It has also come to you that someone irritates you on Instagram. A person who places your personal photo on his page, create a fake account for you or send you a bad message. Or on the other hand, you may see bad contents on Instagram that you don’t want to see again. This is the moment that you need to know how to report Instagram accounts or contents. In this article you will learn:
How to report an account?
How to report content?
How to report a comment?
Keep in mind that reporting is far different from blocking on Instagram.

What is the difference between reporting and blocking on Instagram?

Instagram report and block are two options and users usually use these two terms instead of each other while being completely different. When you see inappropriate or annoying contents, you report this to Instagram and make them aware of an issue. So Instagram will investigate to solve the issue. But the block’s story is different. Block option is for occasions when you do not want to see someone else on Instagram or you don’t intend to be seen by him. In this case, you block the person you want. The blocking method is completely different from reporting.

What kind of users should we report?

You should report anyone who his acts and behavior is spam or inappropriate on Instagram. Instagram has set specific rules for this on its official site and strongly recommends that if you meet these 6 people, report them:
Instagram report feature
1- The person who impersonates your Instagram identity
If someone created a page using your name and added your personal photos on it, be sure to report him immediately. You might get it wrong with an Instagram fan page. You know that celebrities and famous people have so many fan pages due to their high number of fans. But fan page and fake page are so different and most of the time you will see the fan page word beside the name of the page. So if someone tries to steal your identity, report him instantly.
Instagram report feature
2- A person who claims to be a celebrity
Someone who has made a fake page for a person known to be a famous man like an actor, and incidentally, has many followers. This person must be reported because he may mislead others, which would make him despicable.
Instagram report feature
3- A person who copies your images
If you are an artist, photographer, writer or a person who sells products, you will be faced with the issue of copying your work. In this world, there are many people who do everything to succeed and they are not affiliated with morality. They steal your photos and products or even your ideas with no torment of conscience. If you see someone steals your posts and photos, report him instantly and by this action, you inform Instagram to stop his counterfeiting actions.
4- A person who produces malicious content
The people who upload images of physical injuries, such as suicide, self-harm, harassment of animals and children abuse. Malicious content also includes other things. Including drug trafficking, the threat of others and impudence. Help the world by reporting such actions.
5- A person who publishes immoral content
People who publish immoral content, such as pornographic images and inappropriate videos, should be reported without interruption. This type of posting also includes unethical comments. Keep in mind that this is the responsibility of us
6- A person who does irrelevant advertisement
There are a lot of people on Instagram who advertise by commenting on irrelevant contents. These people are not aware of Instagram advertisement policies. They should not irritate users by their advertisement. You can report these spam comments in order to help Instagram handle this issue.
report on Instagram
Important tips about Instagram Report
• Inappropriate reports have no affection. Even if your page is being reported due to this reason, you will be back soon.
• You cannot figure out who reported you because no footprint left to check.
• If you cannot like or comment, you’ve been probably blocked by Instagram and it has nothing to do with the report.

How to report a post on Instagram?

Sometimes you may see a user that has good posts except one of them which is inappropriate. In this case, you should not report the whole page. You just need to report that irrelevant post. For this issue follow the steps below:
Instagram report feature
When you choose the inappropriate option, you tell Instagram that the selected post needs to be reviewed and should be removed eventually. By choosing this option, Instagram will open the following screen for you and will ask you the reason you report it.
report Instagram accounts
You can choose your reason from the available options:
  • Self-injury: posts that contain suicide or self-injury
  • Harassment or bullying: harassment or threatening others
  • Sale or promotion of drugs
  • Sale or promotion of firearms
  • Nudity or pornography
  • Violence or harm
  • Hate speech or symbol
  • Intellectual property violation
  • I just don’t like it

How to report a comment?

If you saw a comment including disrespect, bad words or any other inappropriate content, then you must report it. Reporting comments on Instagram is easy. Just hold on your desired comment and make it to blue. Then click on the exclamation mark icon and select the abusive content option to report it.
Instagram report feature
I don’t like this guy. How to revenge?!
Now we get to the point. If you want to report a user just follow the steps below:
  1. Step on
Go to user’s profile and click on button
Instagram report feature
  1. Step two
Select It’s inappropriate” option
Instagram report feature
  1. Step three
Select I believe this account violates Instagram community guidelines” option. If you select the first option, you just block the user and no report will occur
Instagram report feature
  1. Step four
Select Report account
Instagram report feature
  1. Step five
Select the reason you want to report this user:
Publishing annoying content
Posting spam
Publishing inappropriate content
This profile is pretending to be someone else
Might be posting my intellectual property without authorization
report Instagram accounts
After completing the reporting process on Instagram, the following image will be displayed to you and Instagram will notify you that reporting the intended user has been successfully done.

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