Thefirst optionfor many people who want to start their own business or want to promote it is to buy an Instagram account with lots of followers.

In this article, we are going to review thesecurity tips,cost, andmethods to buy an Instagram accountwith many followers.

Though people buy Instagram pages, followers, likes, and comments, there are many tricks you don’t know about.

Here, we would also explain thebenefitsanddrawbacksof purchasing an Instagram page to help you decide more easily.

The Advantages of Buying an Instagram Page

Buying good Instagram pages has definitely numerous advantages which encourage many businesses to do so. Here are some of them:

1. Having a noticeable amount of followers from the beginning
2. The possibility of already having many potential customers on the page
3. The simplicity of attracting the audience due to the high number of followers, considering the principle of social proof
4. The high engagement rate in comparison to the newly-made pages
5. Higher authority because of the page’s age

The Disadvantages of Buying an Instagram Page

The items mentioned above were the advantages of purchasing a page which might be effective at first. But, it has some negative aspects as well which can havedestructiveeffects on the purchased page:

1. After changing the name and theme of the Instagram page, itsengagement ratewill normally decrease up to 70%
2. Instagram maydisablethe page because of deleting all the posts and changing the page name
3. Followers will hardly trust the page after changing its name and commercial purpose and niche
4. It’s hard to find and buy a good page among pages with lots offake followers

What is the Cost of Buying an Instagram page?

Purchasing Instagram pages is basically done on theblack market, meaning that there is no particular place for doing so. Moreover, no specific organization monitors these sales, so the page owners would suggest any price they want.

However, the reasonable price for an Instagram page with 10K “Real” followers is about $500 (at the time of publishing this post). By real followers, we mean its posts’ reach should be at least 60% of the total number of its followers.

Is it Secure to Buy an Instagram Account?

As well as the advantages and disadvantages mentioned above, there are other aspects which are highly important mainly related to the security issues of purchasing Instagram pages. Legally, buying and selling Instagram pages are illegal.

For this reason, Instagram always considers the person who has created an Instagram account as its owner and wants them to assign an email address to their account. Instagram will use this email address to send verification codes to its users whenever they should confirm their identity.

As the result, even if you change the email address after buying the account, its previous owner can get it back by contacting Instagram, and since purchasing Instagram pages is illegal, you have no right to claim its ownership.

If you are still interested to buy an Instagram account, observe the following tips carefully:

1. Buy an Instagram page which is active in your desired niche.

As we mentioned before, the engagement of followers decreases considerably when you buy an account and start publishing posts different from what they have seen before. You cannot expect a page’s followers have the same engagement when you buy a fitness account and turn it into a beauty page.

When publishing posts on the page you have bought, the contentsshould not be much differentfrom the first niche the account was active in. Don’t forget to check the accountsprevious postsand their publishing date, the page may not be what it is pretending to be.

2. Inspect quality of the page

Be careful of scammers. There are many pages for sale which have thousands of followers and many posts; but when you check their followers, you will find lots of fake followers who would not engage with the posts.

Fortunately, it is not too hard to distinguish fake accounts from real ones, just have a look at their comments and date. The good news is that you can easily check the quality of these pages with IG Audit orHypeauditor.

3. Write a solid contract when you want to buy an Instagram page

First, be sure about theowner of the page, ask him or her to publish a specific post to make you sure that he or she is the owner and have access to it.

As we said before when you buy an Instagram account, its owner will give you an email address and password but even if you change the email address connected to the account, the person can contact Instagram and get back the account.So what you can do to prevent this problem. Here are some solutions:

– Buy the Instagram account from a reliable person or service provider
– Pay through PayPal or other secure gateways so that you can easily refund if there is any problem
– If the Instagram page is connected to a Facebook account, ask its owner to give you the Facebook account too
– Talk to the page owner in person and be in touch with him to discuss any problem which may occur.


Considering all the aspects mentioned above,buying an Instagram page has many risks. If you want to be active on Instagram, have a quality page, and use it for your business, ourrecommendationis to expand your budget on better solutions; like creating a perfect Instagram profile and interacting with people through automation tools, read more about these helpful tools here.


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