Everyone in his life has been at least 100 times online or offline. Oh, How Instagram can be dangerous.

The ability to recognize Instagram online status has been added to this app. By this feature, there will be no need to tell lie to your audience about how much time you are online. Because they can see the last time that you used Instagram easily. Of course, if you haven’t changed your Instagram settings. In this article, we will tell you how to detect the Instagram online presence and above all how to hide it.

How to understand who is online on Instagram?

This new Instagram feature only works for users who use the latest version of Instagram. So the first step to detect Instagram online status is updating Instagram. Now that you’ve updated your Instagram, go to your directories. You can see the online status of the users that you talked to and the last time that they have been online. In some versions of Instagram, you may also see a green light next to the names of people who are online. 

Instagram online status

But what do these numbers and characters mean?

“Active 23m ago” = the last online status was 23 minutes ago

“Active 1h ago” = the last online status was 1 hour ago

“Active now” = the user is online now

The major point of this issue is to differentiate the last online status and the time of the last message. As shown in the image below, the “Active” word is not written below the user’s photo and the 5h statement does not display the last time of being online. But it means that the last message was exchanged 5 hours ago. In fact, it’s not possible to recognize the online presence of Instagram about this person. In the next section, we will tell you why some people’s information in your direct message part is displayed in this form.


Instagram online status

Hide online status on Instagram

Maybe you’re one of those people who have no desire to get around others! Such people are not interested in the fact that somebody is interfering in them too. Of course, recognizing the online status on Instagram should not be important for everyone. There are many who do not like to show their online and offline hours to Instagram for others. For this reason, Instagram has prepared a simple solution for you: hide Instagram online status.

If the last Instagram visit status of the user is not displayed to you, that user has disabled the option to show the online presence on Instagram. If you want to do so follow the steps below:

1- Go to Instagram settings

First, click on 3 points icon and go to Instagram settings. In this section, you can hide your last online presence status. Keep in mind that in settings, you can control all part of Instagram and change every setting upon your personal opinions. Instagram settings at first glance, may seem complicated. But if you once and forever know what each option does, it will make your Instagram looks the best. I had a friendship that after two years of being part of Instagram, he had just realized that he could filter out comments from the Instagram settings section from dirty words. I suggest you read our Instagram settings article to find out everything about Instagram settings.

2- Select Activity Status

Instagram online status

3- Turn off Show Activity Status

When you turn this option off, it’s no longer possible for each of your followers to find out your online presence status on Instagram. Notice that if you hide your online presence, Instagram will hide other’s online status from you too. If you turn off this option, you can no longer find out who is online on Instagram.

Instagram online status

My suggestion; the author

The author suggests that instead of following up the online presence or offline status of others, let’s do a useful job on Instagram. Let’s focus on your own page and try to increase your followers with your specific contents. If we want to be honest with ourselves, there are many clowns on Instagram and try to be a millionaire. Also, there are many genius people with open minds that try to be popular and wealthy by offering a unique idea.

But I’m not talking to these people. I’m talking to those who are similar to me. The people who love to be popular on Instagram and earn money but don’t know how to achieve this goal on Instagram. I highly suggest you make a plan for your life and business. Believe me, recognizing the online presence of others is not really important. But it’s very important to understand how a successful person acts. Spend some time for yourselves and read this amazing article.