Instagram is gaining more popularity day by day. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it is one of the leading social media platforms all around the globe. Besides normal users who share their everyday stories with their friends, there are many brands which are active on Instagram. Among their goals is to get more views. Instagram powerlikes are one of the ways to get more views and appear on the explore page of users.

In order to have viral posts, you need to improve your page’s engagement rate and also quality of your posts. Engagement, in a simple formula would be equivalent to attentions which your posts receive (comments + likes + saves). When a person engages with your posts, your posts might be shown on his/her followers explore page and they can also engage with them. The higher your engagement rate, the more your posts go viral!

Instagram PowerLikes

To explain it simply, powerlikes can be defined as likes your posts receive in the first moments of publishing a post from large Instagram accounts; specially pages in your niche with great number of followers.

How do power likes work?

Once someone likes your post, the opportunity of your posts being seen by others increases. However this opportunity is when your friends with low number off followers like your posts. On the other hand, when accounts with a lot of followers like your post, it will gain a lot more reach. It is one of the effects of Instagram algorithm, showcasing your post on the “Explore Page” of those pages’s followers.

Instagram Powerlikes

Assume an account with 500k followers likes your post. Now what will happen? Your post would show up on the explore page of 500k followers and forms a huge circle. This makes your post goes viral and be seen by many people.

you may know that there are websites which sell Instagram powerlikes. Their services give your posts several powerlikes as soon as you publish the posts. So your posts end up on the explore tab of many users.

This service provides you packages of monthly Instagram auto likes with accounts having a lot of followers, usually more than 200k followers. You can also use these services to get to the top posts of Instagram hashtags (though not popular hashtags with over 500,000 posts). But note from whom you are buying these services and if the niche is appropriate for you or not. There are a lot of Instagram pages consisting of accounts ranging from 20k followers to 1M followers in these networks!

Instagram Powerlikes

Note powerlikes are helpful when you have quality posts. If your post cannot draw the attention of people when it appears on the explore page of Instagram users, it would not increase your engagement rate or follower count.


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