Maybe before we talk aboutbook influencers on Instagram, we need to know what a blog is and what is the difference with our familiar word“weblog”?

The fact is that the blog is the same as a weblog, just as the site is the website; But there is a difference in the details. This means that when you talk about“site” in English, you can mean any place or location, but when you say“website”, you are talking about a page on the Internet.

Blogging is similar to weblogging, except that your platform has expanded; For example, on Instagram, YouTube, and… Blogging, means that you know how to talk about your interests, and after a short period of time, bring like-minded people with you, and this companionship can also be a source of income by advertising. Understand that this is not bad, it just has principles that you should be familiar with.

book influencers on Instagram

Who are book influencers on Instagram?

A book blogger is someone whose job is to introduce new books and review old books. Not only is he/she an active reader, but he/she has also become an expert because of his/her active reading, and his/her tips can be guiding references for buying and reading books.

book influencer on Instagram

Be a real reader before deciding to be a book blogger

To become a blogger, you must first of all be really interested in books and reading. In a world full of video, music information, and data, you should be one of those people who do not get bored reading books and are not afraid to see the volume of several hundred pages of books.

Do not forget that today’s audience is intelligent, and especially if they are books and reading people, they will recognize well whether you have really read the book you are talking about or whether everything has the color and smell of ordering from a source and reference.

How to start to book influencers on Instagram? (How to be book influencers on Instagram?)

In the first steps, you need to specify a prioritized list of your interests. If you were in front of a library shelf, what books would you go to first? Novel? History? Philosophy? Psychology? Then choose the most popular network, Instagram(nowadays).

Your first collection of posts should be about books that interest you personally, because you will naturally write about them with more heart and soul, and consequently, you will attract the first audience(which you have to turn them into the most loyal ones) more deeply. We all know that novels have more audiences. Start with novels; And then start writing forever in your favorite space(which can be anything), but how do you write?

1. Choose an account with a thoughtful ID

In today’s world, the most popular pages on networks are Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, Twitter, and more. It is better that the audience that follows you on each of these platforms, can easily find you by typing your ID in other spaces, but how to share information and data in these different pages, there are principles that we will discuss below.

2. Do not personalize the issue

A highly important point in introducing the novel is not to spoil it, that is, not to reveal its main story. Or if you are talking about a history book, leave the discovery of many unspoken things to the reader and the buyer of the book.

You need to write in such a way that the audience becomes curious about the book and decides to buy it. Writing a few short lines from the text of the book is a solution that always works.

Next, you should be able to write your analysis and interpretation from the same few lines, but in a mysterious way, so that questions and ambiguities remain and your reader has no choice but to read the book. In writing those few lines of your own writing about the book, you must acquire a certain skill and know that an unprofessional and superficial explanation and analysis can question your entire credibility and authenticity.

In particular, keep in mind that your personal opinions and beliefs should not be involved in the representation of this book, unless you have specifically used the phrase“in my opinion”, which should also be done with great obsession, as it is possible Is losing your audience and this is not a joke at all.

3. Where to write?

Know your work contexts. Obviously, the subject of the photo is important on the Instagram platform. Putting a cup of tea or fruit next to the book, by the time you read this post, is already cliche and you should have thought of more interesting ideas.

These ideas should have your own personal signature and it is up to you to think about the kind of creativity, you just have to consider that it is the book itself that should attract attention and not the sidewalls. Post controversial and critical feedback on Twitter, and leave sweet chapters for YouTube or similar blogs. Stand in front of the camera and read a part of the book and share the video(Vlog) in your video account and then give the address to the audience on Instagram.

4. Should I read all the books to be book influencers on Instagram?

One of the principles of success in blogging is the regular and routine process of publishing content. A beauty blogger can maintain this with a simple plan, but what about a book blogger?

Or are you able to introduce three books a week on a regular basis? Three books that you yourself are aware of! The fact is that no one can read all the new books in all publications, because it is not more than 24 hours a day.

