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2 Best Ways to View Someone’s Instagram Photos Without Following Their Account

2 Ways to View Someone’s Instagram Photos Without Them Knowing

Instagram Private Profile Viewers

Viewing an Instagram Account Using the Xnspy App

Thoroughly Ensuring Your Kids’ Safety!

Among social media applications, Instagram is one of the most used apps. According to the most recent report,73% of teens use Instagram, of which 25% claim it is their favorite social media platform.

Popularity comes at a cost, and Instagram is no exception. It’s a hacker’s paradise, where they’re pulling out all the stops to separate people from their hard-earned cash. And for them, children are the easiest target because of their vulnerability.

Kids being kids don’t consider whether the person they make online friends with or share information with is trustworthy. Hackers exploit this carelessness by sending malicious links posing as spin-wheel prizes or links to online games. This way, hackers access the target’s device and put malware on it.

If you are a parent, you’d want them to be safe. While many parents simply place limits on how long their kids can use Instagram, that isn’t enough. What’s important is to ensure that their time spent on the app is safe.

By knowing who your children follow on Instagram, whom they are in contact with, and what type of content they share, you can ensure that they aren’t being exploited.

One way of keeping them safe is to add them as friends, thus allowing parents to keep tabs on their activity. But kids usually refuse to accept their parent’s friend requests. That’s because they don’t want to share their online activities with their families and want to keep it a secret.

Fortunately, there are other ways that parents can use to view their kids’ Instagram profiles and posts without becoming their friends. Let’s take a look at two of them!

2 Ways to View Someone’s Instagram Photos Without Them Knowing

Instagram’s privacy policy doesn’t allow random users to view the profiles and pictures ofprivate accounts. Children do not usually prefer to add their parents or other family members to their social media profiles. Furthermore, you cannot connect with them if they haveblocked you on Instagram.

The following are the two ways through which you can see whatever your kids are posting on Instagram, what types of photos they are exchanging, and if they are sharing personal stuff with strangers. So let’s discuss:

Instagram Private Profile Viewers

The first solution will be to use third-party Instagram private profile viewers. Although multiple tools are available online, we have picked two with positive user reviews and ratings.


Injectbox is an Instagram private profile viewer. This tool features the most straightforward user interface, enabling you to do the job quickly and without fuss. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

⮚ Visit the official Injectbox website. To access the “Private Instagram Viewer” option, scroll down a little and click on it.

⮚ Ensure that you’re entering the correct username

⮚ As soon as you enter the username, a list of information will appear, including the number of followers and their location. By selecting “Confirm Username,” you can verify and confirm.

⮚ Injectbox will allow you to select between followers and photographs after the confirmation is complete. Pick the one you want to see.

⮚ Then click “Unlock Profile” and complete the CAPTCHA that appears.

⮚ Head back to the Instagram profile and select the “concern” section to view the profile.

⮚ Reload the page to see whether it has been unlocked.


The Glassagram is another online Instagram profile viewer that allows users to watch and download a specific person’s stories. To test out the free anonymous Instagram profile or story viewer from Glassagram, just follow these steps:

⮚ Visit the company’s official website and click the “Try Now” option that is shown there.

⮚ The username of the Instagram account whose stories you wish to be able to see anonymously must then be entered.

⮚ Select “Watch Now” after entering the username.

⮚ When the account has been successfully recovered, you may choose “go to account” and view the Instagram profile without the target person knowing.

Before going for this method, remember that online Instagram profile viewers don’t always function, so you may not be able to access the target profile every time. That’s because Instagram’s privacy protection mechanisms occasionally swoop to defend users’ accounts.

At best, Instagram Private Profile Viewers provide an average means to spy on the Instagram activity of your kids. Luckily, another reliable method makes it easy for you to view someone’s Instagram profile and photos without following their account. Let’s take a look at it!

Viewing an Instagram Account Using the Xnspy App

Using a monitoring application is another choice you have. With the help of the XnspyInstagramapp, you can view the target user’s photos without following them. It works on both iOS and Android devices. After installing this app on the target device, it starts monitoring immediately.

You don’t need to create an anonymous account or copy-paste URLs as you would with Inject box and Glassagram because the software operates remotely. The fact that Xnspy’s remote Instagram monitoring tool only needs to be installed once on the target phone sets it apart from other Instagram profile viewers. After that, the program will automatically capture the target users’ actions on Instagram.

This app’s real-time screen recording feature keeps the collected data on its secure servers that can be accessed via an online portal. You’ll have to log in by entering your credentials and will be able to view the target user’s profile and photos remotely.

How Does Xnspy Monitoring App Work?

Working mechanism –

Such spy apps for Instagram take only a few minutes to install on the target phone. Once it is installed, set it up according to your device’s settings.

After that, it will start to collect data/information from the target phone and upload it to the server. You can log in via the portal and access the data collected

How to Monitor Instagram with Xnspy?

Step 1: Visit

On your phone or computer, go to Enter the login information you have received from Xnspy through email to access your account.

Step 2: Select your device

A list of devices will appear on your screen after you log in. Choose your kid’s device type from the list.

Step3: Find “Screen Recorder”

Locate the “Screen Recorder” option on the dashboard by using the drop-down menu on the left side of your screen.

Step4: Select “Instagram”

You’ll see a window appear in front of you with all the screen recordings. Utilize the navigation bar at the top of the screen to locate Instagram.

Step5: View activities

After selecting “Instagram”, you can view all Instagram activity for all device users, including time and date stamps.

How to View Instagram Photos with Xnspy?

Instagram’s uploaded photos on Android and iPhone are saved in the gallery. So by using the Multimedia and Photos option, users can navigate to the Instagram folder.

Step 1: Find “Photos”

Go to the dashboard and select “Photographs” from the drop-down menu to view the Instagram photos that have been uploaded.

Step 2: Select “Photos”

To access the target device’s photo gallery, click “Photos.” All images currently stored on the device will be displayed to you in an open window.

Step 3: Search “Instagram Photos”

On your screen, look for the “Search” icon in the upper right corner. Choose Instagram from the menu that appears after clicking on it. Then select the red “Search” button to see all the Instagram photographs the user has submitted.

Thoroughly Ensuring Your Kids’ Safety!

Instagram has grown quite massively since itshumble beginning in 2012. It is rapidly becoming popular among children. Although the platform has a lot to offer to your kids, we cannotignore its risks. Being their parents or guardians, it’s your responsibility to ensure their online safety.

You can try Injectbox and Glassagram Instagram profile viewers to view the posts and photos that your kids are sharing. However, they aren’t dependable and often aren’t able to unlock profiles.

Alternatively, using the Xnspy app to view Instagram accounts secretly is a better and more reliable option. Not only is it easy to handle, but it also records each target account activity, thus providing security and safety for your children.


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