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Why Instagram marketers like Instagram search tool?

With the key features of the Instagram search tool, marketers will be able to monitor the market as well as compete with their opponents. Instagram Influencers and marketers use this tool to track special hints that lead to successful ways in order to boost their business and growth.
Customer: Discover Instagram to find clients and engage with users that have interests in your brands and convert them to your loyal customers eventually.
Post: Use hot trends to find out the interests of your audience, competitors and the whole market to improve your business
Influencer: Find what you think as your needs to have a successful Influencer marketing by Instamber

Simplify the Process of Finding Instagram Influencers Using Instagram Search Tool.

Find the most related influencers for your business by setting the filters such as likes, number of followers, and engagement rate. Track them down simply by the most trending hashtags in your niche, and also locations, and build successful relationships with the right influencers for your brand
Track down top influencers in your business field: The most influential influencers are the ones who excel in their own fields, so they will attract the most.
Search for the most associated influencers in your niche: Try to find the most related possible influencers to your business. as the most popular but not related ones do not have much effect.
Get access to influencers who send engagement to your account: Find the influencers with top rank and the most possible similarities in interests to help you get many likes, followers, comments and so on.

Keep Track of Potential Customers by Instagram Search Tool

Narrow down the Instagram users to your potential customers nearby your location. Send them direct messages and get in touch with them effortlessly. Get them interested in your business by interacting with them and keep them informed about your campaigns.

Find the Most Related Content through Instagram Search Engine

Uncover the most related and useful content instantly by hashtag and keyword search to: Repost: you can save much time by reposting fantastic posts instead of preparing a new post. Compare: you can find interrelated content to know and analyze your audience better.

How a make-up artist is able to conquer the influencer marketing by Instamber Instagram search tool

Cooperating with your niche-specific influencers brings out the best opportunities to track down fans for your industry. Using Instamber Instagram Influencer search campaigns smoothen the path to build great relationships with influencers. In the following, we elaborate on how you can be in touch with people you consider by Instamber search tools:
Take a makeup artist as an example; their business is among the most successful businesses in 2019. Like other business pages on Instagram, they use hashtags to get more exposure.
A make-up artist needs to find the most trending and hashtags related to her niche and add them to the search tool and track them down, find their followers and start messaging them and likewise, evaluating their content and their performance to analyze and compare with your Instagram page.
The most trending and common hashtags for a makeup artist include:
#MakeupArtist #NailArtist #Hairstylist #MakeupTutorial #EditorialMakeup #MakeupArtistsWorldwide #ProfessionalMakeup #BeautyTutorial #EyeTutorial #MakeupLook
If the so-called make-up artist wants to find some influential people like influencers, he/she can use hashtags and the filters that the Instamber Instagram search engine provides. Such as the number of likes, comments, followers, engagement rate, keywords, language, and post type. By doing this, the make-up artist can restrict the people that he/she want to target so the best result will be reached.

Marketers and creators use Instagram’s advanced search to create a content strategy or analyze the competition around specific topics. But what exactly is it? And how can you master it in one day?

You’re on the right page because we got the answers.

Instagram search without an account

There are a few methods that you can do this but keep in mind that you can only see public accounts, not private ones.

Typing Instagram website URL in your web browser

The easiest way is to type the Instagram website URL in your browser followed by the account’s name you want to see his or her posts and stories. All you need to do is to type in your browser and see posts or stories of that account. Just make sure that the account is public, not private. This works well and you can try it!

Searching for an Instagram account through third-party websites

There are also some third-party websites that allow you to view someone’s account on Instagram, for example, imginn is one of them. Via not only you can see posts, stories, and even highlights of public accounts on Instagram but also you can download them. Through this website, you can also see who has tagged the account that you are looking at.

You don’t have to pay anything to use imginn, it’s totally free and I’m here to show how it works step by step.

Step 1. Open the web browser on your device and type in the address bar.

Step2. Once the website is open you can type the Instagram account in the search box and start to search for them. You can also click on the Story icon next to the search box and search for their stories and have fun.

Third-party website known as

Another great third-party website that is user-friendly is Here you can see photos and stories of public accounts easily and you can also download them. Once you type an account name you already know that account will pop up in a second and you can see them anonymously. When you click on the stories or publications (posts) of the account a download will appear on the top of the post or the story and you can download them without any trouble. Of course, there are some limitations, for example, you cannot follow the person or see the comment section or whoever liked the post.

