Growing on Instagram needs more than just sharingquality contentat the right time for the right audience.

Yes, quality content is an integral part but it is not the only integral part of increasing the number of your followers.

Besides that, a marketer or a business which want togrow rapidlyon Instagram needs toengagewith other Instagram users and not just a few users.

But what do we mean by engagement? It includes all types of action which may encourage users to come back to your page, follow it and engage with your posts; one of the best ways is liking other Instagram users’ posts.

Here, we would explain how you can run a successful growth campaign usingInstamber Instagram bot, following these steps:

  • 1. Requirement
  • 2. Target your audience
  • 3. Run the growth campaign
  • 4. Measure your performance

Growth requirements

Before starting to run any growth campaign, you need to observe some requirements. These requirements are, in fact, essential to gain more followers using Instagram auto liker :

1) A perfect profilewhich includes a good profile picture and name and a comprehensive Bio describing you or your business and representing your contact information.

For more information about what you should include in your Instagram profile, readthis article.

2) High-quality contents:you need to share at least 10 high-quality posts to start your campaign to get more followers and you should continue sharing quality contents which are interesting for your audience.

Read our article “How to go viral on Instagram?” to find out what you should share on your Instagram page.

Target the right audience

Defininga target marketand finding the right audience helps your company develop effective marketing strategies.

Finding the right audience, you can be sure that they consequently engage with your page and increase its engagement rate which leads to appearing to more Instagram users. Instamber gives you several options:

Hashtag: You can target people who are using specific hashtags or following pages using those hashtags with Instamber.

Location: Instamber helps you to target people located in a geographical area whether it is a country or a neighborhood. It is especially important for businesses which have a physical store.

Competitors’ pages:Instamber also lets you target followers of your competitors which are interested in your niche for sure and follow you sooner or later if you have quality contents.

Target the audience more accurately with Instamber filters

Though these features are very helpful in finding the right audience, you can even make it more accurate by the filters which Instamber provides for you.See a list of Instamber filters here.

Run your advanced Instagram auto liker

Following the steps above, Instamber is ready to automatically like your target audiences’ posts on your behalf.

You can also automaticallyfollowother users,commenton their posts andview their storiesby running Instamber; but before doing so, we highly recommend to read the following observations:

– Instagram limitations:if you exceed a specific number in performing an action on Instagram, it will find it as spam and would ban you form doing it for a while. Read about Instagram limitations in our Help Page.

– Add Proxy:In order to make your auto like campaign even more fruitful, we suggest to add a proxy to your Instamber account. Having a proxy, your account will be connected to Instagram with a unique IP.

– Avoid Manual likes:Automating your“Like”action by Instamber Instagram bot, prevent liking other users manually.

Measure your performance

KPI or key performance indicator is a measurable amount which shows how yourauto like’s campaignhas been successful. Here, we would consider it as thenumber of followersyou will get using Instagram auto liker.

Considering that you can define up to20 targetsfor your Instagram auto liker by Instamber and they can be a mix of all the options mentioned above and they would work simultaneously and separately to increase the number of your followers, you should observe the following conditions and define a new strategy when needed:

1. If the KPI of all your promotions were under 3 percent, you should perform the following actions:

– Check your account to be public,not private

– Reconsider yourBioadprofile picture

– Check thefiltersyou have set in the system to target your audience

– Add newpromotionsand measure theperformanceagain

2. If KPI of some of the promotions were low:

– Delete them andadd new promotions

– To increase KPI, activate auto follow and auto view of stories.


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