Video content online is becoming one of the pillars of entertainment. It has been the case for a while, despite what the “old media” wants to say, that online video content now stands beside streaming services and television to make up the pillars of home entertainment. 

But as a lot of commentary YouTubers will tell you, online video content is constantly evolving, and we’ve come a long way from the days of LonelyGirl15 pouring her heart out to a sympathetic audience. 

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Short-form video content is taking off

TikTok exploded over lockdown. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, a lot of users were surprised to learn that the short-form video content app wasn’t just teenagers dancing to pop songs. There were book reviews, song mashups, political opinions, fashion hauls, product reviews and more. 

Consumers likely saw themselves buying, or wanting to buy more, but TikTok was still an untapped space. Minor celebrities were still only small creators, real celebrities scoffed at it, and marketing managers didn’t think it would be worth the investment. So, although there were more items being bought, it was a purely organic growth not made from any real attempt to campaign. 

Creators simply showed what they’d made, read, written, scored, played, used, etc. and talked about it for a grand total of 30 seconds. If the customer heard something they liked in that time, they would look into it. 

Brands soon recognized the potential of marketing amongst short-form video content, and since then the retail-pushing Instagram and Facebook app have each embraced short-form videos with features on their app and even Pinterest is getting into the game with shopping options on their app. 

Consumers are relying on marketing videos 

Where in the past viewers looking at a potential buy would consult online reviews and watch commercials, users are now relying more and more on video content. 

The reasons for this start with what was pointed out above: that you can get a lot more out of a video. Users can get a firsthand experience, or a demonstration of a product, or a review and nowadays they can find it across any platform. 

As mentioned, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and many more are offering video content, making consumers more and more reliant on video content to find out what they need to know to buy. 

Marketing managers would be wise to post their video content across as many platforms as possible to reach as wide an audience as possible. Services like OTT offered by Red Bee Media allow for cross-platform content posting with Red Bee Media offering superior live streaming quality. 

Viewers don’t care about a big budget

Since the invention of YouTube in 2005, the platform has stood for a set of ideals that, for the most part, haven’t changed: consumers want a genuine experience. In the beginning, that meant a kid in their room, talking to the camera like the people on the other end were their friends. It didn’t matter that they were recording on an ancient Walmart webcam, and today that’s still the case. 

Content creators across platforms might have updated their webcams to massive DSLR cameras, but viewers don’t care. Content has moved on to express sincerity in different ways, which is what the audience appreciates. 

When consumers were asked the top reasons that they watch the videos they do, high production value only ranked 10th, along with the fact that it’s on a platform they watch at 12th and whether it had celebrities featured coming in 20th. 

Digital marketing managers should heed the lessons of the past. There are a lot of reasons for users to watch videos online, the top three being that it helps them to relax, to learn something new, and to dig deeper into their interests. “High quality” no longer means the most expensive or the best resolution, it means that the content itself has to offer something more than something pretty to look at. 


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