Third-party website known as

There is yet another third-party website that is so easy to work with and that is Working with this website is almost the same as the previous one and you don’t also need to sign or anything to be able to use its services. In order to work with this website all you need to do is to type in your browser and once the website is open you can search for any public account you want in the search bar and the account will pop up in no time.

When the account is open there are two parts below the website; on the left, there is the “Story” section and on the right, there is the “Post” section. By clicking on either of them the website will show you the wanted material. It’s so user-friendly to such a degree that you can also download them without any problems. Remember that you neither can see the comments nor leave one, you cannot also give the post a like.

Prosof an Instagram viewerwithout having an account

You may be one of those who don’t want to have an Instagram account for personal or whatever reason. So you don’t have to create one yet you can see public accounts anonymously and be able to see posts and stories related to that account and you can even download them without any problems.

It’s interesting that you can’t download something on Instagram even if you have an account. To download something you need to use some apps that are known as Insta downloader or something. You see that through these websites you can even download photos and stories easily and you can give it a try now!


When you do the Instagram search without an account there are some limitations, for example, you cannot send a friend request to other accounts, and even if you see someone’s account that doesn’t mean that you can see the comment section in their post and leave a comment or like them. You cannot also see who liked their post.

In fact, Instagram does not allow anonymous users to be able to use its services like its own and frequent users. As you see there are some limitations. Of course, having an Instagram account has its own advantages. For example, by creating an account on Instagram you can send a friend request to anyone you want and you can also find your friends who are on Instagram and famous people who you know. Also, friends can follow you.

Another advantage that you can only get by having an account is to be able to leave a comment or read comments and even like them. There are also a bunch of other advantages, for example by having an account you can watch something live you can search for places and you can send a direct message which is known as DM on Instagram. You can also have a video call or even create a group chat on Instagram and you can do a bunch of other stuff that you may be already familiar with.

As you see there are some limitations but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use Instagram, so it’s your choice to have an account or not, but all in all, having an Instagram account can be something both fun and useful.

Wrap up

In this article, it is tried to show you some safe ways of searching for an account on Instagram without having an account yourself, but there are also some other third-party websites that may not be safe to use and also some of them want you to sign up and ask for your personal information which is something you may not want to do, so we didn’t mention them here.

What Is Instagram Advanced Search?

The term ‘advanced search’ on Instagram refers to any keyword-based research that provides extra information about a specific topic, account, place, or hashtag. While regular search returns flat data, advanced research leads to detailed insights used in content marketing strategies.

Note that the Instagram app does not include analytical search features. So, marketers and creators conduct an advanced search manually. However, third-party online tools offer data classifications and automated analysis processes.

How does it differ from Interests Search?

‘Interests Search’ is a new feature that Instagram is testing in some regions. It allows you to look up specific broad topics and find dedicated Explore pages with relevant content. But it’s a part of what some refer to as advanced search, not the whole of it.

How to Perform Advanced Search on IG

You can either use the IG app or online tools to do so. The goal of advanced research is to gather as much information as possible. So, it requires a structure. (See below).

Using the Instagram App

IG does not offer any additional insight into what you search for. So, you need to conduct manual research. First, create a spreadsheet with the following columns:

– Top posts

– Top accounts

– Top tags

– Places

Top posts: Add links to the top three posts on the Explore page when you search for a keyword. Ensure your spreadsheet includes the number of likes and comments of the said posts, too.

Top accounts: Write the handle of the top three usernames that you see in the ‘Accounts’ section when searching a keyword. Include the number of their followers to enrich your data.

Top tags: Enter at least 20 high-volume hashtags that show up in the ‘Tags’ section when you put in a broad term. Don’t forget to include their volume in your spreadsheet. (IG shows how many times a hashtag has been used under each tag).

Places: You also need to add the most relevant places that IG shows in the search results. These places might be relevant to your content. And that’s why you need to involve them in your advanced search.

Gathering these pieces of information about specific topics can help you create a strategy or analyze the competition. But it requires extra time and effort—as you need to repeat the process for every broad keyword.

Using Third-Part Tools

An easier way to perform an Instagram advanced search is by using online tools. The downside is that most service providers charge you for using their analytical features. But paid options don’t worth it unless you’re a full-time social media content strategist.

We handpicked two of the popular and [almost] free tools for your next Instagram advanced search. (Feel free to leave a reply and let us know what other beneficial tools are out there).

With Inflact, you can search for specific keywords, names, or even phones and emails. Of course, the phone number and email address search work if the person’s information is public. But that aside, you can use the site’s filters to narrow down your advanced search results.

You have the option to filter results by followers, gender, post amount, and categories.

