Do you know who fashion influencers are and who is called a successful fashion influencer? Do you know how you can increase your blog from zero to twenty in 2021? At first glance, this profession and acquiring and strengthening its special skills seem very easy.

They usually think that creating a blog and maintaining and expanding it is simple and can be done immediately, but in fact, it is not! There is a big difference between creating an Instagram account and creating a successful one. A successful account should be able to attract and maintain an audience. If you want, you can get the necessary skills, and launch and manage a successful and popular Instagram account. In this article, we will introduce the fashion bloggers and special skills of this profession.

a smart female fashion influencer

Who are fashion influencers?

In today’s world, the fashion industry is not just about magazines and newspapers, but also fashion bloggers. The emergence of these new actors in the fashion world has played a very important role in this industry.
And who is a fashion blogger? Simply put, a fashion blogger is someone who is primarily known for their website; A website in the field of fashion! Fashion bloggers have their own unique points of view and tastes, and of course, each chooses its own way of expressing its point of view.

Fashion bloggers present their ideas in writing and video on their blogs.
Fashion blogging is an emerging profession; But today, fashion bloggers start their careers with their personal blogs and gradually move into fashion and business campaigns and even into well-known magazines.

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What skills do fashion influencers need?

If you want to become a fashion Influencer, we need to tell you that being a fashion blogger is more than just choosing nice clothes and accessories and being able to pose. Fashion blogging, like any other job, requires a lot of effort and skills; Therefore, if you want to be a successful blogger, you must prepare yourself for learning and effort.

Here are some of these skills:

1. Writing skills

One way to turn your account into a money-making one is to create valuable and engaging content for your audience.
You can never have a successful post without producing involving, effective and unique writing content. To produce compelling writing content, you need to improve your writing skills.

But how do you improve your writing skills? To strengthen this valuable skill, you must write every day and do not forget to write exercises. You do not have to publish everything you write online.
Always read; Visit popular and successful blogs and posts and read their content and get ideas from them. Remember that you should not imitate them, just get an idea, mix it with your own creativity, and finally, produce unique and appealing content.

Writing is a very important issue, But some fashion bloggers and those who want to enter this field ignore it.
You do not need to be a strong writer to become a fashion blogger, you just need to know the basics of writing and be able to produce readable content free of flashy words.

2. Networking skills to expand fashion influencers network

Networking is one of the most significant skills that every fashion blogger should acquire.

Networking helps you connect with thousands of other fashion bloggers and also increases your Instagram account traffic and sales.
You interact with multiple readers and audiences every day, and your account content should be in a way that keeps all your audience interested and loyal.

3. Photography and photo editing skills

A picture speaks thousands of words.

We are all aware of the impact of image on social media. The influence is multiplied in the case of fashion bloggers.
To publish attractive photos, you need to know the techniques of photography and photo editing well. To learn photography, you can read about photography in company photography classes and books related to this field.

To edit photos, you must be familiar with software such as Photoshop.

4. Familiarity with social media

Social media can be considered a new SEO. If you know social media, such as Twitter and Instagram greatly, and can attract a large audience there; As a result, you will be able to skyrocket your views and engagement, and traffic to your website.

Different social media icons to help you be fashion influencers

5. Marketing skills

One of the early necessary skills of all bloggers is familiarity with sales and marketing skills.

If you can not promote your blog content, you will soon fail.

6. Recognizing the audience

You need to know your audience well. Without knowing your target audience, you can not have a prosperous online business; therefore, if you want to be a successful fashion blogger, you need to know your audience’s moods and emotions well.

7. Planning and continuous work

Remember that a fashion blogger works just as much as a full-time employee, and his/her work is not similar to entertainment or fun.
As a fashion blogger, you need to plan carefully for each hour of your day so that you can always work patiently and motivated; In fact, time is one of the most essential assets you can invest in your business.

8. Knowing the right brands and choosing the right fashion influencers

As a successful fashion blogger, you need to know different brands, know their history, policies, and their products well, and be able to choose catching and appropriate clothes and accessories; In addition, you should be able to match your clothes and accessories to make a great look.

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Top hashtags of fashion blogging

As a fashion blogger, you probably post the latest fashions and styles on Instagram and seek to attract more followers.
The market for this work is quite saturated and many bloggers and photographers are trying to follow the same procedure.

As a result, if you want to become a fashion blogger, do not be afraid, and do it right.
One way to increase your view and engagement is to use suitable hashtags.

Hashtags can get your audience’s attention to your content and you can find followers and fans in your industry.


Who are the top Instagram fashion influencers?

1. Gabi Gregg, a plus size fashion influencer

plus-size fashion influencers

Gabi Gregg started a blog a decade ago and started her work with attractive, colorful, and happy styles for plus-size people.

Her clothes are just as full of life as her character.

With her content, she de-familiarized the misconception created by the media. The idea is that only thin people can be handsome. Her posts and styles show that anyone can wear any dress and any color and be beautiful.

We need more women like her in today’s society.

Social media:

2. Lisa Gachet, a creator, and fashionist

Lisa Gachet, one of fashion influencers

Number of followers: 112k

French blogger Lisa Gachet started blogging a few years ago.

She has recently launched a brand that represents what she truly believes in.

Make my lemonade, It is a brand that you can order your customized clothes based on your personality.

