you want:

After selecting your image, just tap on the networking icon that can be seen in the image below:
In the next part of this application, it will ask you to say which model do you use to convert your photo into a network image? Select the image grid type to get a preview of the grid image:
If you need to delete the images, just click on the cross icon at the top right of each image and delete it from your other network images. Finally, just click on Upload to enter the image publishing section on Instagram. Using the Scheduled option, you can easily schedule the desired images to be published at any time:
One suggestion! Sometimes your image may not be of acceptable quality for creating a grid image! I suggest that you publish network images to another account before posting to the main account; If the quality and type of network image are appropriate, publish it as an Instagram post on your main account.

Preview App

Preview App is another useful tool in the field of Instagram post-management and you can use it to create Grid-style posts. This tool is available both free and non-free, the paid version of which gives you more possibilities in the field of Instagram analysis. In the free version you can upload an infinite image to edit, personalize and convert it to Grid post, but you will not have access to the full analysis of your Instagram account; In the free version, you only have access to the basic analysis of your account, but if your goal in using this application is to create a network image, there is no need to prepare a commercial version.

preview, an app for Instagram grid layout

Steps of making Instagram grid layout

To use this application, first download and install it through Google Play or App Store. By entering this software, you will see its very simple and professional user interface, which by clicking on the + sign at the top, you can select the images you want to edit:

After selecting the images, you can click on the icon displayed in the figure below to enter the image editing section:
In this image, select the image you want and apply a filter to it; You can change the intensity by double-tapping the desired filter. Now you can enter the Instagram post publishing section by clicking on the comment icon:

In this section, you can write the caption you want and add the hashtags you want. If you need to schedule a post to publish on Instagram, just enter your desired time through the Scheduled section:
If you return to the main page of this application, the calendar icon is visible to you, you can see your scheduled posts in this section:
Using this software, you can edit your images and publish your Instagram post automatically using the ability to publish at a specific time.

UNUM app

The UNUM app is another useful tool for editing Instagram posts! Using this application, you can also edit your desired images and create network images. Also, if you plan to put text on your posts, this tool makes it possible for you! With this tool, you will be able to upload 500 photos per month and you can convert 18 of your images into network images. Need more features? This app gives you dozens of other features, so download and install it now so we can review it! After opening this application, all you have to do is select the images you want and click on the + sign:

If you need to edit your images, click on the icon in the image below:
Also, if you want to change the position of the two images, just select the two images you want and click on the icon below to change the position of the two:
Also, if you need to schedule your posts for publication, just select the images you want and click on the hourglass:
Now specify the time and date of publication of the Instagram post and click on Save. If you need to select a caption to publish on Instagram, tap the full icon:
Select your caption and save it.

This application is very similar to the Planoly application in terms of the user interface, and its capabilities are almost the same. This tool allows you to upload 30 images per month, and if you make a commercial version of it, you can take advantage of the capabilities of full Instagram account analysis, post-publishing strategy, and… This app gives you great features for $4 a month; For example, by analyzing your account, it tells you the best time to post so that you can get more interaction from users.

UNUM app for Instagram grid layout

Are you curious to know how to grow an Instagram account?

The main theme and theme of Instagram posts is very important; In fact, when you publish images with a specific theme, the pattern of your Instagram account sticks in the minds of users. If you have a business account, I suggest you consider the main theme for all your posts. And the result is that you can help brand your business. For example, if your business is selling swimming and diving equipment, you can use pictures of the beach and swimmers for the background of your Instagram post. Integrating account posts makes users feel good and will have a great impact on your business! Also in your story section, you can consider an attractive and integrated theme for your stories so that you can increase user interaction.

Instagram growth tool

People and account owners do all the above and other tricks and techniques to grow their accounts, increase more followers, likes, comments, and direct messages. So their account engagement will improve too.
Thus, in addition to catching content including posts with grid style, automating your account to gather followers and increasing likes and comments is always a great option. So, how to automate an account?
The best way to automate your account and accelerate the process of follow-unfollow is Instagram bots. Bots speed up your account actions and collect the most relevant followers based on features that are set in advance. In the following, we will introduce one of the most effective services and its characteristics to aid you in transforming your business account to reach the highest income.

Instamber Instagram bot is the best-in-class Instagram automation to upgrade your account. It has got different features and filters to enable users to set any accounts that they prefer to follow or like.

Conclusion on Instagram grid layout

It is your turn! If you manage an Instagram account, have you ever had the experience of posting network images. Or using a special theme for your Instagram posts? Share your experience with us in the comments section.


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