Wondering how to delete a group on Facebook? Maybe you are trying to figure out if there is a delete button or something so you can do it with a simple click. Well, you can’t delete a group on FB like that, and deleting a group on Facebook can be kind of a hassle in some situations.

First, you need to know that in order to delete a FB group you have to be the creator or the admin of a group. A creator of a group might have chosen you as the admin, so in this situation, you can also delete a group if the creator has already left the group.

Without further ado let’s get right to it and find out how to delete a group on Facebook.

Howtodelete a Facebook group via a web browser

The process to delete a group on FB is not hard, however, if the group you want to delete has many members, then it might take time. Because first, you need to remove group members one by one. So if your group has thousands of members, then that will be a massive hassle.

• Log in to your FB account with a browser

• Choose the optionGroupsthat is located on the left side menu

• Find the group you want to delete and clickMembers

• Click thethree-dot(…) then chooseRemove member> Confirm

• Go through the same process and remove each individual member

• Once you’ve deleted all the members, click(…)next toyour name and selectLeave group> DeleteGroupand your group will be deleted

How to delete a Facebook group via the Facebook mobile app

It would be a lot better if Facebook had a feature so its user could delete a group with a simple click but that is not possible for now. That being said, if your FB group has only a few members then deleting it is not going to be painful.

The process to delete your FB group via the app is also similar and here is how to do it:

• Open the Facebook app and tap theMenuicon

• SelectGroupsthen go toYour groups

Tap Groups you manage,then choose the group you want to delete

• TapSee All> select a member > chooseRemove from group> Confirm

• Remove all the members of your group and then go back to your group and chooseManage

• Scroll all the way down and tapDelete Group>again tapDelete Group

Wrap up

Unfortunately, there is no way to delete a group on Facebook at once. So if you are thinking of deleting a Facebook group with thousands of members, then things might be a little annoying because you have to remove each member separately and this will take time.

Anyway, in this short article, I’ve explained how to delete a group on Facebook, and hopefully, you found the information here practical.


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