Many Instagram users report that they face this error “you’ve been logged out Instagram”. when they trying to login in again, Instagram won’t let them to re-login, or keeps logging them out. So, here are the possible reasons:

# Instagram is down

If Instagram keeps you logging out continuously and you believe everything is fine with you, so it’s an Instagram bug.

Check if Instagram is down with , if this is the case you should see a sharp increase in chart as it is shown in the picture:

So, if you are sure that’s an Instagram bug, so better wait a couple of minutes or even hours for Instagram to make it happen. If Instagram keeps you logged out, this is something usual and no concerns with it.

#Instagram app is updating

Most of errors happens when Instagram is adding a new feature, so don’t worry if you can’t stay logged in. logged out from Instagram app, and try to logging next day because it takes a couple of hours to get fixed.

#You are on mobile

If you are on mobile phone, and you need to use your Instagram emergency, so don’t miss using Instagram on PC. You can’t also use it on your mobile phone browser, because Instagram will force you to use Instagram app.

If you want to post something, you can use Creator Studio owned by Facebook, to post from PC for both Facebook and Instagram.

#You are doing suspicious activity

If you see another warning, such as suspicious activity, so it’s not an Instagram bug anymore. This is the rare case, because this error mostly happens when something is wrong with Instagram itself.

#It’s Instagram trick to keep you safe

Instagram is one of the most popular social apps. So, its security id of importance for the world. If you search on the internet, you see that changing password is recommended by Instagram itself. We can assume that Instagram is doing something to force users to change their password.

It has a number of advantages for Instagram, because it will log out those who are not the account owners. In this case only account owners can have access to Instagram account.

#Someone else trying to login

We assume that this is not Instagram bug, and everything is fine with them. So, the only case is that something is wrong with your own account.

If you have shared your login info with someone else, or any other third parties, so better you change your password.

#your Instagram app is not up to date

Since updating Instagram app is a manual action, in most cases people forgot to keep their apps updated.

  • You can go to Google Play Store, or App store (iPhone users)
  • Type in the name of Instagram in the search bar
  • If you see “update” option beside its icon it means you need to update it
  • Tap update and wait until it shows open
  • Open Instagram app
  • Enter your login info

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  1. Two weeks ago my Instagram account was deactivated for no reason I reach out to passcode_restore on Instagram and he got me back my page I so happy do send hya request should you have similar issue

  2. Edge/Chrome browser will no longer maintain a login. Constantly being asked to log in, but it at least holds my password in cache. Almost every click, search, or video play results in the need to refresh and log in again. Different browsers, password change, clear cache, doesn’t matter. Same thing every time.

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