Another cool option you get is to download the results in CSV or XLS formats. (Requires a sign-up, though).

Inflact’s unique feature is the ‘Analyze’ button. It allows you to handpick an account to get more insights. The tool provides information on how many posts the page publishes per day and growth factor data. Other options are profile analysis, which shows the engagement and activity, and stories/post viewer that enables you to check public content anonymously.

The website claims that the analytical tools are free for registered users. So, you don’t need to worry about the pricing as long as you’re logged in.

If you’re conducting an advanced search on Instagram, Bigbangram is the one to go with. The tool offers fundamental information about the keywords or usernames you search for. But it lacks most analytical aspects of Inflact. It’s best to use it when looking for the influencers and top accounts about a specific term.

Optimize for Advanced Search – 3 Simple Steps

In August 2021, Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, introduced a new feature called Interests Search. He also emphasized the importance of search-based traffic on IG and how the app wants to make content more accessible through the Explore features.

The social media giant wants to move towards advanced in-app search. And it wants to offer more options to the users when looking for specific content.

By optimizing your page/posts for Explore, you will not miss out on the upcoming opportunities of advanced search features.

The good news is that Mosseri has given away three basic (but highly effective) tips on making your content search-friendly. Here’s what you have to do.

Have a short and memorable handle.

Mosseri says that a memorable username on IG is search-friendly, and both the users and AI love it. So, ensure you have a relevant handle to what you do (or includes your brand or personal name). And keep it as short as possible—less than ten characters, if possible.

Include keywords in your bio.

One place that Instagram AI looks to understand your page content is your bio. Mosseri recommends users include keywords that explain the page in the most user-friendly way. Of course, stuffing your bio with random words won’t help you do better in an advanced search.

What IG CEO suggests is to write a short, comprehensive, and clear bio line that helps both users and algorithms to find you easier.

Use hashtags in your captions.

When optimizing for Instagram advance search, hashtags play a significant role. But Mosseri mentions that it’s best to keep them in your captions—not in the comments section. Often, users write their hashtags in the comments to increase the readability and aesthetics of their posts. But that’s not an excellent choice when it comes to IG search optimization.

The AI will inspect your caption, looking for relevant keywords and explanations. Hashtags help it to match your content with what others are currently sharing about the topic. And it makes it easier for the algorithms to identify the meaning, type, and quality of your content.

Factors That Affect Instagram Advanced Search Results

In a 2021 blog post, Adam Mosseri explained how you appear in the IG search results. He wrote, “In addition to the text you type into search, we use information from accounts, hashtags, and places — called signals — to rank your search results.”

Here’re the primary factors that determine the advanced search results.

Search term. What you type in the search box is the first clue of what you’re looking for. IG uses the query to identify which accounts, posts, stories, places, or tags match the user intent.

The activity of searcher. The way a user uses Instagram helps algorithms to customize the results. For example, a Star Wars fan might see a collection of movie scenes when searching for ‘Star.’ That’s while a user interested in space might see a series of Nasa images when searching for the same query.

Secondary signals. According to Mosseri, the likes, comments, and engagement patterns also affect the advanced search results on Instagram. The algorithms might favor more popular content when there’re so many options to choose from.

A Recap of What You Just Learned

  • Instagram advanced search refers to any keyword-based research that returns more insight into a topic, user, or hashtag.
  • You can conduct both manual and automated advanced searches on IG. You might need to use online tools for the latter, though.
  • Having a short, memorable handle, a concise and explanatory bio, and including hashtags in your captions help you rank better in search.
  • The three primary factors that affect the advanced search results are the user’s activity, the popularity of the content, and the query itself.

Instagram search users by name

There is another side to Instagram aside from posting your photos and recordings and looking at your posts. As a social media, which in the most fundamental structure, Instagram was made to assist individuals with associating however much as could be expected.

Whenever we use Instagram, we are ready to capitalize on this application on the grounds that we can undoubtedly look for any client needed. This can be done by their names, location and hashtag as well. It is an easy and smooth insight, which truly assists with uniting Instagram utilisers.

This way, Finding individuals that share similar interests is actually the delight of online entertainment. It is lovely to feel that you finally find your community full of people who think and feel like you.

This way it is possible for us to share our interests, works and feelings with other individuals around the world and furthermore gain information and motivation from them. These can be considered as consequences of having the option to look for any client any time. There is a diverse range of methods we can use to find an specific group or individual, yet we chose top 3 that comes below:

Finding someone by their Names

On the one hand, people, especially young ones, regularly utilize a nickname as the username. On the other hand, others utilize their full name as their Instagram username. Different clients could utilize totally unique usernames than their genuine names.

