Instagram is a world for itself. A great world that provides us business, funny time and etc. but even this world has its own limitations. For example, the number of following, unfollow and even likes on Instagram are not infinite. So be careful. That’s why we decided to write a comprehensive article about Instagram limitations (especially the follow limits). This article discusses the following issues:
Follow limitation on Instagram
Like limitation on Instagram
Hashtag limitation on Instagram
• The limitation of caption and comment characters
• The limitation of posts on Instagram

Before going to the main topic, if you see any errors on Instagram, check this blog on how to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed.

Follow limitation on Instagram

As you’ve already noticed, the number of people you can follow on Instagram is not unlimited. Instagram stops you after a while. Instagram’s reason for doing this (based on what was said by its developers) is to prevent being spammed. Now, what is your idea about the number of people you can follow on Instagram? Can you guess? The correct answer to this question is 7500. You can only follow 7500 people on Instagram and if you go higher than this, Instagram will send you a message. If you continue to follow, you may be blocked. This is important to understand if you’re looking into how to buy Instagram likes or followers on Instagram.

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Of course, many of us don’t follow this number of people on Instagram. But if you are a part of highly active Instagram users, you should remember this. And if you are close to that, you can re-examine the list of people or pages you are following. Most likely, there will be pages that are not so active or are not important enough to be followed. You can easily unfollow such pages to help you keep your useful and more engaging pages.
The number I mentioned above is a general figure. It does not matter if you’ve taken 7500 people in one year or a few years. Now, why do we say this? Because there is an additional limit too. Instagram also has other limitations for following and it is counted as an hourly or daily basis. Let me say it easier:
According to the new Instagram update, you cannot follow more than 60 pages or people per hour. Of course, there is no limit to the people who are following you (or your followers). No matter how many people follow you, you will not face any limitations.

Like limitation on Instagram

The like limit on Instagram is about 100-200 per day. However, it depends on the time you spend on Instagram. It’s better to avoid like too many posts in a raw because Instagram may block you.

It’s better not to like in a raw. So, maximum likes per hours could be 10-20 because TikTok knows the average activity hours in a day.

In addition to the following number, Instagram has created limitations for the likes of the users as well. Although this is the only hourly limit. Now would you like to guess the maximum number of likes in an hour? If you do this, your account may be locked or blocked.

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Of course, this number is very high at one hour, and nobody can reach this number unless the account is managed by several people or use a tool like Instagram growth services that use auto like features on behalf of you. In any way know this point and adhere to it.

Hashtag limitation on Instagram

Yes. Even #hashtags are limited on Instagram. But honestly, it’s really delightful because some accounts overstep the mark. You can only use 30 #hashtags for every Instagram post that you want to publish. so be careful and use the best hashtags. For gathering more information about popular hashtags read this article.

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The limitation of caption and comment characters

Instagram has applied limitations in different parts that you use emoji or write texts. This limitation is the number of characters. Word, space, dash, hashtag, emoji and all that you enter with the keyboard is a character count and these characters are limited. some of Instagram growth services have a comment manager feature to control these limitations on comments behalf of you.

• The number of characters in your account name cannot exceed 30 characters
• The number of bio characters cannot exceed 150 characters

What about comment and caption below the post? Do they have limitations too? Or we can write as much as we want? As you might guess, these are limited too. Instagram did not apply this limit from the beginning. But later, by increasing the number of posts with very long captions and comments, Instagram applied this. You can write 2200 characters for your caption or comment and you cannot write even one more.

The limitation of posts on Instagram

Is there any limitation on posting? If so, is this hourly, daily or based on total posts? If these issues have come to you, you have come to the right place. The answer is “NO”. You don’t have any limits on Instagram for posting and publish as much as you like!

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Something we do not know?

What we said in this article was based on the recent Instagram updates. There may be a new limitation during this period or some of these restrictions may be reduced. If you face such problems, be sure to inform us so that we update our information and bring it to the article.


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  1. You left it incomplete to mention maximum number of likes per hour. 200-300 mentioned as daily but left us guessing for per hour likes.

    • Nova GutsalReply

      Hi, thank you for your comments. It’s better not to like in a raw. So, maximum likes per hours could be 10-20 because TikTok knows the average activity hours in a day.

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