Lisa believes that originality is the most important principle in anything.

With her brand strategy, she wants you to share the originality of the clothes you wear.

Social media:

  • Linkedin:@lisa-gachet-makemylemonade
  • Instagram: @isagachet

3. Claire Goldsworthy, the fashion advocate

She loves fashion and became famous through her Instagram account.

She is not an ordinary Australian fashion blogger, but she teaches the art of how to consume products and use them creatively.

She works with brands that care more about the creativity of their products than being up-to-date.

Social media:

  • Instagram: @thefashionadvocate
  • Linkedin: @claire-goldsworthy

4. Asian looking fashion influencers

An Asian looking fashion blogger

She is a fashion blogger interested in people, art, culture, and music who lives all these interests.

Wendy loves a variety of colorful hats and hats are one of her main styles.

She is a content blogger and advocates for social justice, especially for teenagers.

She understands them because she was one of them.

Her activities have been very effective in improving the lives of these children.

Social media:

  • Twitter: @wendynguyen
  • Instagram : @wendyslookbook

5. Kat Farmer, a stylist

Kat Farmer is a 40-year-old fashion blogger with a personal style and a sense of humor.

According to her, she tries to live quietly and silently at the age of 40.

She has created an exciting balance between femininity and fashion in her style.

Social media:

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @kat_farmer
  • Instagram:@doesmybumlook40

6. iconaccidental, one of the most eminent fashion influencers

Lyn Slater began her career by proving that age is just a number.

She concluded that fashion blogs and bloggers have paid little (if any) attention to the needs of women over the age of 50.

So, he started working and now he is one of the fashion influencers over 50 years old.

She proves to everyone that she can wear happy and beautiful clothes at any age by wearing colorful clothes, flowers and cheerful and beautiful kimonos.

Social media:

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @lyn_icon
  • Instagram:@iconaccidental

7. Akanksha Redhu, a fashion consultant

Number of followers: 171k

Her blog is a mix of everyday travel posts and lifestyle, beauty tips, and of course most of all fashion.

She started her career with fashion ideas for fashion magazines.

Her account now has a huge number of followers and is one of the best bloggers in India.

Social media:

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @akanksharedhu
  • Instagram:@Akanksha Redhu
  • Pinterest: @akanksharedhu
  • Facebook: akanksharedhublog

8. Tanesha Awasthi, fashion and lifestyle influencer

A fashion blogger with a skirt

Her blog is inspiring and reliable for women all over the world.

Tanesha is a real star of the kind we all need.

You can follow her for tips on lifestyle, fashion, beauty and much more.

Social media:

  • Website:
  • Twitter: @girlwithcurves
  • Instagram:@girlwithcurves
  • Pinterest:@girlwithcurves
  • Facebook:@girlwithcurves

9. Gigi Hadid, a model and fashion blogger

GiGihadid, one of the most promising fashion blogger

Number of followers: 70m

GiGi Hadid is a famous American model born in 1995 in Los Angeles to a father (Palestinian-American) and a mother (German-American) who was selected in 2014 in the list of top 50 models on the website. 16 million followers and collaborations with brands such as Maybelline, Versace, Fendi, Chanel, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger to launch its own clothing line. Another of her important works was collaborating with Vogue glasses brand and producing 3 glasses with retro style. The secret of Gigi’s popularity is using leg pants, sneakers, sports pants and in general, having a comfortable and sporty style.

Social media:

  • Twitter: @GiGiHadid
  • Instagram: @gigihadid

10. Kendall Nicole Jenner

Kendall Nicole Jenner, among the most prosperous fashion influencers

Number of followers: 178m

Born in 1995 in Los Angeles, Kendall Jenner is one of the most eminent models in the fashion industry, and with more than 102 million followers, she is one of the most popular social media celebrities. She started her career at the age of 14 with the Sherri hill brand. Her progress was so fast that in 2015 she became one of the stars of the famous Victoria’s Secret brand. One of the important features of Kendall’s style is the combination of casual and formal styles. Jeans, Sports linen, and hooded sweatshirts are her most used items.

Other media:

  • Instagram:@kendalljenner
  • Twitter::@KendallJenner

11. Kristina Bazan

Number of followers: 2.2m

Christina Bazan, a 26-year-old Swiss model and ambassador of the L’Oreal brand in Paris, unlike many other fashion influencers, follows a large number of Instagram accounts, which shows her interest in the work style of others in the fascinating world of fashion. Her history of working with fashion giants such as Dior and Louis Vuitton has earned her more than 2 million followers.

Social media:

  • Instagram:@kristinabazan
  • Twitter:@KristinaBazanxx
  • Website:

12. Aimee Song

a Los-Angeles-based fashion influencer

Amy Song is a Los Angeles-based fashion blogger based in Los Angeles with a Californian style of casual and family-style. com ”has remained at the top of the list of followers. She publishes her posts on Instagram with the hashtag #OOTD to be available to more interested people.

Social media:

  • Instagram:@aimeesong
  • Twitter:@aimeesong

Wrap up on fashion influencers

As you can see, being a fashion influencer is not an easy task and you need a lot of skills to do it. The audience is thoroughly important!
Remember that you should always publish posts on your blog at least three times a week and keep the audience engaged by asking questions and commenting.
Generating up-to-date and engaging content makes your audience always eager to visit your blogs and posts.


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