Finding someone by their Location

You can write down the name of a specific location like Texas State for the sake of the area assuming the particular location is obscure, and the location may autopopulate for public spots. Assuming the location autopopulates, select the right location starting from the drop menu in the drop-down bar:

The above picture shows Texas State University’s area at 601 University Drive, San Marcos, Texas. When you select a location, Instagram shows photographs and recordings that have been geotagged to that area. A geotag is the point at which the client labels their area to a photograph or video. In this way all photographs or recordings labeled with that area will appear by this act.

Finding someone by their Hashtag

Well if you want to operate within this process, you have to know that a hashtag is a software engineering administrator term that most interpersonal interaction platforms use. This is outwardly addressed by the # character.

To group or gang up similar people together, we have to use hashtags as in social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Any time a word is gone before with a # sign, the image or expression to which it was hashtagged is set into a classification that different clients can now look at. Utilization of this character is an approach to acquiring adherents since it makes more straightforward to others to find or add to a discussion. Focus on special hashtags, as they can frequently lead you to online youth subcultures that you could never have had the option to find by means of a customary watchword look.

These characters are valuable since they help you find any required information. Let’s consider using the last example as an Instagram hashtag (#txstateparks) for finding pictures about texas’ views.

Assuming an image of a park is posted and inscribed with “This is my #txst,” it will appear in the hashtag look for #txst in spite of having nothing to do with Texas State University. Clients might post pictures and add hashtags, regardless of whether the hashtags is irrelevant to the photograph itself.

Instagram search users by name without having an account

Sometimes you have to look for somebody on Instagram without signing into your account. Apart from the reason you could have, you don’t need to bother with being annoyed if you have any desire to look for an Instagram account, however you don’t have a record yourself. It is very simple to utilize Instagram’s hunt apparatus without having an acc`ount or signing in.

Truth be told, there is techniques you could use to do your pursuit:

1. Here you can simply search the name in Google search by opening the browser and going to “”

2. Then type”” into the search bar and type the name.

3. Now press Search.

If you have any desire to utilize the subsequent strategy, you would require more data about the record you are looking for, for example, their username.

Try to utilize the inquiry include by going on Instagram’s site to track down a particular individual. alternatively, rather than utilizing Google, you would simply type in “ (or friend’s name)” to proceed with your inquiry from that point.


How do I find Instagram influencers based on my budget?

As there are a huge number of Instagram influencers on Instagram, and they work in different fields and based on their effect they charge you at different prices. To find and locate the most proper ones in accordance with your needs and money, you need to set the features and filters of Instagram search tools exactly to find the proper ones. For example, if you are on a tight budget, you can set the filters based on a lower number of followers, likes, and engagement rates. In other words, you are going to find the influencers who are not very expensive, however, they can be influential. On the other hand, if you want to dedicate so much money on advertising your products by influencers, you had better search the influencers by the highest number of followers, likes, comments, and engagement rate.

What is the rightest way to find Instagram influencers?

As important as it is, finding Instagram influencers, have many methods. Searching on search engines is completely an efficient way to find influencers, however, searching by engines that do not apply filters narrowing down the search results can not be much of a help. So, the tools like Instagram search engines help you track down the most proper influencers. Instagram search tools by providing the possibility of searching based on hashtags and locations and setting the filters such as followers, likes, and engagement rates aid you in finding the most relevant and high-rank influencers in your industries.

How do I know that the influencers I find do not have fake followers?

It is an accepted fact that the number of followers on a page does not indicate that the exact number of real and active followers because fake and inactive followers do not help to grow a page. Particularly, on an influencer’s page. But, you can recognize if the followers are real or not by an easy method. Normally, the pages that own many followers must have many likes, comments, and more important high engagement rates. So, if you see an account that its number of followers and likes does not match, you must get suspicious. And it is the case with the engagement rate. An active and influential account has between 3% to 6% engagement rate. Therefore, it is easy to find out if the information agrees or not. By setting Instagram search engine filters you are able to figure all these out. In other words, if you find an influencer who has 1 million followers but with the engagement rate below 3%, you must doubt the followers’ authenticity.

Why should I add an account to Instamber to use the Instagram search tool service?

Instamber Instagram search tools is a practical and effective service that has various benefits like high efficiency, good price, easy setting/process, and great filters including likes, followers, comments, engagement rate. You can find your desired influencers and customers according to hashtags, locations, post types, keywords, and language. The speed that you search and find your information is inexplicable.


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