The crowded influencers’ world on Instagram has become a sort of battle. This battle needs a lot of energy, time and notice to spare. It is not as easy as what it seems or most of the influencers addicted to show it off! It has loads of special routines, time and energy-consuming rituals! There is a lot to learn, and one of them is how to use Instagram automation tools!

In order to succeed in the battle with influencers on Instagram, you should know exactly what kind of promoting tools you need, the tools that are generally named as social media (Instagram specifically) management tools. In this article, we’ll talk about the facilities we should use efficiently in the struggle for life among Instagram influencers, & to be more precise, we want to introduce the best Instagram automation tools in 2020.

Save time by Instagram automation tools!

Like any other profession, there are very versatile kinds of tools to use for SM management. We normally use a knife to peel fruits, slice vegetables, or to cut meat. while a chief uses different knives for different usages to do more quickly and properly. Even if you are a professional creator, without proper tools, you can’t create a masterpiece! An American wise man called “Neil Gershenfeld” said give ordinary people the right tools and you see they’re able to design extraordinary things.

It is highly recommended to make automatic time-consuming things, in order to save time for yourself to lay the foundations of other marketing strategies. It is obvious that tools without knowledge and strategy could be as fruitless as knowledge without proper tools. Both of them lead to one thing; failure.

Best Instagram automation tool for having an active presence 24/7 – Instamber

Instamber provides one of the most effective automation that enables you to increase your organic followers, likes, comments, and engagement rate.

Instamber has a great targeting algorithm so based on some filters like hashtags, locations, gender and locations. By setting them, the bot found the most related targets and apply the directions.

What characteristics does Instamber Instagram automation have?

An efficient Instagram automation must have some key features to work well, and Instamber has all of them in one.

  • Safety

The first and the most significant factor is being safe and secure, because the information that you have is valuable.

  • Unblock able

The second important feature is that the bot does not cause your account to be blocked.

  • Affordable price

The other factor is good price to help you buy the most efficient tool.

  • Web-based setting

One of the greatest features that Instamber offer is its web-based design which makes it easier to use the bot without installing the system.

  • Great support

A professional support team is what you will have after registration.

Unbeatable Instagram automation tool for scheduling post – Later

Later supplies a very powerful service which simplifies the process of planning and posting images, videos, and stories. By using later, you can auto-publish posts, easily and quickly you will schedule whatever you want to have as the content. It makes it easy for you to bulk schedule posts and comments.

Later creates wonderful stories and share them by the timetable that you set. So, as a strong scheduler, you can count on Later.

Later provides you with a feature called “best time to post”. It asses your history and data, so you will know the best time that you had better publish your posts.

What characteristics does “Later” Instagram Post schedule have?

  • High efficiency

The most significant point about Later services is its great efficiency which enables Instagram accounts to grow more and more.

  • Security

As mentioned before, safety is one important characteristic of every account that wants to enhance their business.

  • Comprehensive statistics and report

Later provides each user with complete and useful analytics and reports to help users to evaluate their performances.

What are the main Instagram automation services?

As formerly said being influential on Instagram requires a lot of time and effort, so finding a facility that speeds up the process is very essential. Mostly, Instagram automation services help the time-saving process. Each & every each account that is planning on developing business and establishing their brand has to spend more than five hours on Instagram.
To save time, the most advisable task is to outsource it and plan other marketing strategies.
Saving time, accelerating the growth process, automating tasks, Scheduling, improving engagement rate, analyzing, providing reports, and … are among tasks that automation can do.
The other benefit that Instagram bots have is by expanding your network, the time you need to spend on Instagram will be doubled, thus deploying Instagram bots are more useful than you think.
  •  Bots for dropping likes

Using an Instagram bot to drop like on the others post, can be a useful way to get interaction. It works. This kind of automations helps you to be visited more by people.

  • Bots for commenting

Using comments to spread your name sounds good but this one sounds like spam marketing. When you leave a bunch of copy-pasted comments and publish them to introduce your page to other people, you are using spam marketing. Spam marketing somehow annoys people and makes your efforts spoiled.

