It’s easy to write a complete book on its various sections, and explain each and every one in a variety of ways. But, unfortunately, neither the stretch of this article nor the bored you are allowed to do so. In general, answering this question depends on the factors affecting the Instagram engagement and its followers, because ultimately the changes that you have to make are likely to result in the popularity or lack of acceptance of other users on your page.
Instagram bot increases engagement

1. Answer the comment, feel free!

Your users should feel that they are part of your Instagram network. So, when they give a comment, answer them. Think of a new T-shirt you bought and you go out with your friend, your friend after seeing you:
– What a beautiful T-shirt!
This is where you smile and respond with a good sense of your face and body
– I am
No, do not even look at it, let’s get it down and say thank you! So why did you do this on Instagram?!!

2. Ask a question

The easiest way to engage the audience and increase the rate of conversion of Instagram is to ask a question. Try to always ask a few questions in your post, no matter what you are, just ask! Simple questions!

3-Always have a request

Try to always ask your audience, for example, if you post a post about the news, ask them to write their opinion, or if you want them to read a post on your website, ask them to write blog posts below their blog posts or to that post points.

4. Know your audience, and pay attention to them

Take a little time and find your community! What do you think of your followers and what are their problems? 
A simple comment or like below the posts of those who follow you can have a huge impact on increasing the rate of your Instagram engagement. Your users will understand that you care about them, so they will also care for you.
Instagram bot increases engagement
Using all of Instagram features, such as Story and Live, will allow you to engage your followers in your page activities and increase your Instagram engagement rate. Note that running an Instagram and engaging with other followers is a complex and sensitive game that requires a lot of experience. That’s why try to learn how to use them in different ways. Which is the best possible way to get the job done?
And My final suggestion is to use an Instagram bot for achieving all that I said. With Instagram automation, you can manage your time and energy and achieve your goals in parallel. So you can spend your time on other aspects of Instagram in order to improve your business.
There are many ways to increase the rate of Instagram engagement. We have just mentioned some of the cases here. Although I hope I answer all the queries and questions you have about the topic, but if you still have issues, contact our experts.