But just as a blindfolded chef can slice a carrot with unbelievable speed without cutting his/her hand with a knife, you will be able to spend thirty to forty minutes on the book. Gain an overview of each book and then Google its name, and figure out what to do to get the audience to make a purchase decision.

Remember that your work ultimately leads to an increase in the desire to read books in the community, and this is a big event. You just have to be honest with your audience; Avoid exaggeration and try to find out what are the strengths of each book?

5. Plan for your book blogging account

Naturally, you can not spend much of your day spending on Instagram and preparing colorful posts. But there is no other way to keep your page up to date! What can be done now? Yes! planning!

To do this, you can use apps that give you the ability to schedule each of your posts in a variety of user accounts, and then have your photos posted on Instagram at a predetermined time.

6. Book Bloggers Content Production Ideas

Introducing book

The most common content in the field of book blogging is book introduction. But you have to be able to be creative and diversify posts. Choose interesting sentences from the book and shorten them; It is more interesting to add your opinion to it so that your content is different from any other person.

Note:State the subject of the book without spoiling.

Preparation of lists

A variety of lists can be provided, for example, lists of:

  • Top 10 books read by you (and suggested to the audience)
  • Top 5 Popular Characters in Books
  • 10 books to read before the age of 30

Provide information about authors

To do this, you need to produce content in such a way that the audience communicates with the author in their minds and remembers him/her well. Some of these writers have had some weird habits that can be fun and interesting to produce your content.

Audiobook presentation programs

There are many active applications in this field that also have a large audience. You can explain and critique the work with these applications to produce content. If your review is great, it can attract followers. If a book blogger has a significant number of followers, he/she can receive money from them in exchange for introducing these programs.


Include fun topics in your content for example:

  • Interesting and entertaining facts about books and their authors
  • How to make a bookmark
  • How to make a candle for reading moments
  • You can introduce the stationery you use and advertise if you have a high number of followers.


Challenging is an effective way to engage your audience. For example, to read the book you want, consider the time interval for that book to be read. Then start reviewing the book and ask the audience for their opinions. Giving and exchanging books can be another part of your challenge.

Book photography

In the image-driven world of Instagram, the attractiveness of your content is highly important. So having the art of photography can be an advantage for you. You can also teach photography to your audience. This type of content production is both fun and informative.

Critique presentation

Subscribe to sites where users review books and get inspired by their ideas publish theirs on your page. One of the most reputable and popular sites is good reads that you can use.

And a few more points about the book blogger

Holding Instagram book contests is also an interesting idea that is not so old yet. With a little creativity, you can get good results from it, because you will meet with general success, because books are still more affordable than many other entertainments.

Be sure to answer the question comments about the books themselves, but the answer should be in a way that brings the audience closer to this decision: which is I have to buy this book!

And remember, many audiences may not follow you, but after a while, they decide to do so as not to lose even one of your comments; This is where the importance of storytelling on Instagram comes into play; Write in this short, concise, and attractive.

Do not rush to build your blog. First, take a tour of Instagram. Give yourself time to visit your favorite posts and pages and enjoy first and foremost. Then, over time, you will find the way. Remember that in this way, the passion of reading is more important than anything.

Book bloggers Vs. book influencers

Book reviewing dates back to the pre-renaissance era, which means that a bunch of professional readers or elites discussed new books or pamphlets written by authors. So, mostly the first job of reviewers is talking about the contents of books and mention strong and weak points of theirs.

Today, because of online interactions, most reviewers write about books online.

Social media such as Instagram and Twitter help to review too, however, in the meanwhile, some other jobs like book influencers have been inaugurated.

Now, we are going to talk about how they are different and their overlapping.

An influencer is a person mostly helping the book promotion and he/she receives money or free copies of books in exchange. But, reviewers do more professional jobs and sometimes cause the book not to sell, or make books bestsellers. In other words, book reviewers are experts who read books and write about them, not just some famous people who use their fame for selling books.

