Have you ever wondered how to see someone’s account on Instagram without logging into Instagram or make an Instagram search without an account and even be able to see posts and stories of them? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place for knowing how to do the Instagram search without an account.

Different methods of Instagram search without an account

There are a few methods that you can do this but keep in mind that you can only see public accounts, not private ones.

Typing Instagram website URL in your web browser

The easiest way is to type the Instagram website URL in your browser followed by the account’s name you want to see his or her posts and stories. All you need to do is to type www.instagram.com/(username) in your browser and see posts or stories of that account. Just make sure that the account is public, not private. This works well and you can try it!

Searching for an Instagram account through third-party websites

There are also some third-party websites that allow you to view someone’s account on Instagram, for example, imginn is one of them. Via imginn.com not only you can see posts, stories, and even highlights of public accounts on Instagram but also you can download them. Through this website, you can also see who has tagged the account that you are looking at.

You don’t have to pay anything to use imginn, it’s totally free and I’m here to show how it works step by step.

Step 1. Open the web browser on your device and type imginn.com in the address bar.

Step2. Once the website is open you can type the Instagram account in the search box and start to search for them. You can also click on the Story icon next to the search box and search for their stories and have fun.

Third-party website known as insta-stories.online

Another great third-party website that is user-friendly is insta-stories.online. Here you can see photos and stories of public accounts easily and you can also download them. Once you type an account name you already know that account will pop up in a second and you can see them anonymously.  When you click on the stories or publications (posts) of the account a download will appear on the top of the post or the story and you can download them without any trouble. Of course, there are some limitations, for example, you cannot follow the person or see the comment section or whoever liked the post.

Third-party website known as storiesdown.com

There is yet another third-party website that is so easy to work with and that is storiesdown.com. Working with this website is almost the same as the previous one and you don’t also need to sign or anything to be able to use its services. In order to work with this website all you need to do is to type storydownload.com in your browser and once the website is open you can search for any public account you want in the search bar and the account will pop up in no time.

When the account is open there are two parts below the website; on the left, there is the “Story” section and on the right, there is the “Post” section. By clicking on either of them the website will show you the wanted material.  It’s so user-friendly to such a degree that you can also download them without any problems. Remember that you neither can see the comments nor leave one, you cannot also give the post a like.

Pros of an Instagram viewer without having an account

You may be one of those who don’t want to have an Instagram account for personal or whatever reason. So you don’t have to create one yet you can see public accounts anonymously and be able to see posts and stories related to that account and you can even download them without any problems.

It’s interesting that you can’t download something on Instagram even if you have an account.  To download something you need to use some apps that are known as Insta downloader or something. You see that through these websites you can even download photos and stories easily and you can give it a try now!

Cons 😩

When you do the Instagram search without an account there are some limitations, for example, you cannot send a friend request to other accounts, and even if you see someone’s account that doesn’t mean that you can see the comment section in their post and leave a comment or like them. You cannot also see who liked their post.

In fact, Instagram does not allow anonymous users to be able to use its services like its own and frequent users. As you see there are some limitations. Of course, having an Instagram account has its own advantages. For example, by creating an account on Instagram you can send a friend request to anyone you want and you can also find your friends who are on Instagram and famous people who you know. Also, friends can follow you.

Another advantage that you can only get by having an account is to be able to leave a comment or read comments and even like them. There are also a bunch of other advantages, for example by having an account you can watch something live you can search for places and you can send a direct message which is known as DM on Instagram. You can also have a video call or even create a group chat on Instagram  and you can do a bunch of other stuff that you may be already familiar with.

As you see there are some limitations but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t use Instagram, so it’s your choice to have an account or not, but all in all, having an Instagram account can be something both fun and useful.   

Wrap up

In this article, it is tried to show you some safe ways of searching for an account on Instagram without having an account yourself, but there are also some other third-party websites that may not be safe to use and also some of them want you to sign up and ask for your personal information which is something you may not want to do, so we didn’t mention them here.


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