Every business is looking for recognition. Appearing on explore pages requires changes more than luck. Instagram explore page is a place to find ideas, businesses and even having fun. The explore tab, or the explore page, is also one of the best ways which can help you to get a lot of new followers and traffic. In this article, we will explain how contents would be selected to be shown on the explore page, how you can connect with your audience, how to increase the engagement rate of your page and ultimately how to gain a valuable perspective. Then using these features, your business become more visible.

What is the explore page of Instagram?

The Instagram explore page is a page that displays posts from different Instagram pages, whether you are following these pages or you are not following them. These posts are selected according to your previous behavior on Instagram and follow the algorithm which is used to track your activity on Instagram. Of course, this algorithm is not only dependent on your own performance, but also on the activity of your friends. So explore page is different for every single user of Instagram.
To put it simply, posts displayed in your explore page do not directly relate to the pages you follow. Unlike Instagram’s main page that only shows posts from the pages that you have followed, the algorithm used for the explore section, reflects your activity on Instagram honestly.
The explore page shows new posts related to your activity on Instagram. Also, stories or live stories which are recorded in your geographic region or Instagram find them interesting for you will be displayed in your explore section.
getting on the explore page on Instagram

How does Instagram select the posts to be shown on Explore page?

Instagram tries to show unique contents to each user. This personalization in showing posts in your Explore page is based on the pages that you follow and also how you interact with their posts i.e. liking them or commenting on them. Although the algorithm based on which Instagram select these contents is not precisely clear, it seems that they are selected according to the following rules:
  • The content is displayed based on the posts the user previously has engaged with
  • The displayed content are the posts that many Instagram users have been attracted too
  • The content displayed in the explore page are similar to the content of pages you have followed
Instagram identifies users’ activity patterns, and then displays content based on those patterns. Also, Instagram would look at the activity of similar accounts and how they function.


Getting on Instagram Explore Page

Four Simple Tips for your Content to get on Instagram Explorer page

In the following section, we introduce four methods you can use to get to the Instagram Explore page.

1. Know your audience

If you want to sell your products, you must first know to whom you are selling them. You should ask yourself what your audience really needs and how your business can help them?
To appear on the Instagram explore section, you should think a few minutes about these questions:
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What are they interested in?
  • How is their Instagram account?
  • Who are they following?
By better understanding your target audience, you can interact with them more easily.

2. Listen to your audience

Listening to your audience can make a difference between sharing your content or its getting ignored. If you want to create contents to fit your audience’s needs, first you need to know which type of content they interact with. If you have already followed your specific industry and target your desired audience, you probably know what kind of content you’d like to publish on explore page.
Follow a few simple points to get closer to the Instagram explore page:


  • Listen to the overall sense of explore page:

What is the general theme of the posts that are being displayed on the explore page? What are their aesthetic factors? Which topics are popular in your society? These are all things you must keep in mind.

  • Use Instagram search capabilities:

With this feature, you can find out what is popular in your geographic area. To do this, you can click on the Places tab in the Instagram search, and make a more accurate tag of your geographic location and write the type of content that is being displayed.

  • Check your followers and followings

What kind of contents do your followers and followings like? Click on the heart icon on the bottom of the app, then select your following from the top of your page. In this way, you can see what they are looking for and what type of content they are dealing with.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are like flavors for your social networks. Whether people use them or not, hashtags are important for marketers. The first thing you can do for your content to be seen is to use hashtags and save your content from being lost in massive contents.
Hashtags work 24 hours a day, and will be shown to anyone who searches for them. However, it’s very important to know the correct way to use hashtags. Remember, do not mess with anything and specifically about your business.
getting on the explore page on Instagram

4. Encourage your audience to engage

Do not hesitate to do anything you can to make your target audience engage with your content. The more your Instagram posts get like and comments, the more likely it is to appear on the explore page of your target audience. When you publish a photo or video, think about how you can have more followers or more comments on them.
If you share a story in your Instagram page, make sure you clarify your location. By showing your location, you can increase your chances of being seen in your local area. This will familiarize local users with your brand.
Finally, do not neglect Instagram explore section. As always, the audience recognition is the first step. Instagram Explorer has a lot to do with knowing the audience. Knowing the audience helps you to create the content most appropriate for their taste and, in this way, attract them more. Along with this, the use of hashtags must always be in your mind.
By following these tips, Instagram users can see your posts more easier. And the more you will be seen, the more audiences you will get!

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