As you may know, Instagram has turned to one of the most popular social networks all around the world. It is not just popular among youths, almost 32% of elder ones use this application as well. If you are using this platform for the first time or if you want to grow your page and get more followers, you need to know Instagram tricks; they would make your Instagram presence more fruitful. Continue reading to grow your page rapidly.

Different people use Instagram for different purposes. Some use Instagram for business purposes, create an online store to sell product or services; some use Instagram to create a personal brand to earn money by paid partnership or work as a digital marketer or social media assistant to manage one or several accounts; and there are also users who have personal accounts just to stay in touch with their family and friends. Whatever your reason is to use Instagram, you need to learn these tricks to make the most out of Instagram. Here we explain each of these Instagram tricks which many users don’t know about. So, if you want to be a professional Instagrammer don’t miss them.

  1. Turn on Post Notification for your Favorite Accounts

You may have friends in your following list which are more important for you and you want to see all their posts just when they publish them; or one of the business pages you follow is going to publish a post about a contest or discount in the following days and you want to be the first person who gets notified. Here is where this Instagram feature comes to aid. This is, in fact, one of the most important Instagram tricks to track down your competitors’ activity. 

Instagram provides an opportunity for you to get notifications whenever a favorite person or brand publish a new post. You only need to turn on Post Notification for each of these persons. To do so, go to their profile and tap the menu button in the top right corner, and choose Turn on Post Notifications in the menu.

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You can also turn it off whenever you want by following the same steps and choosing “Turn off Post Notifications”. However, you should note that before turning on post notifications for any of your friends, you need to first turn on Instagram notifications in the settings of your phone using the following instructions:

  • Activate Instagram notifications in iPhone and iPad: click on “Notifications” in your phone Settings, choose Instagram and then tap “Allow Notifications”.
  • Activate Instagram notifications in Android: Choose “Apps” in your phones “Settings”, in the menu choose Instagram and activate its notifications.
  1. How to see all the posts you have liked?

Have you ever wanted to see all the posts you have liked in a single view? Choose “Options” in your profile (an icon which is shown as gear in iPad and iPhone and as three dots in Android phones). In the menu which appears, choose “Posts You’ve Liked”.

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If you are no longer interested in a post, you can click on the picture and when the post appears, unlike it. The user would not get notified that you have not liked the post.

  1. Create a collection of your saved photos

One of the most interesting tricks of Instagram is the possibility of creating an album of your pictures. Instagram lets you save some photos and create an album with them. Do you want to try it? If your answer is yes, click the bookmark sign in the menu above your Instagram posts.

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Then select “Collections”, click “Create Collection” and write the name you like. It can be for example a collection of best travel destinations with the same name.

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Choosing the collection name, choose “Done”. Now you can save photos related to the topic which you like in the collection. But how you can save the photos and posts. The answer is easy, you only need to tap the Bookmark sign beneath each post you want.

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After a while, you will have a collection of interesting photos. You can even add to it by clicking “Add to Collection” and choosing photos from the lists which appears.

  1. Find posts your friends have liked or commented on recently

If you are going to find more friends on Instagram, you can do it through your current friends which you are following. What makes using Instagram even more interesting is the possibility of having mutual friends with your following list. Tracking the activity of people who you are following (including their likes and comments), you can find your mutual friends.

In order to find out what your friends are doing, you can tap the “Heart” icon at the bottom of the app. Now you can see a list of your likes and comments on the posts of other users. Above the same page, you can see a tab named as “Following” in which you can see the activity of people whom you are following.

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If you want to find your mutual friends or you are simply interested to track your friends’ activity, this is one of the Instagram tricks which helps a lot.

  1. Visit a page without being tracked back

Have you ever was tempted to visit a person’s Instagram page and pictures but you worry that you may like his photos accidentally?

In order to reduce the possibility, you can turn your phone flight mode on in which your phone would not be connected to the Internet. Doing so, even if you double tap a picture, you would be sure that you would not like it. But you should note that when your phone flight mode is on, the pictures would not be loaded so you should first let the pictures get loaded and then turn off Wi-Fi or internet connection.

  1. Clear your search history

This is one of the most important Instagram tricks for people who don’t want their activity on Instagram to be tracked down. In your profile, tap the gear icon (Options) and choose “Clear Search History” in the menu and then choose “Yes, I’m sure”.

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  1. Change the order of filters and hide the ones you don’t like

This is one of the most useful Instagram tricks for people who use Instagram professionally. Using Instagram frequently, you may have some favorite filters which you prefer to use. In order to make your experience more productive, you can change the order of filters and hide filters you don’t like.

To change your filter settings, upload a new photo, in the step in which you can choose filters, swipe the filters to the right to find “Manage”.

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Entering the menu, you can change their order by holding your finger on the three lines beside each filter and move them up or down based on your preferences. To hide any filter, tap the tick beside it to remove it. Changing your preferences, tap “Done” to save all the changes.

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  1. Use Instagram as a photo editing tool

If you like Instagram filters, you can simply use them without sharing the pictures on your profile. To do so, you should upload your photos when your phone flight mode is on or have no Wi-Fi connection. Don’t forget to activate “Save Original Photo” in your accounts “Settings” before uploading your photos.

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Turning off your internet connection, upload photos, as usual, use the filters you like, edit your pictures and share them. Following these steps, a network error appears so the picture will not be shared but it will be saved in your phone gallery.

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  1. Hide pictures you have been tagged on

When a person tags you on a picture or video, that post will automatically appear on your profile and will be saved in the “Photos of You”. If you don’t want these pictures to appear on your profile, you can easily hide them. To find these posts, go to your profile, tap the icon showing a person beneath you Bio.

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Then tap the three dots on the top right of your screen and choose “Hide Photos”. Then select the posts you want to hide and finally tap “Hide From Profile” at the bottom of your screen.

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Using these Instagram tricks, the pictures would not delete, they just get hide in your profile.

  1. Confirm posts in which you are tagged before they appear on your profile

As we said in the previous section when a person shares a photo of you and tags you on the photo, the post will be shown on your profile but you can change your profile setting. So just the images which you confirm would appear on your profile.

Repeat the steps we mentioned in trick 9 to see the posts you have been tagged on. Then tap the three dots at the top right of the page, click “Tagging Options” and chose “Add Manually”.

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Choosing this option, when a person tags you on a photo, you will receive a notification and you can decide whether it appears on your profile or not.

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If you want the picture appears on your profile, choose “Show on My Profile”; otherwise choose “Hide from My Profile”.

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  1. View the pictures of a specific region

Another interesting feature of Instagram is that you can see photo and videos captured in a specific area or near your own location. For example, consider traveling to a city or country which you have no information about. You can see its photos on Instagram and get information about its natural or historical attractions, hotels, and local restaurants. Follow these steps to see posts about a location:

  • Search for the location:

Tap the magnifier icon at the bottom of your Instagram page in the menu which appears. Tap the search box on top of the menu and choose “Places” beneath it; then insert name of the city or country you are interested in.

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When you search the name of the place, you will see a list of all posts shared with that geotag.

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  • Search for the Geotag:

You can see a list of posts which have used a specific geotag by clicking on a specific geotag. Open the post, click on its geotag, and then all the posts shared with that location will appear.

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  • Search photos were taken near your location:

Follow all the steps above and in the tab of “Places”, tap the search box and select “Near Current Location”.

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Choose the place you like among the choices which appear and see a list of posts with that geotag.

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