If you have recently signed up on Microsoft but haven’t been able to receive the verification code, this blog post is suitable for you.

I’ve received many messages from users saying that Microsoft doesn’t send them a verification code, that’s why I’ve found some simple solutions to this problem. As a matter of fact, there are some reasons why you don’t receive the verification code. Here, I’m going to show you some hacks that will help you to get a verification code, so make sure to read to the end and fix the issue.

1. Adjust your device setting properly

Sometimes you don’t get the verification code because your device setting is not appropriately adjusted. Here I’ll show you some simple solutions that will help and hopefully, you will get the verification code.

iOS devices

  • Go to Settings and find Messages and tap it
  • From there you need to toggle off and on some sections.
  • Find iMessage and toggle it on. If it is already toggled on, you need to toggle it off and after a few seconds, you should toggle it on again. Doing this will kind of reset the messages you receive via your device and if there are any issues this will fix them.
  • Once you’ve done that scroll down and find Send as SMS and then toggle it on if it is not already.
  • Scroll further down and find Filter Unknown Senders and disable it or toggle it off. It’s so important to do that because otherwise, you will not receive any verification codes by either Microsoft or other platforms that your device recognizes as unknown.

Android devices

In Android devices, things are a little different. However, basically, they are the same, and here I will walk you through some simple steps.

  • Go to Settings and search for Permissions and tap it. In some Android devices, first, you may need to search for Apps. From there you can find Permission
  • Find SMS and tap it and then search for Messaging and make sure to toggle it on.
  • After you’ve done that, go to your Messages application. You can find it somewhere on your device screen.
  • Then go to Setting> Spam protection and make sure to toggle it off.

2. Check your spam or junk mail folder

Sometimes you are supposed to receive a verification code via your email, however, you don’t receive the code by your email either. In this scenario, you can go through the following steps and hopefully receive the Microsoft verification code.

  • Open your email and in the spam or junk folder, look for any email from Microsoft.
  • Chances are that you will receive the email they sent you in the junk folder
  • Also look in other folders such as Promotions, Social, Primary, etc. Sometimes you will receive a verification code from Microsoft in one of these folders, especially in the Social folder. So keep that in mind.

3. Some quick fixes

If you have followed all the steps that I have already talked about on this blog and you are still not able to receive the “Microsoft verification code”, you can go through the following list and hopefully get the code.

  • Restart your device
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Switch between two different internet connections. I mean if you are currently connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, now connect to the internet via mobile data and vice versa. This sometimes helps.
  • There might be a problem and that problem is not at your end. On the contrary, the problem is at Microsoft’s end. So to make sure that nothing is wrong with your device, phone number, or whatever you can go to downdetector.com. On that site, you can search for Microsoft and see if there are any issues related to its servers. You can also see if other users are complaining about the same issue that you’re having. There might be some issue with Microsoft itself, in this case, you need to wait for a few hours or even days.
  • If you are using a VPN, turn it off and then try to request a verification code again.
  • Make sure your phone number is correct.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes the Microsoft system doesn’t recognize a phone number maybe because it is from a specific country or maybe because of some other reasons. In this case, you may want to use another phone number from outside your country. Or you can simply use a different phone number.


There are probably many different ways you can try to fix the issue you are facing, but most of them are not really helpful. Here I’ve shown you some solutions that are useful when Microsoft doesn’t send you a verification code. I hope that these solutions will help you to fix the issue and get the code. But if worse comes to worst you can reach out to Microsoft support and ask for help.


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