Instagram hashtags are one of the most effective tools for gaining a higher engagement rate. Using hashtags properly is definitely better than not using them at all. As we explained in the article about Topic Channels, by the emergence of this new Instagram update, the importance of using hashtags has been doubled compared to Instagram’s previous version. Pages that use Instagram hashtags better have more chance of being seen by millions of Instagram users. In the following section, we will explain how to use hashtags more efficiently.

What are Instagram hashtags?

The first step is to answer what  Instagram hashtags are. A hashtag is a combination of letters, numbers and even emoji with the sign #, without any space between them. Hashtags would categorize posts and make it easier to search for similar contents.
Maybe you are like those who run away from using hashtags or have not gotten any result using this option. But it will be interesting to know that posts with hashtags have 12% more engagement rate than others.
Instagram Hashtags

What Instagram hashtags to use?

People usually look for popular hashtags when posting, but using these hashtags to gain good results just because of their popularity is wrong. Many Instagram users think the same and this leads to having a lot of competitors in using the hashtags and having no chance of your post going viral.
That’s why you should not use popular hashtags like #love, #happy or #fashion. There are many people using these hashtags and you will have many competitors. Therefore, our suggestion is to choose balance hashtags which means you must select Instagram hashtags that are popular and your post can go viral among them too.
Instagram Hashtags

How to get high up on the Instagram hashtag page?

As you may know, hashtags are divided into two different sections, Top and Recent. To get more feedback you must use hashtags in the way that they appear in the Top section. Instagram rates posts in hashtag page depending on the time you share them and also their engagement rate that is having more likes and comments. It means that if two posts have exactly 10k likes and comments, the one being published earlier will appear on top of the hashtag page.

Important notes in using Instagram hashtags:

  • Besides community hashtags, use branded hashtags for your business. Branded hashtags which are specific to your company and brand are a useful tool to measure your marketing efforts.
  • Make sure to use related hashtags. Using popular hashtags which have no relevance to your page may have no advantage.

Instagram Hashtags

  • It is better to use hashtags in English if you want to reach Topic channel section because Instagram is more sensitive to English rather than any other language.
  • Although you can use 30 hashtags for each post, there is no obligation to use all 30 possible hashtags. Do not sacrifice quality for quantity. Use related and high-quality hashtags to save your chance of going viral and spend your time to find these hashtags.
  • The last thing to say is that if you use unrelated and repetitious hashtags, your page may get penalized by Instagram from using hashtags for about 14 days and get shadow banned. So be cautious in using hashtags.