Likewise, the term blogger, or in this case book bloggers are the people who have expertise in a field and write articles and blogs about those fields.

What is bookstram?

Ever heard the word“bookstagram or Instagram book”? If not here’s a new product just for you! Each of us may have thought of launching one of these accounts at some point. Or at least once or twice experienced book photography. But the reality is that, contrary to popular belief, managing a successful and popular Instagram book is not that simple.

Bookstagram firstly began as an Instagram hashtag to show posts that are related to books and book reviews. Images and videos relevant to books normally contain book reviews criticism, and book suggestions.

Some posts may seem pleasing to some book lovers.

Although the word bookstagram emerged as a book-related word on Instagram, many other niches such as fashionistas and foodies have started using it, so it got more and more pleasant.

If you are passionate book readers or a lousy one, you can search this hashtag and as a professional reader make the most of it and if you are just a beginner, get inspired by it.

How to become a book influencers on Instagram?

Using hashtags is what makes any kind of account more visible and easy to access for everyone, particularly, in the working field. So, the audience who like to see the accounts that they desire the search for the most trending hashtags, and the bloggers who intend to develop their accounts.

In the next section, we offer some of the most popular hashtags used by book influencers and their audience.

Top book hashtags on Instagram












Other related hashtags:











Top 10 book influencers on Instagram

Nowadays books become popular subjects on social media such as Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. Although their audience is less than other common subjects, there are many communities that are dedicated to book, book reading, and book blogging. For instance:

  • BookTube
  • BookTokers
  • Bookstagrammers

So, the above-mentioned points bring about the rise of book bloggers, below, we are going to introduce some of them and brief points about them:


Number of followers:68.3k

The blogger is a girl majoring English literature introducing and reviewing books

Book Girl Magic

Number of followers: 23.3k

Renée Amanda manages this account focusing on black women, and their literature. There she suggests books and inspires discussion.


Number of followers: 16.7k

The account has been established by Emilie Haney of E.A.H. She reviews books and gives writing tips to her audience.

The Reader and the Chef

Number of followers: 98.8k

Two sisters called Melissa and Isabel own the account and run it by giving book reviews and presenting them aesthetically.


Number of followers: 24.7k

Jordan Hickey develops her Instagram with pink and gathers a warm environment on her account to talk literature.


Number of followers: 28.7k

Kathrine also develops an account visually beautiful with a lot of book recommendations, and gorgeous pictures.


Number of followers: 27.7k

Patience E. Randle’s account is one of the most aesthetic accounts among book bloggers so, besides her book blogging activities, she tries to upgrade her account graphically, and she is an ambassador for books.

She also integrates her daily lifestyle content into her book reviewing so, this makes her blog so various.

In one of her posts, she explains that she is going to read the book Animal by Lisa Taddeo, she recaps the book in a few lines and asks her audience whether they read the book or not, and then she will review the book and talk about the book separately.

Folded Pages Distillery

Number of followers: 118K

Another interesting book account, with visual attractions, is Folded pages Distillery and if you know a detailed statement and great reviews, do not hesitate to visit Folded pages Distillery.

Well-Read Black Girl

Number of followers: 426k

Another account that works on black books is well-read black girl, she reads and reflects on works of black girls and women.

Elizabeth Sagan

Number of followers: 194k

She called herself a book whisperer and combines catching posts of books and her life. She made a lot of pictures using books that are exclusive of her.

Final Thoughts

The spread and popularity of social networks in recent years has given rise to many people to spend a lot of time around the clock on these networks, but the number of people who follow the relevant accounts to introduce books compared to other pages such as fun, cosmetics, and everyday life is very limited and it is difficult for us to attract people. And this has made book bloggers one of the least popular content producers on Instagram.

If you like to establish your bookstagram or know famous bloggers in this field, we hope that this article helps you.


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