If you have searched internet about the ways to increase followers on Instagram, you probably have seen the phrase“Instagram bot”. It is actually a bot that helps you to quickly increase your real Instagram followers who are interested in your page too. Instagram bot is the least costly and also the best way to increase Instagram followers. But what exactly is this bot and what does it do? We will answer these two questions with details in this article.

What is an Instagram bot?

Before explaining Instagram bot, we need to talk about a usual method of increasing followers on Instagram. One of the best ways to gain new followers in Instagram is to engage with other pages. That means you should follow people who may be interested in your page and like their posts and comment on them. So they will visit your page and engage with it in response. It is not unlikely that you have already tried this method and have experienced its high performance, or even have seen those who are using the same technique to boost their followers. It’s not hard to figure out why this technique works properly. It’s quite natural that when someone follows your page and likes and comments on your posts, you become mutually curious to check his page. If you find the page interesting, you would follow it as well.An Instagram bot works exactly the same. It follows other pages, likes the posts and comments on them on behalf of your page. So why should you use an Instagram bot if you can do it yourself? Here is the difference: an Instagram bot worksautomatically and you just need to set the initial settings. In the following sections, we will explain how an Instagram bot works.

How does an Instagram bot work?

So far, we have understood what an Instagram bot is. Now it is the time to figure out how it works. A good Instagram bot is very efficient in increasing the real Instagram followers and attracting people who are interested in your page. But how does it happen?When setting up an Instagram bot, you need to specify two general issues explained bellow:


1: What type of engagement are you interested in?

As we said before, you can use an Instagram bot to engage with users in a variety of ways:

  • Instagram bot can automatically like others’ posts.
  • Your bot can automatically comments on others’ posts.
  • Your Instagram bot can automatically follow related pages and also unfollow them after a while if you want.

When you activate an Instagram bot, you can determine which technique should be used to attract new followers. In addition to the techniques, you can also specify the speed of these processes. For example, you can set the bot to follow ten targeted pages in one hour. This is how you can attract thousands of followers. These followers are real people who are also interested in your page. But how does a bot come up with such a solution? We will answer this question in the following section.

2: Who do you want to interact with?

It is not definitely useful if you like someone’s post who does not have the slightest interest in your page. Such a person is not going to turn into your follower at the end.You are interested in Real followers for sure. To gain real followers, bots provide you with an extraordinary capability to identify and target people who are your main audiences. A bot will do it in three different ways. Here we will explain different methods of targeting audiences using Instagram bots:

Use relevant hashtags to increase the number of your likes and followers 

Most Instagram pages use hashtags to specify the subject of their posts. This feature gives Instagram bots a great opportunity to find the best pages to engage with. You should just specify the hashtags relevant to your work. For example, if you work in a clothes-related industry, you can target the pages which are using hashtags likes #dress and #fashion.

Target people in a certain geographical location

Sometimes you are just looking for users who are located in a certain region. For example, you may want your followers to be from a specific city like California or Los Angles. So you can set your Instagram bot to interact with users who have published posts in your desired location.Additionally, it is not necessary to target locations as large as a city. Sometimes you may want to target just a neighborhood in a city or even a street, for example, people who are located in Bakers Street. Our Instagram bot has provided this feature for you.

Target a page (a competitor’s page)

When someone is interested in a page similar to yours, he most probably would like your page too. So targeting a competitor’s page will definitely help you increase your followers. Thankfully, Instamber Instagram bot have providedthis feature too, so you can interact with followers of other pages.


You can use more sophisticated targeting approaches 

This is not the end of Instagram bot’s task. There are even more sophisticated ways to set up a bot to fit your needs. For example, assume that your have a page to sell clothes. So you can target those who are interested in fashion and attire byspecifying different hashtags like #fashion and #purchase in your Instagram bot.But the point is that when someone uses a hashtag like #purchase, he or she is more probably a seller who is your competitor. So it is not useful to interact with this page. However Instagram users who have interaction with this targetedpage are very important to your business. As a result, it is surely beneficial to follow these pages. As you may have guessed, the setting of our advanced Instagram bot lets you to perform all these actions.

How effective is Instagram bot in attracting new followers?

Well, all these explanations seem very useful. But the big question here is how effective is the use of Instagram bot in attracting new followers. Regarding our experience, we have found out that a page can get 1000 to 2000 new followers per month on average. But you should not forget that getting new followers depends entirely on your page’s quality. If you have an attractive page, getting 5k new followers in a month is not extraordinary. But when you have an inactive page or it is simply not interesting enough, the Instagram bot’s efficiency will decrease. In addition to raising the number of your followers, using an Instagram bot has another advantage. You can measure your page’s charm and improve its quality over time using the bot. How does it measure the quality of your page? It is simple, if the bot attracts less than 1000 followers in a month, it means that you do not have an attractive page for Instagram users and it needs a revision.