Things seem quite straightforward when it comes to understanding what brand awareness is. Before spreading the word about your brand you need to define its brand voice, aesthetic, values and a couple of other elements that go into building a recognizable brand. And let’s say you’ve established the latter. Now what? 

The work doesn’t end there. You still need to find your audience, let them know you exist and prove to them that you exist for a reason. All of the above can be done without stepping away from your brand identity. You can continue promoting your product or service while giving some extra value to everyone that stumbles upon your brand. Here’s how. 

  • Maximize your social media presence

This one’s pretty simple. Identify all the suitable outlets and make the most out of them. Whether it’s Instagram reels or YouTube videos that work best for your brand, make sure to be active and consistent on social media. 

Whether it’s fortunate or unfortunate, that is where most of us hang nowadays. So if you have something to offer, social media is essential to informing people about your brand. And once they learn about it, they also have to see the value in it and that’s why you need to put effort and focus into your social media content.

Other than increasing brand awareness, your social media pages are a great place to talk to your audience as well as listen to it. This is a great way to collect feedback and create a bond to increase brand loyalty. 

  • Collaborate with others

Marketing is not just about identifying and overrunning competition. You also need to build a strong presence through mutually beneficial collaboration. Cross-promotion is one of the ways you can work with other brands. You can also work with creators and influencers and ensure that your product will potentially spark their audience’s interest. You’ll have to work together to come up with posts, ads or other forms of branded content that will accurately convey your brand’s message. 

In both cases your collaborators have to be relevant to your product/service and for the sake of your brand’s reputation, you also need to do your part of research to make sure your values align with those of your collaborators. 

  • Start a podcast 

It’s a fact that content with attractive visuals gets a lot of attention, however, it’s also about the value that you bring to your audience and podcasts are the new hot thing. The latter may and should go beyond your product; other than telling your brand story through a podcast you need to think of ways to educate and entertain your audience. 

While it may sound like you have to go out of your way to test out this format, technology is here to make things easier for you. Currently there are a number of audio creation platforms and Podcastle is one that will help you through all the stages. Offering high-quality recording and a range of AI-powered easy-to-use tools, you can let your creativity roam free without worrying about renting professional equipment or hiring a sound engineer.

When it comes to deciding what kind of content to make, it’s best to keep things diverse. Interview podcasts fit the latter criteria. No need to go too far. Interview episodes can include your team members, field experts or even your customers to share their vision on a specific topic or your product.

Your interview episodes don’t have to be a hassle neither for you nor your guests. With Podcastle’s remote interviewing feature you can have multiple people on the call, get a seperate recording for each of them and let the platform render it into a video in case you don’t want to skip on the visual aspect. This all-in-one tool is available both on the web and on mobile, making it easy for anyone invloved to hop into your virtual recording studio. 

  • Run contests & giveaways

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Everyone does and as a brand you should like free advertising, too. Utilize your social media to the max by organizing contests or giveaways. That is another efficient tactic to drive new eyeballs to your content and create an opportunity to try out your product. 

You can use the “tag a friend” tactic and collaborate with another brand for reaching even bigger audiences.   

  • Keep up with algorithms

While good content is about quality it’s your job to make sure that the algorithms work in your favor. Pre-plan and pre-schedule your posts. Keep up with Google’s ranking factors and updates. It’s also a good and a low-cost (almost no-cost) idea to repurpose your content. 

You can improve your SEO and make your brand rank higher in the search engines by adding text and key tags to your visual/audio content. Podcastle also has a built-in transcription tool which can convert your audio to text, automatically remove the unnecessary filler words from your transcripts and even create summaries for your podcast episodes. Use the caption and description fields wisely and watch your rankings change. You can take it one step further by using the transcribed content for creating relevant blog posts and articles. 

Some of our advice overlaps with the rest and that’s one of the things that makes it worth following! You can’t do one without considering the other elements and by integrating this multidisciplinary approach you will create content that is bound to find its way to your potential customers and present your brand in the best way possible.

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