TikTok is a Chinese application that was launched in 2017 by ByteDance company. In short, TikTok is an application by which users can share short videos online (with duration of 15 to 60 seconds). It seems rather short for a video, doesn’t it? But you would be interested to know that TikTok users have broken the worldwide record for watching online videos, have gained numerous followers and have become very famous. In this article, we will show you how you can create a popular account, and get followers on TikTok. Later, you can also visit Instamber TikTok Bot to boost your TikTok accounts for more.

get followers on tiktok

Do you want to get more followers on TikTok? Create your own celebrity profile!

It’s very simple. Imagine if you have only 60 seconds to create a video. In this brief time, you have to appear so stunning and wow everyone, so that they cannot wait to see more videos of you by then. One of the most important factors affecting to get more followers on TikTok is creating an eye-catching profile. Surely, you don’t expect that a boring avatar, an old photo and a username with a lot of numbers and silly words can make your account popular, do you?

Need to get followers on TikTok? Try an attractive profile photo + a great nickname!

Always choose a high quality picture for your profile at any social application. If you have a photographer friend, ask him or her to take some unique photos of you, those that sometimes are never captured through your life again 🙂 Remember that your profile photo shows a bit of your personality, so don’t include extra space (like walls or doors) in your profile photo. Choose a photo with good light editings (don’t use your personal photos).

If you don’t have a photographer friend to take your photos, make sure that your pictures have high contrast. Have a gorgeous smile. Try to create a noticeable username. Twitter users are pro at this! A long and boring username tends to be extremely forgettable. If you have other social media accounts, try to use this name username for all of them. Don’t forget that an attractive profile is very important in creating a good first impression.

Be hyperactive if you plan to get followers on TikTok

You should have a very active presence on your social account, if you are willing to get more followers on TikTok. There are many influencers and high profile people on TikTok that you have to compete with. Being active on a TikTok account doesn’t just mean creating and posting videos. The idea of following or unfollowing an account may seem unethical, but alike on Instagram, it also works in TikTok. You have to try to attract users who comment on the influencers’ posts or viral content. Follow them and make comments on their post. If you repeat this, they will undoubtedly notice you.

Post Regularly – gain attention | get followers on TikTok!

The process of posting videos on TikTok is important in appearing on live stream. If you want to get more followers on TikTok, you should post regularly. Stay focused on the main topics you’ve planned to generate content about, and don’t try to include too much in your videos. Try to post 1 to 3 posts a day. Some users believe that if you post more than 3 videos a day, the app might consider your account as spam videos.

TikTok has broken the record for daily social media usage, which is an average of 7 times in a day. This record is higher than Instagram and Facebook. You have to widen your net. It’s not enough to check your account once a day and also expect to get more followers. If you really want to have a popular TikTok account you have to to devote your time and concentrate on its daily activities.

Sometimes you have to be very competitive to get noticed

TikTok has a very awesome feature that makes it a little easier for its first time users. You just have to learn how it works. Duet is a feature on TikTok that allows the users to post two videos simultaneously. Now, how can you use this to your advantage? For instance, you can pick a popular influencer’s video and mock it and make a hot topic out of the content. Then you can post your video beside it by using Duet. This allows your followers to watch both videos simultaneously.

This in turn makes your name appear next to an influencer’s name on TikTok and will eventually get you more followers. However, you might expect to receive some backlash and insults. You have to remember that this is one of the common and inevitable aspects of social media. Based on statistics, adolescents under 18 years old form more than 40% of TikTok users.

Pick a certain style for your videos and focus on it; you will definitely attract people to follow you

If it is your first experience on TikTok, then you must be very excited to post your very first video. There is music everywhere and boys and girls are busy creating funny and stimulating contact. You might like to copy other trends. But wait a second! Don’t let their colorful trends pull you in. Concentrate on your own special brand of music (like Pop, Jazz, Hip pop, etc). Focusing on finding your own talent will result in attracting your own brand of followers. In fact, your followers follow your account based on your personal interests. Therefore, if you have a clear style for your music, your audience can find and follow their influences more easily.

pick certain style for your videos to get more followers on tiktok

If you want to get follower on TikTok, stop aping others’ ideas!

Copying and stealing other people’s ideas neither is a new trick, nor does it need a special skill. Young people on TikTok are more likely to be annoyed by copied content than any other group age there. Besides, this platform is large enough for you to create your own unique ideas. If you have something new to say, create unique videos. This will certainly result in you getting more followers, not just in TikTok, but on all social media platforms. Only a bit of brainstorming and working on your videos’ quality will help you to improve your account. High quality videos get more viewers after all, & may get more followers on TikTok by then!

 Be active in TikTok challenges and trends

TikTok is practically paving the way for more influence on its platform. How does TikTok do this? By creating weekly challenges! Okay, what does that mean? TikTok creates a challenge every week and announces that users must create a video with a certain style of music and a given topic. The more attractive your video is, the more viewers it gets. Always keep in mind to useTikTok suggested hashtags to get on trend.

be active & get followers on TikTok

If you create a video according to TikTok algorithms, it will be placed on “For you” section of TikTok. This section is somewhat like “Explore” part of Instagram and helps you get more viewers. if you want to have an active presence on “For you” you have to to create videos daily and frequently respond to reviewers’ comments.

Sometimes, funny lip sync can help you get followers on TikTok

Try to learn lip sync. Lip sync videos of popular songs are TikTok’s most popular videos. You can memorize 6 to 15 seconds from a trendy music track or your favorite track and try to lip sync it in a funny or attractive way. By creating these videos you will certainly get more followers. It may be hard to believe, but sometimes recreated videos and funny dubsmash video clips are more popular than the original videos. So you see it’s not that hard to get more followers on TikTok; you just have to learn the ropes and continue doing it.

 Pay attention to hashtags trends – learn to swim in the followers ocean!

Finding the right hashtags is key for you to connect with your targeted audience, leading you to get more followers on TikTok. How to know which tags are in trend? Follow the prominent accounts on Instagram and Twitter and see their viral content. Their posts’ tags are very useful for your own videos on TikTok. Getting more followers on TikTok depends on your level of activity. You could always look for weekly hot topics on TikTok and create your own content based on them.

The viral content tags are searched for weeks or even months. If you’re smart and creating good content, you can widen your audience. The viewers only need to see your content on the suggested or trendy tags; if they feel that your account is worth to see more of, they will follow you.

hashtags may help you get followers on TikTok

It’s not a bad idea to create collaborative videos on TikTok

Are you pretty, funny or naughty? All of these personality traits can help you get more followers on TikTok. But sometimes users look forward to see more of your funny, pretty and naughty friends in your videos. So, why not make a collaborative video and attract more viewers? Besides, your friends’ followers also view your video and double the chance of getting more followers. As I said before, getting more followers on TikTok is not hard, once you know how.

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Before we go further, let me just say that getting more followers on TikTok or any other social media platform is not going to happen overnight. You have to be active. Don’t take too long posting your videos. Create good content and make it a habit. Who knows? Perhaps even the universe may be on your side. If you have all of these abilities, you can also use Instamber TikTokBot. Through Instamber, you can configure all of your account actions, from likes and comments to follow and unfollow options of other accounts. Instamber can be a powerful tool in helping you become an influencer.


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