Looking for a way to increase your Instagram followers, some would offer suspicious services like buying fake followers to reach your goals. In this article, we would explain why it’s always better to increase your social media followers in normal ways and not to buy fake followers in order to boost your Instagram page engagement and likes.

Today, most businesses are aware of the benefits of social media and using a platform like Instagram to get more views as well as gaining better insight about their in their marketing efforts. However, there are still companies that could not cope with social media marketing and have problem with getting Instagram followers so they use the most available but not necessarily better option; buying fake follower.

Why do we need real followers on Instagram?

Though it is not easy to gain real Instagram followers, you can do simple exercises to build and enhance real and organic followers. If you try to buy fake followers, you will lose the chance of attracting potential customers who may follow you.

Instagram followers

Nowadays, customers enter your social media platform to ask questions, get information about your products, or find out more about who you are. In fact, a study from TrackMaven showed that only half of the 500 companies use Instagram to promote their business.

Even if the number was lower, there’s still a lot of competition taking place on Instagram. That’s why it is important to use legal and natural ways to enhance your Instagram followers.

Here we will talk about the disadvantages of buying fake followers in spite of its cheap prices.


One of the most important goals of an Instagram promotion is branding. Fake followers would just increase your followers count. They would not interact with your page and would not become your customers for sure.

But if the number of your followers increase naturally, you will have a more popular and authentic brand, and the visitors of your site are more likely to change to your real customers.

Increasing sales:

The ultimate goal of any business is to increase sales of goods and services. It is clear that fake followers who are cheap and inexpensive, can’t be your real customer. They are in fact a number. So you will not see any increase in your sale. It is also more probable that buying fake followers decrease your sale by damaging your customers’ trust.

Customer engagement:

Suppose that you want to buy a service or product from an Instagram page, looking at the number of its followers, you will see a high number which at first glance indicates popularity of the page. But paying more attention, you will find out that the number of post likes and comments are low. Your initial deduction would probably be that the page products do not have the required quality or the brand itself is unknown and not good enough. So you will be discouraged to buy anything from the page.

Losing followers’ trust:

Formerly, many people did not realize that there would be fake followers. Instagram users would see the front page of a brand and they were thrilled to see the number of followers of the page. But today users have become more professional and know that pages may have fake followers. They can notice if a page is worth paying attention or not. When Instagram users see a page for the first time, they would not be deceived by the number of followers anymore. They will look at the number of likes and comments and conclude if the page has real followers or not and if is its products have good quality or not.


Instagram identifies and removes fake accounts. This is completely true. Instagram removes this accounts in a random period of time and doesn’t specify a time for that; sometimes after a few days and sometimes after a few months.


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Explaining what are the disadvantages of buying fake followers, now we would talk about the solutions to get more followers. You can increase your Instagram followers on your own by: 

  1. knowing your audience’s interest and behavior 
  2. starting to engage with desired audience automatically using Instagram growth services
  3. interacting with the audience when they are most engaged directly 
  4. Posting eye catching content according to their interest
  5. using influencer marketing