Since the dawn of smart phones, the main concerns of parental world was, is and will be protecting their children from the harms they might face, rather wanted or un-wanted.

You may have encountered these concerns as well, whether you are a parent, a lover, a family member or just a friend worrying about your loved ones; either of those would be enough to take interest in your people’s safety.

And it is not hidden from anyone that there are so many creepy people out there that try to take that safety away from your loved ones and occasionally they wouldn’t even begin to see this threat.

One of the ways that they might get in trouble is by the very smart phones that we discuss and to be clear here, these creeps do not have any morals so the adults must be cautious about them.

No there are various options in order to monitor these behaviors, but this article’s subject is about monitoring and finding someone with their phone number.

Why should we trust iPhones to begin with?

First things first; why should I get my kids an iPhone? Well the answer is quite rational for this one, because iPhone has an exclusive program for this kind of stuff, you can locate, monitor and manage multiple accounts and devices at the same time.

This service was introduced shortly after a parental meeting in Ohio State back in the 2007, when a letter was sent to apple’s headquarters demanding a solution for the problem of miss behaviors of the kids in that region following the massive school shooting in that time, because it was found that the accrued accident was promoted by a specific group which I believe you can guess the name of.

Steve jobs and his team immediately lunched a program to solve the issue, and the idea of tracking and managing devices was born right after a short period of time.

Since then, most parents prefer to get their children an iPhone in the most regions such as America and Europe, not to mention that the youth also have a craving for iPhones on top of that matter.

How do these tracking applications work?

Well there is no simple answer to that question, at first like said, apple gave this solution out about tracking and managing iPhone users but shortly after android users found themselves with same basic need to go with, so many apps were developed in the process.

The basic principal is, you give the server or application a phone number or an IP address and the applications will give you a GPS coordination or a location on the map indicating the where abouts of the person you want to know about, let us not get into details here of how it is done at the server.

There are many applications which are free or charge you a lot for this task, not to mention their accuracy and correctness, but in this article we try to introduce the best of them so make sure to follow the incoming options.

1. iCloud

This is a basic one, known by almost every iPhone user. If you don’t know how to use it, hang in there, let us explain.

Almost every iPhone user has experienced the time that they should make an iCloud account at the very beginning of starting a new iPhone or maybe the lovely elders have asked their little ones to do it for them.

This means every iPhone user has an identity in the apple servers or to be more specific, every device has one of these identities. Surely these identities can be used in order to locate the spoken devices.

For the people that do not already know the drill, the instructions to use the iCloud for finding apple devices will be listed below, make sure to follow them correctly:

  1. Open up your browser and go
  2. In the presented page, sign in with your apple ID. Make sure sign in with the one that you had introduced as the guardian or the parental ID.
  3. At the top of the page, you will see an option naming “All devices”, click on that to enable the drop down menu and select the device you wish to be located.
  4. After selecting the target device, the location of the same device will be shown on the map.

If you followed the sequence and you did not get a location, there is high chance that you have not enabled the find my iPhone in the designated device, here is how to do this:

  1. Open up setting on your apple device.
  2. In the top bar, easily type in “find m iPhone” and hit search.
  3. Click on the presented option with the same name.
  4. You will be navigated to the app, open and click on the find my iPhone tab once more.
  5. There will be 3 options, make sure to enable them all. The options are: find my iPhone, enable offline finding and send last location. These 3 are essential for the matter of finding a device.

You are all set; keep in mind that a guardian account introduced by a device would perform better for this matter and would give you much more options and choices over other devices.

2.Google location

There is another way for finding an iPhone and yet to be free, with the help the help of the google maps.

How does it work? Well simply if you had enabled the feature on your device and as long as you stay connected to internet, google will automatically update your location on the map and it can be shown to others as well.

In order to use this feature, please follow the given steps:

  1. Open up your browser and go to and to the time line section.
  2. At the top left corner you will see a section for the time line, select the date you want or select today.
  3. Scroll down the given list of location history and select the latest update at the end of the list.

Now there are several other applications with the same area of expertise which are not free to use, some are expensive and considered as exclusive services but some are rather cheap to use and are precise to be honest.

There are some sites as well that offer free services about finding your iPhone , never ever trust them because nothing good comes from them; either your data can be stolen and will be used against you or the results are not accurate at all.

In the following we try to introduce one of the best service providers that cost you little, but help you a lot and have been tested by our team to be true to their words:

3.Family orbit

A known service mostly preferred by parents to track their children and observe their behaviors.

Beside the free trial you get for signing up, you only have to pay 0.89$ for subscription after your free trial has been used.

Here is how to join them:

  1. Go to and sign up to get your free trial.
  2. Enter your children’s Apple ID details in the secure online panel presented to you.
  3. Select your beloved one’s apple device from the list of devices connected with the given Apple ID.
  4. Now you can see their location, photos in the gallery, the applications the use and every other essential factor you see fit to be monitored.

The introduced service was amongst the best service providers and with their offering price; it is practically free to use, only make sure to use it in the time of necessity.

Also make sure to let them know that you are using these services and run them on their phones, for their sake of privacy; surely no teenager wants their parent to see every unnecessary thing they talk about in their group chats.

At last keep in mind that services discussed earlier, have a secrecy privilege, meaning that no one will know that those services run on your children’s devices and they will never know.


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