Influencer marketing has become so popular that every marketer now wants to utilize it in some way in their campaigns. But simply hiring an influencer and telling them what to post isn’t enough.

You need to find the right person to represent your brand and try to establish a lasting relationship with them. Nowadays, there are many apps you can use to connect with influencers which will make your search much easier. Hence, here are the seven of the best apps for influencer marketer work.


Pronounced as “manifest”, MNFST is an app that pays influencers to post on their social media profiles on Instagram and Twitter. Brands can connect with influencers through this platform, but influencers can also post about charities and different causes. MNFST stands out from the crowd because most apps and platforms of its kind connect influencers only with brands and companies.

After registering, influencers must connect their Instagram and Twitter accounts to get a social capital score from MNFST. The score is based on engagement, follower count, and other metrics. It is updated regularly, and influencers get payouts based on it. For marketers who want to work with influencers, this score is crucial for setting up the tasks that influencers will be completing.

Essentially, you don’t connect with influencers directly. Rather, you create tasks and publish them on MNFST where influencers can choose the tasks that they want to complete. Obviously, you set the details for the task as well as what kind of influencers can complete it. Because you don’t need to communicate directly with the influencers, you don’t spend too much unnecessary time on everything.


IZEA is by far one of the biggest influencer marketing platforms for brands. In fact, it has gotten so big that IZEA has expanded IZEAx specifically for influencers and Shake for content creators regardless of influence. The reason why IZEA is so big is that it is actually quite old and had been around for years before influencer marketing really took the spotlight in the world of digital marketing.

The veteran status of IZEA is also the reason why the platform is more than just a place for connecting brands with influencers. You will find a number of valuable tools that will make the experience using the app better. These tools range from campaign management to distribution and payments. While it can take you some time to learn how to use all the tools offered by IZEA, it will be worth it in the long run.

That being said, the app can be a little pricey because subscription plans for brands start at $149. If you have the budget, then by all means use it. Once you sign up, you will be able to search for influencers in your industry as well as receive proposals from influencers interested in working with you.

#3 SocialLadder

Another great platform for partnerships between brands and influencers is SocialLadder. Interestingly, the focus here is on brand ambassadorship, so companies using the app are often looking to partner with influencers who are already using their products. This way, a longer relationship can be maintained which is beneficial both for brands and for influencers.

SocialLadder is integrated with all the major social media platforms and even WordPress. This means that you can find influencers with more “traditional” blogs rather than only those posting on social media. If you want the blogger to publish a lengthy review about your product, you can always hire a professional writer from the custom writing reviews site Best Writers Online to write this review for you – or you can ask the blogger to do it themselves.

This platform is ideal for those who want to directly communicate with influencers, be able to track analytics, diversify their influencer marketing strategy, and more. SocialLadder could be the place where you find your first brand ambassadors who will be loyal to your brand for years and will encourage such loyalty among customers as well.

#4 Collabor8

Just like SocialLadder, Collabor8 allows brands and influencers to have direct communication – and it doesn’t even set many rules for it. Moreover, you can decide what kind of influencers you want to find. For example, you can choose the follower number for your ideal influencer. After you connect with an influencer, you can communicate with them about the details of the partnership.

The good part about Collabor8 is the transparency that it promotes on its platform. All the payments are protected, and you have a lot of control over who you choose to work with. Users can leave reviews about brands and influencers alike to show others whether or not these brands and influencers are the right partners to choose. All of these measures reduce the risks involved in such collaborations (e.g. fewer chances of being scammed).

If you are unsure whether Collabor8 is the right choice for you, you can always start with a free trial first. This allows you to test all the features before you decide to upgrade to a premium, paid plan (which is quite affordable too).

#5 IndaHash

Another platform with a free trial is IndaHash. This app allows influencers and content creators to participate in product campaigns launched by the brands registered on IndaHash. Brands create campaigns and add tasks that need to be completed while influencers can choose to complete these tasks and get paid for doing so. In most cases, the tasks involve creating content and posting them with specific tags and hashtags.

Interestingly, IndaHash is an international platform which means you can work with influencers from all over the world. If you don’t speak certain languages, you can always hire professional writers from the writing services reviews site Writing Judge to create campaign descriptions for you in different languages. You can also choose what kind of influencers can complete the tasks.

All of this means that you could be launching international campaigns in no time. IndaHash already supports 80 countries and works with over 1 million influencers and 500 brands. You can find influencers from three different social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. But these three are more than enough for launching successful campaigns.

#6 Octoly

Octoly is a smaller platform, but even its 40 thousand influencers and 300 brands are sufficient for most marketers. The platform works in North America and Europe which means you can create international campaigns with it as well. Influencers come from Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. However, there is one small detail – Octoly focuses on the fashion and beauty industry.

What this means in practice is that only influencers and brands from the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and wellness niches can use the platform. If your brand is from one of these, then you will find Octoly quite useful. You can work with influencers on paid collaborations that include content, reviews, and even brand events. There are strict requirements for influencers who want to register on the platform, so you will definitely partner with the right person.

#7 TribeFluence

Last but not least, TribeFluence is a platform both for brands and advertisers to connect with influencers. It is a global app that works with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. When you register as a brand, you will need to pay a charge according to the size of the audience you want to reach. Then, you will be paired with influencers that fit your requirements for the target demographic and niche.

Most importantly, TribeFluence works both with influencers and with other types of content creators. For example, you could get paired with an artist. This allows you to diversify the types of influencers you work with and create a specific image for your brand by having these people promoting your products.

The Final Word

There are definitely many influencers out there who would be perfect for promoting your brand. You just need to find these people and connect with them. Use the apps in this article to help you in your search for influencers.

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