  • Using Bots for Follow/ Unfollow

As you know by following more, probably you can get more followers. The sample of time-consuming works that bots helps you in a valuable way. You as a human have limitations to spare time for this kind, and Instagram has made a limitation that nobody can follow more than 7500 pages. It is a prove of automation help to reduce tension.

  •  Bots for Direct messages

Another spam marketing but in another way. There is a long road for bots to be as creative as humans. Direct messages must be contained creative content to lead what we want.

  • Instagram automation tools for story viewing

This can expand your visiting page, but it is better to not count so much on it.

  • Using automation bot for Scheduling to share posts and stories

These bots get you some reliable and valuable data, such as peak time. Based on these data, you can analyze which time is better for you. Maybe the peaks don’t work for you, and you must pay attention to find out what is the most suitable time to share posts and stories.

  • Using automation bots for publishing posts

The bots of these kinds can take responsibility to share posts and stories (based on content materials you gave them before) on the time you have set. In this way you save your time.

  • Using automation bots for reports and analytics

Report and analytical bots have key roles in social media success specially Instagram. As a matter of fact, based on their information, you will realize which contents were popular or not, which one got more interaction and attracted people, which one was not successful and why, which hashtags were properly used and which one was not, and so on.


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  • “Keyhole” automation tool

“Keyhole”is a tool for exploring proper hashtags. Keyhole automation tool is a strategic planner for enhancing your business account. There are huge amounts of hashtags that most of them don’t work for you. You’re going to discover the most related and brilliant one in keyhole to extract what you really want. Every business needs some niche-related trending hashtags to publicize their brand.

Keyhole is using for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some other Keyhole usages:

  • Giving data analytics about engagement rate
  • Providing related trending topics
  • Special data for influencers
  • Bringing anywhere blog, platform and forum that talked about your topic


  •   “Later” automation tool

Another automation for scheduling post in Instagram called “Later”.

Later supplies a powerful service processor for planning and sharing posts. This planner gives you the ability to auto-publish posts. Later share your contents by the timetable that you’ve set.

Later provides a feature that recognizes best time to post in Instagram. It gives in history and data, so you will aware of the best time to publish your posts.

  • High efficiency

The point about Later services is its high efficiency which enables Instagram accounts to grow.

  • Comprehensive statistics and report

Later presents analytics and reports to help users to evaluate their performances.

   “Instamber” bot – The best Instagram automation tool in 2020

Instamber is one the most effective automation tools (or what called them; bots) that increases followers, likes, comments and also engagement rate. This platform by applying the algorithm to find the exact followers, solve the problem of spamming. The algorithm is able to select the followers need services or contents you present. Then, Direct massages or comments don’t annoy them. Because when they are seeking for you, you will appear in front of them!

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This targeting algorithm finds people based on some filters, such as hashtags, gender and locations. You chose them and the bot is going to find the most related targets people for you.

What is key features that an efficient Instagram automation tools must have.

  • Watertight

The first and the most important factor is safety and security, otherwise your info might be leaked out of the automation tool or bots. So it is vital for an automation bot to be watertight enough! And Instamber is as safe as your home!

  • Action is not Blocked

Although the error of action blocked is very common on Instagram, the bot creators must predict it and have always something in their sleeves.  So, remember the bot must protect your account from the sinister error of Action Blocked!

  • Affordable price

Actually, money talks when it matters most! You spend a little money buying gold. Fair enough, isn’t it?!

  •  No need for installation

Web-based designing is one of the thrilling features that Instamber offers. There is no need for installation. You can use the bot without installing it on your device.

  • High Supportive team

There is a privilege for you to have a highly supportive team after registration.

“Instamber” is a Non-stop-active bot – The best in 2020 for Instagram automation

In the end, it matters most to say that the Instamber Instagram bot works 24/7. It means that there is no vacancy and gap between what you’re seeking and what you will get. You can hand in blue-collar staff to the bot. Today’s topic was devoted to introducing practical SM management & Instagram automation tools. See you later on the newer topics then.

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